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My problem with Google Chrome

Hello, I use latest version of Google Chrome browser on my Windows 7 machine. The problem is that, chrome is very slow at first run, It takes more than 20 seconds to finally loads the page (any page, say Please consider these cases: 1- Only my Google chrome is this way. My IE 11 and Mozilla Firefox are fine and very faster in first run. 2- I have uninstalled and re-installed times the chrome by default uninstallation method and also by Revo Uninstaller Pro in advanced mode but no

Firefox Text to Voice button now showing up

Installed the Add On, everything I can find says there is supposed to be a button in the very bottom right of the FireFox screen to active the app when a word is selected. It doesn't show up. What do I need to do? Windows 7 Home Premium Thanks!

Use a virtual machine -- it's free!

Are you getting viruses, spyware or other problems? Could it not be that this is happening because you are visiting dodgy websites, opening files from unknown sources, downloading "freeware" of questionable origin and suchlike? If the answer is yes, then there's no need to stop, just start being a bit more careful, that's all! Visiting dodgy sites, downloading "freeware", or anything like that? If so, you might want to consider doing these riskfull things insid

Is the new google map and 3D and satellite imagery only available for the ipad and smart phone

It does not say any thing available for a laptop.And only some desktop computers. What happen to the new google map?The new 3D and satellite imagery ? The ability to go back in time. new google map It was working but not any more? I click in the 3D and satellite imagery availabilit

What would make all FireFox Add Ons suddenly disappear?

Win 7 Home Premium 64 Setting up computer, installed Firefox and about a dozen mostly security Add Ons. Everything worked fine (except Text to Voice button would not appear in lower right of FF screen) Was doing more setup, don't know exactly what was in progress when it happened, but all of a sudden all the Add Ons except Avast were gone! Going to reinstall, but would like to avoid that happening again. Computer is for 84 year old cousin who doesn't know much about computers. Tha

Windows won't play certain MP3 files

My uncle said there was an update or something, and now a bunch of his Harry Potter audiobooks won't play in Windows Media Player. I tried using VLC but it had the same issue with the exact same files. On top of that, Windows throws an error on login saying that avastui.exe could not start, so the Antivirus isn't working. We tried restoring the system to a point where it did work but it didn't do anything. Anyone know the cause of this or at least how to fix it?

Only downloads 32 bit programs?

I bought a used gateway 64 bit computer , basically so I could play games in 64 bit like minecraft and others. I downloaded java but it put it at 32 bit ,I also downloaded google chrome which was 64 bit and it says 32 bit, when I try to play minecraft it even says that my browser is 32 bit . So I'm lost as to why everything doesn't upgrade to a 64 or didn't install a 64 bit to start. Thx for the help

Facebook and some other sites dont work properly

Hello I would like to know why this happened to me, because I really dont know ... everything was fine, all pages were working good, but then I left pc and when I came back, facebook and some other sites just dont want to load ... I see only text, no pictures etc. some screens its really weird because it just happens .. only thing I did was I installed zenmate for chrome last night, but its working good (I tried it to uninstall but nothi

Removing duplications

Is there a fast way of removing video duplications from Real Player? I know Winamp has a place on the bottom of the player that you can click on to remove all the dups. at one time. I know Real Player shows videos, and Winamp is audio only. But I thought Real Player might have a similar device. Same question for MPC-HC player. Thanks

Access Recalculating Targets

Hi, I have absolutely no idea if this can be done, but I thought it worth asking:D I have a table that has a list of days and the number of actions that need to be performed each day to reach the target number of actions by the end of the timescale, as in the attached text file. What I would like to be able to do is recalculate the target for each day to take into the number under or over target we are and then equally divide that between the remaining days of the project. And to be able t

If you use Chrome.....

...and have found its messed with your fonts and text and/or seems to take a few seconds longer to load a page than it used to this is why.... In the latest version they added something called DirectWrite. which is on by default. chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write Copy and paste that into the address bar and hit enter, and restart the browser, should fix it. I didn't have the font problem but the loading 'lag' was bugging me for the last two days. lol

Samsung Tablet - Android Apps.

I have a Samsung 10.1 Tab that I will be taking on holiday to Australia. Can anyone recommend any decent apps or software please - preferably free?

outlookMessage.ReceivedTime changing?

Good day, Has anyone experienced the outlookMessage.ReceivedTime property change time (in seconds). Sometimes I extract data and it's for ex. 10:42:00, sometimes it's 10:42:40? Thank you.

Access runtime wont start

This is driving me crazy, hopefully someone here can help. I am trying to run access runtime, I keep getting a message "cant find the database you specified, or you didn't specify a database at all" Windows 7 professional, the target path is pointing to an office 14 folder? Please can someone help..

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