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Asus network controller...

Hi all, i was having major bsod loop issues and decided to do a fresh instal of window 7 ult 64 bit. Upon getting this accomplished which turned into a pain lol, i have no internet... i went to asus and dl'd the lan drivers but to no avail as the pictures following show. I have been dealing with this for several days now, and need some help desperately. Attached Thumbnails                

Netgear NWR2000 caps at 45mbps

hi. I recently updated my internet package/modem to a 200mbps set up. If I connect directly to the modem I can get speeds of ~200mbps but when I put it in bridge mode and connect the netgear nwr2000v3 router I can only get up to 45mbps. (LAN) the box states it's a 300mbps router and their tech support team has informed me it should get speeds between 250-300 when cabled and half that when using wifi. any ideas why I can't break the 45mbps wall with the router? I can't find any setting (out

Best way to map wall jacks to patch panel ports?

We're moving into a new office where all the wall jacks have been painted over, so I'm going to need to relabel them. What's the best way to determine which jacks go to which patch panel ports without internet access? Thanks.

computer says in connected but can't get online

Hi I bought a USB wireless adapter for an old windows xp computer it says im connected but I can't get online. PLEASE HELP ME.

Can anybody here help with VPN configuration on a SonicWall TX-190?

We have a SonicWall TX-190 that's been in service on our network for several years. In the past, we haven't needed the VPN functionality, but an increasing number of our employees now telecommute, and the lack of a VPN severely limits what they're able to do from home. I've already viewed Andrew Crouthamel's tutorial, but it raises a number of questions, particularly because it assumes a new installation, rather than activation of the VPN feature on an existing installation. In particular, near

My laptop stopped connecting to my Wifi

Just this week my laptop stopped connecting to my wifi. Im having no other wifi issues with my desktop, tablets, phones or Roku players. The laptop worked perfectly fine until this week. What happened? It cant be that complicated, can it? My Wifi shows Excellent signal... Dell Latitude E6500 w/ Windows 7

What does my netstat -a on windows mean?

I have been experiencing slow speeds of internet and it has been cutting up a few times. When I called my service provider they told me to run the netstat -a command in cmd. They advised me that because I have more than 3 established connections that there was spyware on my computer. I have been doing some research regarding this issue, and have been reading on many posts but I cant seem to find an answer to my question. Does having more than 3 established mean I have spyware? I have

Internet Service provider Issue and VPN - Germany

Hello, I recently received a new wireless modem/router from my provider in Germany (I am an expat). My Vpn no longer works really, very slow which leads me to believe, (as well as picking up on a few things online) that "Telekom" provider has done something somehow to block or seriously slow down VPNs. I have no idea what they have done and am hoping there is some kind of work around? Any advice welcome. Thanks

NDG Netlab+ Pod test failure

Hi all, I'm trying to setup a Multipurpose pod with ASA and during the pod test it only fails on the 3 routers (Cisco 2911s running IOS 15) with the error "Couldn't determine size of flash memory". I am aware this used to be a problem with 2012 and previous versions of Netlab, but I am using 2014 so it shouldn't be a bug. Has anyone come across this problem before and if so, do you have any advice for troubleshooting? I have checked cabling and everything is correct according to the c

Extending my network with APs

hi, i have a school network am managing and am charged to extend it with wireless APs they got me 4 nanostation loco M2s my network is a single basic network with 1 router and a number of switches(5) to connect to different floors and i want to connect an access point on each switch for students access. am using a class a address system on the network. i already have a DHCP server to give out IPs but with a reserved range of like 12 ip but 5 already in use.

i need to setup a low budget wifi for a school

Hi guys, i have a school portal system and some of my schools instead of going through our normal way of staying subscribed online on our server, they want to have it deployed within their environment so teachers can access via wifi and post results. i need an idea of how i can set a wifi up for a school. i used to be good in networking but i abandoned it for other areas in i'm a bit rusty but sure i'm not going to have troubles with terminologies and possible implementation. Thanks

vpn-client - how to add route?

