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[Suggestion] What about giving a more realistic color to the sun ? on Kerbal Space Program

Hi everyone, Just wondering why, in KSP, the sun is yellow when you are in space, because in real life, it is white ! The only reason that most people think it is yellow is because of the diffusion of the light through the atmosphere (mostly blue is diffused, by the way, that's why we see a blue sky, so we see mostly red and green sun, red + green = yellow). But in outer space there is no such diffusion of the light and the sun should be white. So I beg you, please do an update in your shader.

[Answered!] Interplanetary Thrust? on Kerbal Space Program

Hey guys, trying to figure out the best way to desing my first interplanetary station. Specifically, how worried should I be about my TWR? I can't decide between the trade-off of delta-v and twr, any help? Never done an interplanetary mission before, so I don't know what to expect. What kind of burn times am I looking at? What kind of time-frames should I expect between nodes? But first I don't even know if it'll move in any sort of useful way so let's take care of that first. Stats as it would

[Suggestion] Cargo ramps? on Kerbal Space Program

I know that b9 Aerospace is currently being upgraded for 1.0.X, but are there any other cargo ramps out there?

1.0.4 suborbital flights: too slow to land safely ? on Kerbal Space Program

While messing around in a new career mode in 1.0.4, I had some contract asking for suborbital flights, and also orbits around Kerbin. After having accomplished a few, I came to realise something rather counter-intuitive concerning aerodynamics and reentry: For the same reentering capsule, an reentry from LKO will be slowed down enough to deploy chutes and land safely; while for some obscure reason, reentry from a suborbital flight (~75km apoapsis), even though going slower initially, will lose

What makes the engine gimbal? on Kerbal Space Program

I just noticed that an engine with gimballing enabled will still gimbal despite having throttle at 0% and no electric charge in the ship at all. So, what we can conclude then, is that gimballing is not driven by electric actuators or anything electrical at all, but by different means. What mystical force drives the gimbal, then? I think it's safe to conclude that it's not: 1) Solar powered - Works despite not having researched solar panels yet. 2) Heat exchange powered - Works on Eeloo too. 3)

Share your proudest Career Mode Creations (so far) on Kerbal Space Program

Welcome! Share some pictures and stories of the best and brightest creations you've ever put together in Career mode. Is it cheap/expensive? What does it do? Does it come in black/veryveryveryvery-dark grey? Let me start this off: *ahem* This is my Shuttle. I've developed it for many days now and it's my first ever functional shuttle in Career mode. It's also the first cheap alternative to full blown rockets for small payloads. For one payload, it costs 70K to launch it into LKO in the shut

Whats the largest SSTO or near SSTO (one with drop tanks) you've made unmodded? on Kerbal Space Program

I'm trying to get into making SSTOs or near SSTOs (ones with drop tanks if needed), and while I can make small 1 or 2 manned ones that can't do much but get into orbit then return and land is proving easier I'd really love to make a huge one. And that is not going well. So I'm left wondering if I'm just having trouble designing them, which is ok I can just keep trying until I get it, or if I'm just trying to do too much with one SSTO and really need to create ones that are more role specific.

[Other] Google on Kerbal Space Program

Google is having problems today, since 7:06am EST (according to I'm also seeing critical latency between Cogent and Savvis (high packet loss and >180ms latency), plus a lot of traffic and attacking on both the east and west coasts as well as in Europe. Anyone else having troubles pulling up Google or logging in?... Chrome issues?

Saw a screenshot that displayed role & experience on Kerbals in flight. Mod name? on Kerbal Space Program

I saw a screenshot (actually it could have been youtube or twitch) not too long ago and on the pictures of the Kerbals in the lower right hand corner there was a symbol that showed what the Kerbal's role was along with 1 - 5 stars depending on the Kerbal's level. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now that I decided I would like to add a mod that does this I can't find the screenshot or a mod that seems to do this (at least in the first 6 pages of the add-on release sub-forum). Does any

[Stock craft] Tank - AMX-G2 A big target ! on Kerbal Space Program

Yopyop ! I work more on my AMX tank & i present you a revised version of it : The AMX-G2 is bigger , faster than the first prototype . I can't explain how/why but i not suffer by the M.U.A.R.B (Mystery Unintended Aesthetic & Randomize Back-flip ) But i notice this ; all fine as long as i not use the external command seat & the clamp-O-Tron shielded docking port !!! Even if it's not plug on the turret , that's gone the same effect on the core tank ( the famous glitch ) I suspected a

Lexx on Kerbal Space Program

Details: 1430 (with welding!) Crew: 4 (default) Weight: 167 Used mods: Infernal robotics, Ubiozur welding, TweekScale. The ship turned out quite similar to the original, but badly heavy. It can fly, let out swarm, which kills everything in its path, catch and eat asteroids. There are subtitles.

