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Internet disconnecting every ~10 minutes

Hello. A newbie in the forums. Been searching online and still haven't been able to found solution to this problem. My internet keeps disconnecting every 10 minutes or so and reconnects later, it's been driving me crazily. Everyone else in the house, however, doesn't have this problem, only me. Also, my brother has full 60mb/s while I'm only getting ~10mb/s, and his internet doesn't disconnect out of the blue randomly. Could you help me? Thank you. IP Config Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.96

Trouble with overlapping networks

Hey guys, I'm new so apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm trying to do some work on packet tracer and having a few issues. I've been told to set up a central router connected to a second router in another building, using a /30 address. I also need to support 30 users off a switch on the central router using a /26 address. Users( I set up the serial interfaces on the point to point connection between the routers as and

Issue with router having diff IP address

Hi hope someone can help me out , I work for a UK based retail store who has BT as their service provider ,we report the store connection issues to BT , there is nothing technical we do apart from pinging the stores man IP,we had a connection iissue at one store ,the IP address of the pc`s and lan IP what we have for the store are Ex : and after we reported this with BT,they sent their test results which have router IP as and switch as ,can

Issues with router having different IP addresses

Hi hope someone can help me out , I work for a UK based retail store who has BT as their service provider ,we report the store connection issues to BT , there is nothing technical we do apart from pinging the stores man IP,we had a connection iissue at one store ,the IP address of the pc`s and lan IP what we have for the store are Ex : and after we reported this with BT,they sent their test results which have router IP as and switch as ,can

No Network Availability for Wired Connection

Hey all, So my desktop refuses to connect to the Internet. My LAN is showing up in Network Connections, knows when the cable is unplugged, but I don't have the option to connect to it in drop down menus or anything. I've checked all the cables against my other machines and they work (and connect) and all wireless connections work as normal. All the ports on the router work as well. I've run troubleshooting and the most it can tell me is that it detects problems. I've uninstalled and reinstall

Merge Networks in one router

Hi, I am pretty much a beginner to this topic and I hope that there is a solution to my problem. My landlord provides Internet to all tenants via a WiFi AP (with a pretty hefty bandwidth cap - max 12Mbit down per IP). Until now I used a WiFi USB dongle attached to my PC. I will go full mobile and full wireless - so no local PC anymore. I have a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Gigabit Router with factory firmware and a Sharkoon USB Lanport 400 (USB over Ethernet, connecting via ethernet cable to a router LAN

Wireless adapter media disconnected -- I think I've tried everything!

I know you have tons of posts like this but I just can't find directions that will give me the solution! My wireless adapter on my laptop will not connect to the Internet. (LAN connection appears to be fine.) What I have: 1. Asus laptop with Atheros wireless adapter (onboard). Added an EnGenius adapter (USB) to rule out hardware. Both show as "working properly" in Device Manager. CHecked for new drivers but was told I have the current ones for both adapters. 2. Win 7 64 bit. 3

wake on lan zhone/zind-gpon router

I have router ZNID-GPON-2426A-EU firmware S3.0.711 and I have question: How to enable Wake On Lan to be active all time in arp table??? On router before this I have to change pool ip address and subnet mask (exp to change and I have one address that I sent special packet and wake my computer. I try this on zhone but nothing, does anybody knows is there any special ip address or...? I looked in arp table in approx 1 hour my pc ip disappear and after that I can't wake my p

Windows 8 latop; not hooking up to wifi

My friend was cleaning out her computer, and after that the laptop stopped hooking up to wifi. It will claims no connections available, found at one one time when poking around in the software driver was not installed/configured yet. Then I lost it. I recently installed a new driver, and now it has the same error message for the network adaptor. :banghead: What should I do?!?!?

