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My Stuff 4 Sale

Payment: Amazon Preffered & Non CC Paypal Shipping: US48 USPS Priority References: No Trades. 9GB ELPIDA/Samsung 3x1GB & 3x2GB Ran 1440MHz 8-8-8-24 1.55v YMMV $35 Shipped 4GB OCZ 2B1150LV2G DDR2 1150 1200+ 1.8v-1.9v Capable YMMV $45 Shipped 4GB F2-8800CL5D-4GBPI DDR2 1100 1.8v-1.9v $45 Shipped GIGABYTE 7990 GV-R799D5-6GD-B Comes with box and accessories $350 Shipped I replaced one of the fans that stopped... My Stuff 4 Sale

ASUS R9 290X OC2 Dead in 30 Minutes.

Hello guys today I have to start my very first post with huge problem I am having and I do not know a solution and all official channels are not helping at all, I can RMA damn thing but you guys my last hope. I will get all details and start from the beginning. I really hope someone can help me because I feel so stupid by doing what I did. So ... here we go. Few days ago I finally finish building my dream computer this is an upgrade from my X58 system. An ASUS X99 Deluxe board with nice new i7.


I know alot of people fold for TPU and thats great. but for those of you who want to do something else to help others than here you go.... a perfect way to volunteer! it's really easy... click for the how to. spread the word! thanks To check our team stats click here.... 123bob said: ↑ For World Community grid (WCG),

Nicolas Guerin (From Ubisoft) is not in touch with reality.

"At Ubisoft for a long time we wanted to push 60 fps. I don't think it was a good idea because you don't gain that much from 60 fps and it doesn't look like the real thing. It's a bit like The Hobbit movie, it looked really weird. "And in other games it's the same - like the Rachet and Clank series [where it was dropped]. So I think collectively in the video game industry we're dropping that standard because it's hard to achieve, it's twice as h

MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL CONSTANTLY BE UPDATED WHEN I HAVE TIME: owners of these cards that want good overclocks, raise the core clocks in multiples of 10MHz, nothing besides multiples of 10 and memory you can clock either 25 or 50 mhz if the memory can withstand the frequency! any number other then a multiplier of 10mhz will black screen you at...​ MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

A good 500ish GB SSD?

I'm looking for a good 500ish GB ssd that isn't named samsung. I feel like you pay for the name. I had one and they are blazing fast, but there must be others that are cheaper and comparable. I saw the PNY in the fs, but I uneasy about the uncertainty of that drive.

PC Shipments Down By 1.7% in Q3, According to IDC

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 78.5 million units in the third quarter of 2014 (3Q14), a year-on-year decline of -1.7% and a sizable improvement over the forecast of -4.1%, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. Many of the trends from the second quarter remained relevant and contributed to the 3Q14 results. Commercial PC purchases played a key role in many markets, with the top three vendors - Lenovo, HP, and Dell - all showing solid... PC Shipme

HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

HyperSLI 1.0 System requirements(Hardware mode): Intel processor with Virtualization Technology (VT-x) or AMD processor with Secure Virtual Machine (SVM) Software mode doesn't require a processor with special hardware features If your processor doesn't support Virtualization Technology then you can use Software mode If no hypervisor modes used then HyperSLI will... HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

AMD Cuts Prices of R9 290 Series and R9 280 Series Even Further

AMD cut prices of its Radeon R9 290 series and R9 280 series graphics cards further down from last month's price-cuts. The cuts see the company's flagship single-GPU product, the Radeon R9 290X, drop from $449, down to $399, an $150 overall drop, from its launch price of $549. The Radeon R9 290, on the other hand, has its price cut to $299, from its launch price of $399. The drop in price of the R9 290 is squeezing... AMD Cuts Prices of R9 290 Series and R9 280 Series Even Further

WOW... the MX-4 thermal paste

I have a friend who had a MSI 7870 HAWK videocard an he sold it because he had issues with heat... and another friend of mine got the card from him and complained about the heat... in games (shadow of mordor, dead rising 3) the gpu maximum temperature reached 82-84 Celsius and in Furmark 1080 benchmark the card topped at 96 Celsius... Yesterday i bought an Arctic Cooling MX-4 thermal paste for my CPU and i put some on his GPU (7870 Hawk) an now the temps stay at 54 Celsius in games and 62... WO

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