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Tablets and note taking

Has anyone used a tablet for taking notes in class? Do you tap or swipe or use a stylus to handwrite? Any good apps for this?

Obama needs to restrict flights coming from Ebola stricken countries!

A man takes a Ebola infection woman to a Liberian hospital - she soon dies of Ebloa... He is exposed to the deadly disease and knows it ... he quits his job - likely used their credit card to charge is airline ticket - lies to Liberian authorities about exposure, then off on a convoluted journey to Dallas, Texas, USA... Shows up sick at a local hospital -- then misdiagnosed - goes home - gets sicker - goes back to the hospital spreads bodily fluids everywhere in and outside the apartment, on the

Some songs I made I'm a big fan of Hearts of Space and wanted to make some similar music, so they're on the new-age/ambient side. I used Magix Music Maker 2014 Premium. I used loops from the Ambient sound pools. Planning on making some more. Purchased 3 more ambient soundpools but for some reason they aren't showing up for me to download, so once I get that taken care of, I'll have more sounds to work with. I have no musical talent with instruments nor do I have any m

Help my wet shoes and feet!

[IMG][/IMG] We can get athlete’s feet easilier because of the clammy weather. The combination of Bacteria and Mould cause SMELLY easily. If you always stay long outside like me, you will find that you can’t always take your wet shoes away. It’s disgusting and uncomfortable! Importantly, the athlete’s feet can’t be cured easily with the wet enviroment. Especially I hate the rainy day very much. Even though I wear the Flip Flops on my way and change the Flip Flops to sneakers on the destination,

Deal Escort MediaFlair Portable Wi-Fi Streaming Media Storage - $29.95 + FS

@ Bundle also contains: 8GB SD Card, 12V Adapter, USB Cable Compare: ($99.95) | ($99.99) | ($99.99) | ($99.99)

Selling a custom Gaming PC Is this a good price for it? the reserve is $900. Let me know, Thanks guy!

Ubuntu 14.04 and 3 monitors

I have a Quadro NVS 450, but I can only get 2 of the 3 monitors to work. When I run nvidia-settings it show the 3rd monitor as disabled. To enable it I must create a new x screen. But I don't think that is what I want. I don't need mulitiple x screens. I just want one large desktop that I can drag windows around on. I did enable it by creating a new x screen, but then I couldn't see it in Ubuntu's display settings. So, I reverted that change. Edit: It seems on my old linux box, I had

Can you SLI a Nvidia Titan?

I got a single Nvidia Titan gfx card over a well over a year ago. I remember someone somewhere on these forums saying that you can't run a Titan in SLI. Is this true? I thought you could have a couple of Titans running in SLI.

True or False: Fetal alcohol syndrome

When the parents are always drunk and pass this onto the baby and the baby grows up to adulthood and they take a driving test. Do you think that adult who suffered from Fetal alcohol syndrome but now drives best when they take a sip of beer so they can get to work safely is a good measure of advice? Many of those now Fetal alcohol syndrome babies who are now adults tell me they drive so much better after 1 can of beer.

Mathematicians! How do I calculate percent difference?

Not sure how to properly google for this... What is the phrase I should type into google? Lets say I got 2 identical CPUs... One runs at 1.86GHZ and the other at 3.06GHz... How much percent is one faster/slower than the other? or... I ran a mile in 40min while my friend ran it in 50min... How many percent was I faster? Stuff like that.... How do people calculate these things?

Apparently, StarForge is out

This was going to be *the* ultimate survival sandbox when it was announced. At first, it looked promising. However, progress soon ground to a halt and the developers fell silent. Since then, there has been very little progress but this summer they announced that the game was now in "beta" and getting very close to release. Well, the game has now reached version 1 (1.0.1 even). The biggest changes from the very first prototype is that they have removed almost everything that made it in

Terraria now on GOG (discounted through Monday)

DRM Free and on sale ($2.49) through Monday morning for those holding off on this one (like me) : .


please speculate about koji igarashi's project

What could be going on with IGA and whatever he is working on? Anything won't happen in relation to whatever his project may be?

Great job time warner ! (install tech)

I have an apt for rent in nyc and the cable guy drill into a gas line. Luckily the place didn't blow up but the building does not have gas now. :)

Is G-Sync really necessary now?

I'm looking to replace my very old LG 23" 1080p monitor. It served me well for a basic monitor. Since I got my new GTX 970 I now can safely get out of the 1080p and up to 1440p like single-GPU adults do. Since my new card is a NVIDIA it has G-Sync. should I be aiming to get a G-Sync compatible monitor? I'm asking because I tend to keep my monitors for quite some time or until they die on me. I'd give my current 23" to my girlfriend. What i'm looking for: - 27" - 1440p - P

Best and easy MP3 autotagger?

I used to use Winamp with Gracenote and it would perfectly tag all my MP3s automatically but Winamp's Gracenote contract expired. What is a tool that does it like Winamp/Gracenote automatically without having to fill in manual details or anything of that sort.

When are we going to end sanctioned violence?

With pros getting TBI's and high school students dying, when will it end? This isn't ancient Rome. Quote: A student in New York state who died on Wednesday became the third US high school footballer to die playing the game in the last week. Tom Cutinella, 16, died after colliding with an opponent, Shoreham-Wading River superintendent Steven Cohen said. Two 17-year-old players collapsed and died after

Samsung to build 14nm chips next year,27808.html Samsung, Qualcomm and apple! Oh and AMD too apparently.

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