Hello everybody! :smile: Need some help.. the situation is: there is VPN-server (Linux OS based). So I need to build VPN-client (also Linux) in our office, local network from vpn-client side is and - from vpn-server side. IP-address of vpn-client is Also I have a gateway in this local network, IP And network configuration for all workstations in my office looks like: IP: 192.168.1.... (from to netmask: 255.255

Wired internet connection suddenly keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

So my internet connection has always worked just fine, but last weekend i was having a friend over, so i moved my computer down in another room, where there was room for us both. Now to my problem, that night when we played games, mostly LoL, we kept dc'ing from my internet, and then reconnecting about 3-4 seconds after or 10 seconds, it was different. We both had a wired connection. Ever since that day i've kept disconnecting/reconnecting from games. Im pretty sure it is my connection to the

Crazy set up..

Hello peeps =) So we have a mad set up in our apartment block; Main router feeds: the 2nd router ( the 3rd router ( feeds ==> an access point (not sure of this IP) the 4th router ( ==> access point (not sure of this IP) All connecting via ethernet! So, there are in total 6 different SSID's all being fed by the main router via Ethernet. The dude that set it up basically left the routers on different IPs (shown above) which I don' think

Skype Works, Browser Doesn't

We seem to be having some DNS issues... Skype works, browsers are working intermittently... some sites load fine, some don't, some work for a time. Connected wirelessly, two other computers connected to the same router are hard-wired and working fine. Running on Windows 8. We tried dns flush and it works for a little bit, than same problems again. Tried "netsh winsock r"... worked for a bit as well, but only temporarily. We're looking for a permanent fix... Here's the ipconfig:

Firewall question

Hello! I recently got my own internet subscription and I am trying to configure the firewall. Now, I play an online game: Every time I set my firewall to medium or high, I am unable to play. Is there a way for me to set the firewall to high (or at least medium) and still let the game load? One thing I also noticed is that the logs show SYN flood entries. I read the entry in Wikipedia and it states this is a form of DoS? I'm still waiting to hear from

Help! DGN2200v4 not obtaining IP/red light

I am having an issue almost exactly like this one: i am using the DGN2200v4 router/modem except that I AM connecting through WAN from another modem. I am NOT using a DSL connection. IP address is always and red light of no intrawebz plugging our PC directly into the other modem allows effortless internet

How to verify a certificate.

I use Claws Mail and I get repeated warnings that the gmail pop3 certificate has changed. During the past week i received three different certificates all claiming to be the certificate, each with a different fingerprint: MD5: 77:2E:83:46:B7:FA:A7:8E:16:30:20:BC:32:4A:B7:5D SHA1: 7E:FE:1A:5A:FD:15:1F:63:70:B9:81:9A:C9:EA:EF:EC:4A:42:59:46 MD5: 4B:8B:1C:D3:A8:4D:84:30:9D:C9:C7:47:61:C2:CF:86 SHA1: 7F:C7:46:5F:50:4E:2A:84:6B:E8:C6:4F:37:B6:34:52:34:B8:BF:77 MD5: C7:A6:CA:35:34:8A:

Port Forwarding Problems

I have been trying to port forward 27015 to create a server for a game. I port forwarded on the router and made a rule in the firewall and I have a static IP. No matter what I have tried I can't seem to get the port open. On I always get "Connection Timed Out". I also have tried opening other ports but I cannot open any whatsoever. If anyone knows how I could fix this I would appreciate it. Also still a beginner with this so I probably won't know many terms used. Bear

setting up a proxy firefox

im trying to setup a proxy for the uk. i want to watch the final episode of top gear tonite they are only airing it on bbc2 witch we cannot get in amarica so i am trying to setup my pc so the internet thinks my pc is in uk and i can watch the uk live feed of bbc2 tonite. how can i do this?

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