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elite 130 vs silverstone sg10

Any opinions comparing these two cases ? Oone advantage of the sg10 off the back is it will take micro-atx as well as mini-itx; the elite will take ful size optical and is 1/2 the price. Anyone actually used both of them to directly compare ?

I just remembered this. I'm done. :$

Political party is "outraged" that a voter is removed, calls it dirty trick

Nope not what you are thinking... "Arkansas GOP Outraged About Voter Suppression After Candidate Gets Kicked Off The Voter Rolls" Looks like the GOP hates it when democrats uses the GOP rules to kick GOP voters off the rolls. :awe: "Arkansas Attorney General candidate Leslie Rutledge is crying foul over the cancellation of her voter registration form. Rutledge, the Republican nominee for Attorney General, was kicked off the voter rolls after it was discovered that she failed t

network W7-W8.1 using ethernet cable

I just did a clean install of a W7 ultimate pc and have been trying for hours to set up a network with a W8.1 laptop. This was working before the clean install but I can't remember how do do it. I do not have a router and am using a 'functioning' twisted Ethernet cable. The W8.1 laptop is connected to the Internet via a Vodafone stick/pen and I am not trying to link the two computers via wi-fi. I simply want to copy files between the two machines. I am NOT trying to put the pc online right

Can PCI-E x1 interface addon cards be used in PCI-E 4x or 16x slots?

For example, my SoundBlaster ZxR soundcard is a PCIe 1x interface card, but the X99 board I want to get, ASUS X99 Deluxe, doesn't have any PCI-E 1x slots on it according to specification info. It only has, from what I can tell, five PCIe x16 slots (long ones) and one PCIe x4 slot (short one), so does this mean that I can't use my ZxR on ASUS Deluxe? Or can I just plug that into any of the other PCIe slots? Also, can my single GPU be used in any of the PCIe x16 slots? Or do they have to go in

Best monitor for movies with frame interpolation?

I'm using dmitriRender for realtime frame interpolation on GPU. And i'm looking to replace my 17" CRT SONY Multiscan E220 monitor. So clear and juicy, but soooo old. I'm using Epson 3LCD TW680 projector also, but he isn't so clear and he is only 60 Hz. What is the best 23"-27" monitor for frame interpolated movies? 120/144 Hz? IPS/TN/Lightboost? My budget is $300-500. Can G-Sync/FreeSync help for movies or not?

Weight lose competition!

Hey folks. I rallied some support from you guys earlier this year for a Team weight lose competition I was doing on . We ended up coming in 2nd place because we couldn't get enough votes. My team lost 275 lbs for that competition! We rocked it. Fast forward 4 months; we found new inspiration! 4 of the original 5 started again. Picked up my brother as the new team member. If there is anyway I could get some people to go to

This is why you should never drift your car with a girl in the front seat.


Chrome Auto-correct Spell Check

Using a chromebook. When typing, misspelled words are underlined in red. Is there a way to set up auto-correct to enter the corrected spelling? Right clicking or two finger clicking (mouse-pad) brings up word suggestions. But can this auto-correct feature somehow be setup to just automatically auto-correct a misspelled word? Similar with typing on my iPhone?

Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade time

So I finally decided to move from Win7 to Win8 since I got a new Crucial MX100. I have to say it's been the most long and painful OS installation I've ever done since the days of Windows 95? Endless screens and reboots of "Getting Ready", "Configuring hardware", "Configuring computer", "Getting Ready some more", "Almost there", "Almost done configuring", reboots on and on ad nauseum. It's going on 3 hours now and the 8.1 update has bee

Do the police ever correlate crime spots with cell phone positions?

This sounds like a privacy nightmare, but it also sounds like a super useful approach for solving crime. Most criminals are probably dumb enough to leave their cell phones on while committing a crime. If you could take all the GPS information of all cell phones and correlate it with all crimes, I bet you could find a bunch of criminals really quickly. Discuss.

You're a second class Star Citizen if you got the game as a gift.

For those of you not in the know, Star Citizen is still in beta, due to be released in 2015. It is funded by users buying accounts and in game items, but those who funded the game earlier get bonus items as part of the stretch goals for the game. BUT, if you got a Star Citizen game package or upgrade as a gift, or if you have given someone a game package as a gift, gift accounts do not get the stretch goal bonuses that other accounts get automatically. This means every child who got the game

visudo killed my suders file

I tired to use visudo, but nothing happened. So I tried visudo -f /etc/sudoers thinking I needed to give it the file. But now my /etc/suders file is the error output from visudo about a syntax error on line 1. Why would visudo write its error output to /etc/sudoers? It is suppose to write a valid file not a syntax error message. This was with Ubuntu 14.04. Now I get to try and found out how to create a new one.

Post your old CPU which is still being used as a main PC on a daily basis.

Everyone brags or at least talks about the lastest, baddest and shiniest piece of silicon that they are currently using. How about people still using ice age old tech!?? Post your oldest CPU setup that is still your daily/main PC being used. Here's mine. 8 year old E6600 (Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 4MB Cache) Stock speed because each time my mobo loses power from a power cut all my BIOS settings get erased :( Its getting a bit of a drag even surfing websites nowadays (especially FB with many tabs) wi

HDTV Tuner for Amazon Basics 50ft/35ft Antenna and Other Questions

I've been trying to find information regarding what will be needed to record HDTV from an Antenna, and what towers in my area broadcast an HD signal. I've been to and many others, but none specify what quality and resolution they broadcast in. Also, are the TV channels Encoded/ Encrypted in ClearQAM or others? Maybe I'm just missing that ALL channels broadcast in HD, and it's simple to setup. I want to record/ watch TV Series like Gotham, Agent's of SHIELD, and Agent Carter, Once Up

ROG Swift vs Samsung 590D

Which one would be best? Not counting hardware to push the pixels. Just purely from a better gaming experience all the way around.

Portable gaming alternatives to laptop? New IGPs coming?

I have a situation where I need to be in a very dull place for 12+ hours a day. I'm allowed to have reading material, movies, laptops, etc. to make sure I'm alert and on-call. They do not provide me with a computer to use. Since there is NO objection to my gaming on my so-so laptop, I half-wonder what some alternatives to gaming laptops I could do... There are the all-in-one machines, but I don't think I could go as far as a SFF system and monitor, despite having all the parts around the hou

What's that smell ?

Odd one, had a machine sitting around for about 1 year with no use, tonight, when I went to turn it on, this occurred. The caddy the HD was in has the rubber spacers on it, so, no metal was touching anyplace. Now, how on earth could this happen ? For what it is worth, it was a Seagate 7200.10

Does anyone here suffer from lower back pain?

How do you deal with the pain? I've been getting intense pain in my lower back when I wake up in the morning. Just started using a heating pad. Thanks.

Mobo recommendation ~$120-150

Hey all, been a while since my last post. Been thinking about getting a new rig. The following are what I would like for now: Intel i7-4970K Corsair Vengeance PC1866/C9 2x8GB MSI Frozr GTX 970 4GB Main usage will be for gaming. Historically, I've never been one to go for multi-GPU options so SLI is not a concern. However, I would like a healthy number of SATA3 ports as I'm planning to have 2 SSDs and a handful of drives for my storage. This rig may double as a possible media server in the futu

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