[Support - Linux] Spawning 'n' following white flares/graphical errors on Kerbal Space Program

Firstly apologies for no logs or detailed computer specs I just want some advice as to what the heck this *could* be so I can at least have a ham fist at fixing it myself. I've trawled Reddit, these forums and the rest of the internet for a few days now trying to find somebody with a similar issue/solution and I can't, although I won't believe I'm the only person to see these. They happen randomly, although they tend to appear a lot after staging, and follow the vessel at a set distance, anywher

[Suggestion] Save pilot and scrap mission bug. on Kerbal Space Program

I took a mission to recover a Kerbal and their scrap and it turns out the "scrap" was a %&£~#@!* science lab @ 3.5 tonnes so I got the Kerbal back safely but because I had come prepared for a capsule the science lab was 3x too heavy and the craft toppled in the water landing and the act of toppling destroyed the science lab, at which point I didn't get the reward for rescuing the pilot but I did get mission fail for breaking the lab. The mission archive shows "recover Jauna K

[Plugin] [1.0.4] ResearchBodies v1.0 - Research celestial bodies to explore them (July 2nd, 2015) on Kerbal Space Program

ResearchBodies is a mod that adds the functionality of researching bodies to explore them. When you start a new save, you can only travel to Kerbin (genius !), Mun, and the Sun. Researching process seems easy and chip at the beginning : 20 funds and 10 science per research (configurable, see below). But the more bodies you found, the longer the process will be and the more you'll have to spend money and science. ResearchBodies is highly configurable. You can change cost values (science, funds),

[Screenshot] Show your Kerbals celebrating Summer! on Kerbal Space Program

Summer time has fallen upon Kerbal Space Program, and (deciding to not to do the most generic Summer stuff) Kerbals want to enjoy it in style. Post screenshots or Artwork (should you wish to) of your Kerbals enjoying the summer in the most coolest or craziest ways possible. For example; Coroly Kermin EVAed during a mission and built a deckchair out of Solar Panels, and later reused a Satilite Dish for a cheep umbrella; Post away! :cool: --Fred_Cop--

[Request] [Bugfix Mod] Kerbals Killed when EVAing into ground on Kerbal Space Program

The problem I am seeking to mitigate is layed out in the following situation: 1) Command pod access hatch, the place where Kerbals enter and exit, is facing and/or making contact with the ground. 2) Kerbal EVA's 3) Kerbal dies ----------------------------------- Random Uneducated Ideas: -A plugin to detect when the pod hatch is orientated towards the ground and deny the player the ability to EVA with a popup message until it faces the sky. -A plugin that w

[Unanswered] EVA fails on Kerbal Space Program

Something I am doing is clearly wrong, because everytime I EVA from the surface of a planet/moon - I press space to release, but as soon as I press space I just fall to the ground and land like a sack of ..... Surely this is not normal - and I can actually EVA without falling to the ground first and somehow engage my RCS before I press space and fallout the pod and then gracefully land or even fly from where I am? What am I missing?

Is there a way to download an embedded video from a webpage?

Is there a way to download an embedded video from a webpage even if it doesn't have a download link? At least is there a screen recorder that captures the audio?

CKAN Mod Support thread on Kerbal Space Program

Have you found a mod on the CKAN that's not installing properly, or installing the wrong version? Here's a list of things to check: Do you have the most recent CKAN release? The CKAN has a fast release cycle and is updated regularly. Please check our release page to make sure you have the most recent release. Is your modlist up to date? The CKAN metadata is constantly being updated. Please hit the refresh button in the GUI, or `ckan.exe update` on the command-line. Your issue may have alread

[Unanswered] 1.0.x - Do wings placed 'backwards' work now? on Kerbal Space Program

Hi there, Never really built planes, but I'm considering starting to. Back in 0.90 and earlier, I remember people having to pay attention that the wings they place on their spaceplanes were the right side up/forward, otherwise they did not produce lift. Is this still the case in 1.0.x ?

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