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Drag and drop videos from Realplayer to VLC

It seemed to work really great. I moved them from RP to VLC with no problem Even tested once in a while to make sure they would play in VLC. Then I Xed out of VLC. When I opened it again the videos were gone. How do I get them back? Or How do I transfer them so they will stay in VLC. Thanks

Whoa! Is this internet creepiness or what?

I guess there isn't a forum for general internet issues here, so... I normally live in New York, and use various computers there. Having travelled to a different city on the other side of the country, I checked my Hotmail account, then was doing some research on Bing. I just pulled up the main Bing site, you understand, no account. Well, Bing's drop-down, under the space for typing in searches automatically started showing subjects I'd searched A WEEK AGO IN NEW YORK. I can&

Looking for email component for website

I'm looking for an email package that operates just like we have here at TS: - - but just that standalone package. messages from website --> proxy ---> known user(s) proxy <--- reply website.specific.user <---- and the replies come back to the website where the user can pickup the reply after login OR gets the email directly into his/her inbox (but shown as originating at the website)

Windows live movie maker - DVD won't play in DVD player on TV

My first 12min movie made, photos, short video clips, music, captions all went fine, saved played back smooth sweet little movie.... Then dvd burn ... Horrendous , I looked up some information, talked speed ... File names + - DVD CD. I burn -CD R this plays fine on laptop file name says WMV, guy in shop said you can use a CD if it was a short clip. did another on -DVD same thing plays on laptop NOT DVD player. Now I'm absolutely lost.. All I want to do is make photos into movie clips to pl

Avast Adblock warning

It just started a few weeks ago despite the fact I've had it ABP, installed for much longer than that. View attachment 79043 This is on my W7 although I've seen it on my Vista also. I simply X out of it & continue on.

Is this a free trial or the whole program

I am new to the site so I am not sure if it is just a free trial, but is this url giving u a free trial or the whole program for free, and also can I trust it so that it doesnt have any virus. I am not sure but I would love help on it.

What is Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.x ?

For no good reason, I just installed Secunia PSI on my W7 & its the only program requiring to be clicked to update. Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.x

iPad mini 7.1.2 email fails on clickable links

(sorry, there's no appropriate forum for mobile issues, so I posted here) I hard reset the device and read in new email containing a link with binhex data, eg http://domain/cgi-bin/program?parm1=123&parm2=456&bin=djdjhjklcuviweis Classically, the whole link should be blue and when clicked, all the data transmitted to the program. a) link is blue up to and including bin= and the following is black b) clicking sends the parm1 and park2 data, but program notes BIN is

Help with Roboform

In this thread I was told to use roboform & I did & it has helped. Now there is an update & as I clicked on the roboform Check for update, it gave me this Is there not a free version anymore or am I too impatient?

New MSN Webpage

I really liked the new microsoft's msn page. lots of contents in 'small news tiles'. for us in the Philippines, it is: about you guys? do you even visit msn?

VLC Question

As @circusboy01 asked in a previous thread When I right click on a folder of music & Click Add to VLC, they start playing but once I X out of VLC, how do I relocate that playlist to play??

3 Mailbox for Mac Betacoins

If anyone is interested in checking on the Mailbox for Mac Beta, send me a PM. So far I am really liking it. I have 3 coins (basically beta keys) to give away. PM your email since that is the only way I can send them (blame the Mailbox team haha).

Yahoo Mail will not work properly

I can open Yahoo Mail in Chrome, IE but not on Firefox on my main computer. I can open up Yahoo Mail on every other computer I have no matter what browser I use. It is just the one computer that has an issue with Yahoo Mail. Everything else works great. This is what is causing it. Any ideas on how to fix it? description: could not process your request for the document because it would cause an HTTP proxy cycle. Please check the URL and your browser's proxy settings. Does anyone have any id

I cant download skype

I tried to download skype continously says <installing skype failed, code 1603 A fatal error occured during installation> please help. Thanks!

Updates from MS,IOS ,etc,etc question

Just read this & would like to know how an update can be pulled if its been installed?

Can't upload photos or files in Facebook

I have the same problem. Also using Windows 7 & IE10. I believe it started when I upgraded to MSIE10, but not sure. Been looking for solution for this. Wife using IE9 with no problem.

Photos open in Notepad

Hi, Laptop with win 8. Recently upgraded XP to win8 with purchased MS DVD. All text programs now open as graphics (photos) in Irfanview & if I Send them to WORD show as jeeperish hieroglyphics. And all photos open as notepad in jeeperish hieroglyphics but, if I open them with "Sendto" to Irfanview or MS photo editor the photos show up. Seems association went haywire. How can I correct this please? Win 8 in my PC does not do that. ......thanx ......nick

Beware of updating to Ccleaner v4.17

TechSpot member, Route44, has brought to our attention a possible bug in Ccleaner v4.17 that has been discussed in the Overclockers forum. See it here: For those of you who use Ccleaner (I am one), you may want to consider this before updating your existing version. I don't have personal experience with any Ccleaner bugs but I'm just passing this on.

Certain Audio Programs Crash When Opening Wav's

Good Day, I have an eMachines with AMD Sempron running Vista Basic. Recently, I have noticed that Windows Media Player will crash when trying to open a normal wav file. I can open the same wave file using Real, I-tunes and VLC with no issues. This problem also affects my Magix Samplitude Music Studio 14 and my Magix Audio Cleaner 12, both I use regularly and need to complete my music projects. I have checked to make sure that wave files are associated with WMP and my driver is up to date.

Outlook 2003--message text disappears when e-mail is sent

This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for any faux pas in my postings. I'm in hopes that someone out there can help with this problem. We've had several users in the office run into the problem of the message text disappearing from an e-mail when they send it. (No, it isn't user error.) No error messages appear, everything seems fine. However, when the user looks at the message in the Sent folder (to print it for reference or whatever), the text of the

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