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Objects sliding in tracked footage

Hi guys, I've successfully tracked a footage with an average solve error of about 0.4 :) I've set the floor, x-axis, scale and when I play the footage the trackers all stayed perfectly in place. BUT: If I place a object into the scene it is sliding around in the direction the real camera moves, i.e. from the left to the right. I've tracked the footage quiet a few times from the beginning but the objects still slide. Can you help me please. I've seen a bunch of tutorials but none of them are givi

Good tutorial for semi-realistic texturing for games?

Where can I find a good tutorial for semi-realistic texturing in Photoshop Elements or Gimp? I would like to be able to make textures like these. What I am looking for is tutorial on how to texture a human completely by myself (i.e. If Possible, not using photos of real objects/people to make textures). I am also looking for to make Eye textures, homemade. Thanks. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Images  

Diffuse color texture using UV maps in GLSL shaders

Hi! I want to add diffuse color texture to my object in GLSL shader code. Code: import bge   cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()   VertexShader = """         uniform mat4 viewMatrix; // world to view transformation         uniform mat4 viewMatrixInverse;             // view to world transformation           varying vec3 viewDirection; // direction in world space &nb

Joining two meshes filips normals on one side. Bug or feature 2.75?

When I join two meshes it flips the normals on one side: I've not run into this in previous versions of Blender. Before After Attached Thumbnails    

Quick watercooling query...

Heya, I'm just planning my shift to full w/c loop and was wondering - Would having a second, small rad really cause as much flow disruption as some people suggest? Basically, I'm speccing an EK X-Res100 Vario to 780GPU block, to externally mounted 120mm rad, back in to an EK Supremacy Evo, up to a 240mm rad and then back in to the Res. Might go the opposite way around, as that'd be an easy swap, but regardless... I've been more worried that there won't be enough rad, but now it's been sugges

[UA] E5-1620 v2 or E5-1650 v2, Rampage III Black

Hi, I'm looking for a Processor E5-1620 v2 or E5-1650 v2 I can pay via PayPal or any other kind of payment. Please make me some offers so we can discuss the prices! Thank you in advance!

File Uploads to Internet not working with PF Sense as Gateway

Quote from: Neostim on Today at 12:17:13 pmI never posted any information about traffic shaping because I wasn't asked for it.No shit... The only thing the box is supposed to do is traffic shapin...

Clients can't connect, DHCP log showing 'unknown subnet wrong network'

I don't have a lease time set, I'm assuming it's the default 7200.Do I need an explicit rule to allow dhcp traffic to the lan interface?  I didn't have this.Is there some way to reproduce this without physically taking a device somewhere else and com...

Traffic Graphc statistics are backwards for LAN interface

Oh, I see what you mean there. Is that the case for the others as well, the actual graph is correct, but the display on the right side with the hosts is backwards? The RRD data comes from pf's counters rather than netstat (where Status>Traffic Graph p...

Clients can't connect, DHCP log showing 'unknown subnet wrong network'

Quote from: ttblum on Today at 12:25:15 pmDo I need an explicit rule to allow dhcp traffic to the lan interface?  I didn't have this.No, unless you relay DHCP somewhere else. Then again, there are firewall log...

Upgrade 2.2.2 > 2.2.3: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare php_deinstall_zabbix...

Quote from: phil.davis on June 29, 2015, 06:53:57 amThe zabbix-proxy code looks like it had a time when it had function php_deinstall_zabbix_agent_lts() in it. But that was changed to correct the function name. So a reinstall...

Sony Vegas MP4 problem - No video, only audio

Yo, I have a problem when trying to import (into my timeline) .mp4 video file in Sony Vegas Pro 13. I'm using Mirillis Action! to record video games. I record, video, system sounds and my voice from my microphone. Here's a screenshot of my settings within the software. I'm using the Nvidia NVENC option to boost my performance as that's the only way I can get smooth 60fps while recording (which I want). I also tried using normal .mp4 format and it's still the same problem, so no difference ther

Adding to my serious doubts about Windows 10

Just saw this article: First there was the tablet-centric, disastrously wrong turn on Win 8. With every new Windows, there are application programs you can no longer run (or which can't be run the same way you could before), new requirements and roadblocks. Good examples would be UAC and elevated privilege levels -- that is, above Administrator -- necessary in order to do or to change cert

Which Sub and Center?

Hello I'm installing Polk 65-RT in-wall for the fronts and Polk 620-RT for the in-ceiling rears on a 7.1 setup. Which sub and center channel should I opt for? Installer has recommended Polk PSW110 Sub and Polk TL3 Center Channel. Appreciate your expertise.

Speaker pattern with no subwoofer question

I have a Sony av receiver, two front speakers, two rears and a center. No subwoofer. For some time I have had problems with the dialog from movies and some TV programs. When I say problems, I mean that a lot of it is not just not clear. My speaker pattern is set to 3-2.0. Just to see if it would make a difference I reset it to 3-2.1 even though there is no .1 (subwoofer). Then I reset the two front speakers to small. (others are already set to small) Since doing this I seem to be getting

Extend speaker wire wirelessly

I have 8 speakers in my store and need to move the receiver 30 or so feet away. I don't want to extend the speaker wires. Can I do something wirelessly here? Thanks in advance.

Redmere HDMI Cable "Connection" dimensions

I could'nt figure find a section here at AVSForum that would be appropriate for this question, but I'm just planning ahead of how big of a hold I need to drill to run my Redmere HDMI cable to the projector. Does anyone have a Redmere they can measure to tell me what the "head/connection" size is?

Anyone using an HDMI splitter... hook up the audio from a (1 hdmi out) Blu ray player to a non 3D AV Receiver for audio? If yes: - are you happy with the quality? - are you getting PCM into the AV? - what model splitter are you using? Thanks, Vito

Receiver Soundfield Enigma - please help!

So i've run into a problem that I cant figure out. I have a Sony STRDH520 7.1 receiver (low end I know) that has worked very well for me for nearly 4 years now, but recently my dolby 6.1 soundfield disappeared while I was away for a weekend and I don't know how to fix it back. I've checked all of my speakers, the wiring, the hdmi control, but suddenly my receiver isn't auto configuring my 6.1 speaker setup for a 6.1 field - the only options now are 7.1 configs. It just stopped combining the 2 r

side surround choice

Hello all, I'm replacing a Polk wireless F/X surround unit that was damaged in a flood. I have $350 with which to replace it, although I can go a little higher ($400). I'd prefer to go the non-wireless route this time. I have attached a rough drawing of my family room. This issues I run into in this room are that the couch must be placed no greater than 1.5 ft from the back wall which has windows, and the left side of the room is open to the kitchen, forcing me to mount the side speakers o

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