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Yahoo sign in issue

Recently Yahoo and its associate websites like mail and Flickr demand that I update my password. I tried many times to do this, but always am unable to. What happens is: - I sign in with my old password. - I get the message: Quote: Help us keep your account safe Recently, there's been a rise in security incidents on the web. While we continue to work hard to keep Yahoo's network secure, we're asking users to help us keep their accounts safe. - I hit the link

Solved: Some win 7 machines suddenly request "Network Password"

I've got several machines in a small group of machines, the machine doing the Disk Sharing is a win2k machine, others are win7 home premium, xp's, and even more win2k machines. They have all worked with the shared disk, lets call it \\c1a\Myfile mounted on the remote machines O: drive, all have worked perfectly for many years, until this week !! Monday or Tuesday, all of a sudden two win7 machines, when trying to mount the shared disk, come up with "Enter network password", while a th

Shop Till connect to Computer! HELP!

Right, so I am currently running a shop. In this shop we have a Till with a batch file that looks like this: net use t: /d net use t: "\\drowers-b93d5a1" On the computer we have a batch file that looks like this: net use t: /d net use t: "\\ipos\winxp" Now for the problem. When either of the batch files are clicked on this error occurs: C:\>net use t: /d The network connection could not be found. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2250. C:\>net use t: "

Firefox won't allow me to save jpg's

I am using Firefox, the latest stable version, and I haven't installed any add-ons in the last month. But all of a sudden, yesterday, I try saving some images, and they end up saving as ...well whatever this is Can someone please help me understand how something could have changed so much, that I can't do a simple action of saving a jpg anymore. And could you please assist me in fixing this little problem? Thank you very much --------------------------------------------- Tech Support Guy

Solved: Gmail will not work in POP/IMAP/SMTP clients after switching to CenturyLink

Sometime in August, my grandmother was convinced by the sales at CenturyLink to switch to CenturyLink from Comcast. Since then, we've been unable to access Gmail via the Apple Mail program as well as Thunderbird. I've tried opening the ports on the modem for SMTP, POP and IMAP, and none of those have helped. I've also tried using Thunderbird on Xubuntu 14.04, and Windows Mail and Thunderbird on Windows Vista and 7. I've tried it on all of those computers using Wi-Fi and Wired connections. Every

Websites not loading

Hello. I just signed up here to specifically ask this question which is baffling me to no end. The websites Priceline and Hotwire have always loaded for me no problem. It's only in the past month or so that it suddenly refuses to load at all for me no matter what browser I use. I've tried IE, Opera, Firefox and Chrome....and neither website loads anymore. I don't get it. I've checked websites like "Is it down right now" and both sites are always listed as up and running....just not f

I cant renew my ip!:`(

I have this issue where i cant connect to my router from my second computer, and renewing the ip is not an option it seem..It just says An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection : unable to contact your dhcp server. Request has timed out. I don't have mcafee so does not help me a single thing .. Best regards andreas

Blocking Unwanted e-mails

In the instructions on how to block e-mails from Yahoo Mails, it stated the following: 1. write down the the e-mails you wish to block. 2. on the Mail screen, click Options, then click Mail Options. Here is where I'm lost. What Mail Screen are they referring to. Also if the procedure works, can I use it to block all other unwanted e-mails? Thanks.

Connected to network but web pages won't load.

Problem has been fixed. Thanks, Jaycee

Internet speed is way lower than what it should be!

Hello friends, i have been having problems with my laptop for a while now. I have a Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop using Windows 8, i have had it for a while now and it used to work perfectly until recently, it started to give me way less internet speed than what i am currently paying for, even if there are no other devices connected to the internet, it only gives me around 3 mbps, compared to the 10 i'm paying for. When i connect with other devices to my internet it gives me normal internet speed. I

WIFI problem

Hi everyone, I'm just looking for some advice on what kind of equipment I need to give me wifi access at home. I have just moved house from a shared house to the spare room in my friends house. There is wifi in my new house but I think my room is on the edge of the range of his router. My PS3 in my old house could see the wireless signal at around 75% but in my new place it can see the wifi but only at 40%. I also have an iPhone and an iPad and all these devices struggle to log on and even when

Solved: Belkin Router not connecting to Arris Comcast modem!

Hello, I'm not much of a tech savvy guy so bare with me here, I'm currently having an issue with my router. I have a belkin n450 DB wireless router (model f9k1105v1) that has been having issues resulting in a "no internet connection". after some research on this topic, I didn't find much except that my modem (which is an Comcast arris modem) might not be able to connect to the routers settings. I have tried everything from resetting my Belkin router and unplugging everything, and sti

How to setup my TP_Link TL-WR841N as a secondary wireless device

Hey guys, Here is my current setup, I have an ARRIS router that was provided by Time Warner Cable. The main line comming into my house connects to it. It can provide a wireless and a wired connection. The wireless is on and it supplies a wireless signal to my downstairs. I have also ran a cat5e cable from the ARRIS to my garage. In my garage I am wanting to setup a TP-LINK TL-WR841N that will provide a wireless signal to my garage and main floor of my house. The current settings on my

Solved: Deleting a hotmail account.

Does anyone know how to delete a hotmail/outlook account? There simply isn't an option for it anymore! I have scoured every option. Its very annoying.

Streaming Local Video through Google Chromecast

The ISP I am getting ready to switch to has a monthly bandwidth limit. The kiddos have certain youtube videos that they watch repeatedly. I have successfully downloaded some of the videos to my local hard drive and am able to go into Chrome Browser and cast them to the tv via my Google Chromecast by entering a URL like file:///C:/Users/John/Desktop/youtube/myvideo.mp4 This is probably a dumb question, but is any bandwidth being used by sending this local video to my chromecast? Thanks

Need to update to latest version of IE

Hi, Does anyone know what the process is to update to the current version of IE? we have 3 different machines that have older versions. This particular machine has IE 9. Thank you...

Google Docs Picture Help!

Greetings, I need help with Google Docs Picture Management, or maybe picture moving management. I use Firefox and Google Docs does not allow you to transfer folders with images in them only chrome can do that. I have been organizing my pictures in Google Docs. The problem is that I downloaded some pictures, two of them and than moved them to a folder. Now, the only way that I can get to those two pictures is to type in their name in the search box to see them. I can't find them sorting e

DNS lookup failed (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

Hello all, I'm having the error: DNS look-up failed. However, it appears my particular error is more difficult to solve as I've tried a lot of things. Details: - I moved into this building and can only access google/facebook/watch some youtube videos. ALL other sites give me the DNS-error. The other pc connected to this router has no issues(nor my smartphone). - I've done: 1) CMD->flushdns 2) change the wireless adapter ipv4 properties (tried all open DNS servers) 3) Reset route

Buying 2 routers that support bridge/repeater/WDS

I'm looking for a way to cover a big house with wi-fi. I've already tested with WRT54GL and it wasn't enough, so my idea is to buy 2 routers with good coverage and link them into bridge/repeater/WDS mode (I don't even know the difference to be honest). Since I've never done that before, I'm looking for an advice on which routers to buy and how to make it work altogether? At first, 2x Unifi LR LongRange was a promising solution, buy as far as I understand it, they both need to be physically conn

Can't Connect To Website

Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a new laptop. The OS is Windows 8. I opened it up from the box and began setting it up yesterday. In the process of setting it up, I have discovered a weird problem. When I first turn on the computer, or re-connect with to wifi, I can go to But after some time (I'm not sure whether it's just time, or whether it's after I visit the site once, or what exactly) I go back to and can no longer connect to it. This wouldn't usually be a b

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