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how to write JUnit testing using inteliij idea?

Weka decision tree suggestion

Templating a member name

Aspiring Web Designer

  Hello everyone,   I just signed in this forum and I know some of you might find my question annoying but please I'm really sincere to know.     Since I want to learn web designing from scratch (I don't have any background in programming, web designing or whatever) and upon doing my due diligence, I know that the areas that needed to be learned and to be mastered are HTML and CSS, Php, MySQL, Java, etc (maybe).  Is there like a programming language aside from what

Can I use scala packages in other platforms?

Having trouble with a for loop evaluating incorrectly

Updating value of text field

I've added this to a site I'm working on but want the card type to be included when the form is submitted but don't know how to update the input value when the card number is entered.   At the moment I've got a span class which shows the card image (done using the above example) and then the user has to select their payment method before the form will send. How do I change it so that the type is added to a hidden text field?

How do i add multiple values of different types in an array in C++?

Containing the GPL inside an external service?

Is there a client license to require servers it connects to using a certain license?

Recommended SOA stack infrastructure and devops

Where should PDOExceptions be dealt with?

Conceptual question whether to pass data between functions or use a Class

How to get 'n' number of boxes for input in addroid app?

How to draw pictures directly into JS program?

Complex (?) explode data from a string to array

Hi coders I have a string contain simple text, numbers and "special characters" (e.g. commas, points, quotes etc.) $string="This is, the text of my String!!! Contain numbers like 200 and other items like %."; What i'd like to do is explode in array like this $elements=array('This', 'is', ''', 'the', 'text', 'of', 'my', 'String','!', '!, '!', 'Contain', 'numbers', 'like', '200', 'and', 'other', 'items', 'like', '%', '.'); I try several methods and i explode some of the elemnts like whole words,

Best way to traverse data and update nodes in Mongo DB

Good idea to include test logs in software repository?

Naming convention for class for combining function parameters

how convert java xml to C# DLL? [on hold]

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