Need Help with CPE

FOr months I have been trying to come up with solution to extend my wifi 110m away from my office which has walls and objects so there is no direct line of sight. I got a repeater but it stopped working after couple of days. Then I got this CPE : Buy free shipping COMFAST CF E316N 300Mbps wireless ap / network bridge / outdoor wifi CPE / repeater / signal amplifier from Reliable wifi amplifier signal booster suppliers on Shenzhen Four Seas Global Link Network Technology Co., It

WiFi is only down for one laptop

Hello, brief summary - in the last 3 days I haven't been able to get WiFi from my HP Laptop in my room (upstairs) any more. However, if I'm within 10 feet of the router then it will work fine, but it is slower than usual and the connection will drop for a ~35 seconds a couple times an hour. Strangely, my sister's laptops WiFi works perfectly and works in my room and everywhere else in the house. Also, when I turn on my smartphone's hotspot, my laptop can pick it up normally and use it even whe

Router Port Blocking

Hi, I'd like to block specific ports from my router, say port 993, but I can't find any relevant settings. I know blocking this port will make some programs not work but sometimes I need to do this and for the future reference as well. All I'm doing now is using QoS setting to slow down this port to 1 kbps, but this is not enough. I read somewhere that I could forward this port to the one of the unused IP to block it but it didin't work, maybe I didn't do it properly. Attachment 240482 Plea

Internet(http) only in bursts.

Hello there, I've been having a problem for the past 48 hours that is now driving me insane. Usually being a fixer myself, I appear to be out of my depth this time, and could REALLY use some help. This is a WIRED connection issue. It appears to only affect my PC in the network. Code: Windows IP Configuration   Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Black_Tower   Primary Dns Suffix  . . . . . . . :   Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed   IP Routing Enabled.

Randomly high ping while playing online games, watching streams, even watching YT

Hi, first time posting on this forum, though other people's solved issues here have helped me before, so thanks for making my life a bit easier. For the problem I'm experiencing right now I can't seem to find a solution anywhere, so I'm hoping anyone here might know what to do. And I'm sorry for not knowing all of the proper technical terms :smile: I've moved to a new flat at the start of this month and the landlady is kind enough to allow all of her tenants to connect to her network for free.

Invalid Mask Value

Attachment 240266 Hi, this image is filtering section in my router. I wanted to prevent all computers and cell phones using my router from accessing a specific website and specified all IP addresses and all protocols to be blocked when accessing the example website whose IP address is The problem is I also have to input mask value next to but I don't know what it is. No matter what I input, I get the message "Invalid Mask Value" when I click Add. Please t

NMap Network Mapper


Unable to connect to internet through any program (Steam, Battlenet, Utorrent, etc.)

Hello! A few days ago I was suddenly unable to use any programs that require connection to the internet but I am able to browse the internet fine. This includes Steam, Battlenet, downloading files via utorrent for instance. My notebook is the only device with these problems. I was also told that my notebook now oftentimes slows the internet speed down tremendously for everyone once I connect. Multiple anti virus scans have come up empty as well. I have tried the following: -Ran virus scans w

Flushed DNS, can't renew it because of an error(?) and now I really need help.

Yes, I flushed my DNS earlier today, not knowing that when I renewed it, it wouldn't work! So I have now tried almost everything to get it back up. The closest I've gotten is by manually entering IP and DNS servers through IPv4 and v6. But those only let me see certain websites. I couldn't view most internet pages. When I troubleshoot it says there's no problem (this is after I have entered manual IPs and DNS servers). Well, it actually says it couldn't identify the problem, but I think thats wh

Strange Modem/Router Behaviour

Hello, I live in an apartment building. In each room there is a network socket into which you connect your network cable which goes into your PC. Then when you go to it opens up a login page where you enter your room number and password and after that you can use the internet. It seems that when you connect a modem (and router?) to that socket, other users from the building are not redirected to the login page anymore, but they get a "cannot connect to the internet" page i

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

Hi: I'm running Windows 7 Professional. I cannot connect to the internet on my wired connection, even though it shows a connection in the Network and Sharing Center. IE simply crashes and shuts down, Chrome gives me the "DNS probe finished no internet" error. I have no problem connecting over wifi using my laptop, phone, or tablet. Here's the info from my ipconfig /all run: Microsoft Windows [version 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users

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