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Scared by W10 strange behavior on Windows 10

Hi! Decided to ask. After some struggle with w10 10122 - I decided to “clean” install w10 10130. On my MSI CR61 3M it turned out impossible to do so from USB ISO. Had experiments with w7 - too no success. To revive that laptop I installed W10 10130 on MSI’ s disk using another computer. And to my great surprise - it worked! And I get (from “cloud”) even my desktop’s wallpaper. But then.. I was prompted to create PIN code (with text that password is thing of past..), and that was fine. Yester

Desktop Background Slideshow Randomisation on Windows 10

Has anyone else noticed that the RANDOMISE option on the slideshow for the desktop background doesn't seem to exist anymore? Or am I looking in the wrong place compared to win7/8. Steve

10162 Release coming soon on Windows 10

function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); } Quote: We have one more surprise for you this week – Build 10162, releasing to the Fast ring. We’re at the point in the development of Windows 10 where nearly every build is getting out to our internal rings, and passing the criteria for release to Windows Insiders. We’re focused at this point on bug fixing and final polish, so it’s much easier for each build to get all the way through than earlier in the cycle when we’

DVD/CD drive keeps grunting

Hi, this is on a Sony Vaio notebook. Model number PCG-61112L The DVD/CD drive keeps making a continual "grunting" sound. I can't think of a better way to describe the sound. The only way to make it quit is to eject the drive. Does anyone know of a way to help me? Thanks, Jim

Realtek custom EQ resets

So i had an old 32bit pc with win7 on it,when i set custom equalizer settings and save them they work but after opening any game or a youtube video or soundcloud it resets to default but its still on my custom preset and i can hear it sounds bad(default), now to make it work again i got to go to sound manager and move the 16k bar down and up and then it works again but again after opening any yt...

Random BSODs since heat wave

Hello, I've been having random BSOD since a heat wave struck where I live. At first I thought it was just overheating, but later I've started suspecting there was an underlying problem with my PC. Mostly because when I check my temps in SpeedFan they're not abnormal. CPU ~50 C GPU ~50 C Hard Drives ~30 C Right before the BSOD occurs my screen gets artifacts for a split second. The...

Random daily BSODs after installing Win 8.1 pro

Hi all, I have a small ITX sized PC with the following specs: * Motherboard: Asus Z97i-plus * CPU: i5-4690S * SSD: Crucual C300 64 GB (Very old but good) * HDD: WD30EFRX

Boot cycle BSOD 0xc0000021a. No fixes are working.

Hi all, I am at my wits end with this. I am having the BSOD with error code 0xc0000021a. From what I have Google, this means the pc crashed during a windows update and now the boot process is corrupted. I have to apologise as because I cannot boot the PC I cannot provide the files requested on the sticky. I am running 8.1 and have provided as much info as possible here. If there is a way of...

LXer: Steam for Linux Usage Continues Its Downward Spiral in June

Published at LXer: The Steam for Linux platform got a great start, but for some strange reason the number of users has constantly been decreasing for the past few months and it looks like it's not stopping, although the rate seems to be changing. Read More...

terminal drawing geometry application?

Hi there, I would like to know if a software exists that can do the following from an terminal: - creating simple images with basic geometry in it - drawing lines,circles,rectangles,triangles - create an 250x250p image with an 80p radius circle centered in it and draw a text at 200x200p For example something like this image: Attached Thumbnails  

Can i install x windows on LFS

Is it posible to install x windows on LFS, just for fun of it. Next - can i uninstall it and not damage the LFS. I dont wana go through BLFS, just for x windows. I hope for the sake of humanity this is possible.

4MLinux 13.0 Screencast and Screenshots

4MLinux 13.0 Screencast: Quote: The status of the 4MLinux 13.0 series has been changed to S. Major changes in the core of the system, which now uses GNU Compiler Collection 5.1.0 to compile programs designed for the i686 architecture. Additionally, I am very happy to announce that my long work on improving the 4MLinux Desktop has been finished. 4MLinux users can now enjoy the result of this work: an unique, highly customized mixture of JWM (Joe's Window Manager), Window M

LXer: Troll repellent: fighting online harassment with open source

Published at LXer: Randi Harper has been a FreeBSD src committer, a DevOps engineer, and a FLOSS Weekly co-host. Recently, she[he]#039[/he]s taken on a new role: target of sustained harassment. Randi met the harassment head-on and began developing tools to make the Internet a less hostile place. Her new organization, the Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, seeks to reduce online abuse through analysis, tools, and cooperative efforts. Read More...

"Ghost" Recycle Bin

I'm not sure where to start on this (or if I'm even posting in the correct area) as I don't seem to have virus problem and yet I'm not getting any funky errors. I do, however, have a "ghost" recycle bin on my desktop that's been hanging around ever since something happened while running TFC and having a computer crash in the middle of that function. At that time I ended up having to hard boot the computer. Since then, all has been well. The computer is runn

WTF! Why did they disable snapping two apps/folders on both sides of screen

In windows 7 and 8, you could take take apps or folders and throw them on both sides of screen and they would take half the screen each.   On windows 10 if I throw one folder to the left or right, it makes the other open apps/folders little tiny squares on the other side.    How can you get that functionally back?


Thinking of completely using Linux on my machine, how to do that?

Hi all, I have been thinking of using Ubuntu as my default operating system, because I really like Ubuntu, and I do not have anything necessary on my original Windows Operating System. How can I erase all of my Windows data and make my computer all Linux? I may do this quite soon, because I should give myself some time to learn the Linux command line, or I will be stuck on a operating system I do not know how to use. Although, I have heard that Linux command line isn't harder than Mac or Window

Absolutely must partitions for any Linux

Dear Admin, Please forgive me in advance if this is not the right forum for my thread. Thanks. Hi Friends, Ubuntu offers the option to install itself alongside an already Windows on the same hard drive and also there is an option to create the required partitions manually by selecting the optional called "Something else", but confuses me most is which of the following partitions are a must to install Ubuntu alongside Windows or to install it as the only OS on the entire hard drive?

The best way to install Adobe Flash

Hi Friends, I have just started using Ubuntu 14.04.2 Desktop 32 bit. I would like to know whether Software Center is the only way to install Adobe Flash Player. Thanks.

Win8.1 BSOD (rarely)

First the required info: · Windows 8.1 · x64 · Original Installed · Retail, I purchased it · Approximate age of system (hardware) : 5 years · Approximate age of OS installation (if you know) : 2 years · Have you re-installed the OS: No CPU: Intel Xeon W3680 Video Card: Geforce GTX 780 MotherBoard: Gigabyte X58A-UD5 RAM: 24 GB Kingston 6x 4GB Motherboard: Intel X58 Workstation-Chipset Power Supply: 750W silent 80plus Silver Manufacturer: CADNetwork · System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Desktop

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