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What's the maximum healthy number of calls to mysql_query?

Hi, I have written quite large software that is by it's functionality close to drupal or gallery 3 or other such software. Now I counted calls to mysql_query and it turned out that when I read article, it does 83 calls and when I view gallery it does 66 call to this function.  I am wondering if it is ok if software is big and functional like some professional cms or should I be worried because of that great number of queries?

How do I merge two heads of a branch on Bitbucket?

What are some ways I can increase redis set operation performance?

Is recursion not something programmers know?

How to learn thoroughly about programming language [on hold]

Need Help With Preventing Email Injection

Hi, I really don't know much about php code and need help. Could you tell me what I need to add to this email form php code to stop spammers from email header injection? My hosting account recently was sending spam emails that I did not send and I thought this might be the problem. Thanks.   Here is what I have now:     <?php $to = "[email protected]"; $subject = "Pottery Question"; $email = $_REQUEST['email'] ; $name = $_REQUEST['name'] ; $questions = $_REQUEST['questions'] ;

CSS background

Seems like there is some lazy use of the "shorthand" background in the CSS reference where the proper specific property would probably be a better choice. For example...   background: yellow;   ...rather than...   background-color: yellow;   I'm sure it works, but it doesn't seem like the best choice in a published reference.   Similar issues on these two pages...

XML editors (reviews/comparisons)

I am looking for expert reviews/comparisons related to XML editors such as Altova XMLSpy.

How to use DataMapper pattern methods, when loading data from database?

$.when().done() not working as expected [migrated]

Design pattern - update join table through REST API

Is A Language-Integrated Build System Generally Desirable?

Approaches for storing and analysing large amounts of time-based data

Unit testing implementation vs behaviour

PHP filesystem best practice

How Pointer to Class Works in C++

Dealing with data containing integer overflow, rollover

How to test clients of fluent APIs?

ASP.NET MVC Display dbo.webpage_Membership table

How do I decide which linux distribution to pick for hosting a new Django application?

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