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[WTS] xbox one new for sell

assalamoalikum i have new xbox one for sell without kinect all accesories but no game CD in the box not even powered up once . want to sell as soon as possible got xbox one from america need urgent buyers from karachi only sms/call me at 03152987557 sms is preffered

pc confusion

hi guyz want to upgrade my pc but ma confuse hoon ka corei3 4160 3.6 GHz loon ya corei5 2500 3.1 GHZ lon plz help me:)

Campaign Texture on TWC

Hello guys, I'm wondering if there is a good campaign texture (Sengoku one is to bright and synthetic). Do you know any? It's for my MOS campaign.

The Computers of Our Wildest Dreams

The Computers of Our Wildest Dreams Engineers at IBM and Google claim they're closer than ever to making computers that could process data in days that would take millions of years to flow through today's machines. Source: Quote: Quantum computing promises processing speeds and heft that seem unimaginable by today’s standards. A working quantum computer—linked up to surveillance technology, let's say—might be able to instantly i

Man pimps out a 16 year old to 80 men in 1 week: 16 months in prison Assuming you all know how google translate works. english written source: Want to start a business in child prostitution? Come to Holland! A 21 year old pimped out a 16 year old girl to 80 men in a week. Thats right, aproximately 10 a day. The girl being a minor makes this a serious offense you'd think, right? The guy, who has shown no remorse during court for his actions whatsoever, ge

Changing the nameplates strata?

Maybe I'm just crazy here, but it feels like at some point something changed with the nameplates and their strata layer, so they are displayed ahead of pretty much every UI element in the game whether that be floating combat text, objectives, frames, etc... At first I thought some addon had screwed that up for me, but after recently reinstalling a brand new client I noticed that the default, pristine Blizzard nameplates still behave the same way. It's something that really gets on my nerves som

Should the World of Warcraft Dev's be fired

Is the problem with WoW just a few devs or do we need a complete overhaul of personnel?

Public Service Announcement: Please read the thread!

I understand that this phenomenon isn't specific to MMO-Champion, but why do people post the same thing that's already been posted in the thread multiple times? The power of a discussion forum is dialogue. If you're just posting the same tired joke or knee-jerk reaction that a dozen people have already posted, then you skipped the listening step of the conversation. Also, you're making yourself look silly. So, I humbly provide these guidelines to follow when posting. Do I have the power to en

40 to 50 black teens trash Wal-mart. This seems productive.

Should the MMO Champ moderators be removed?

Seems like the MMO Champ mods are against any negative comments towards devs or real discussions. Should they be removed?

Advice on what dps/tank hybrid to choose

So right now I main my mage but recently the raid/guild leadership has expressed a desire to see me change to a hybird dps that can tank when needed (tank going on maternity leave in the next couple months). They would like me to stay as a ranged dps because that is what we are lacking most right now. This basically means druid is the only choice (Come out with another ranged dps hybrid that can tank Blizzard!). Now I know Balance can put out good bits of damage and is desirable right now, but

Tyrande - How to?

I'm liking the look of Tyrande but I have zero clue of how she's meant to be played nowadays. Is she any good? What's a good build? How is she played?

So apparent Grom gets a free pass cuz the Draenei are "above" fighting


I hope WoD lasts another 2 years.

Whats the point of ending WoD as soon as possible? If WoD ends soon, we will get another expansion thats just as rushed, unfinished and as shit as WoD is. I really hope they wait, take their time and make a decent one. If its released early next year it will be just as shit, if not worse than WoD and its probably going to cost them all their subscribers except the ones who lives inside the game. You can deny it all you want but what on earth makes you think the next one will be great if its

Shipyard ate my Mission Completion Orders

Please ignore / lock. Just noticed another thread with the same issue.

Bloodbath vs. Avatar for Arms @ T18

Bloodbath still the winner for arms? Haven't simmed it yet, but I wonder what fight-specifics am I looking for in determining which cooldown to use for arms? For fury I always run Avatar/AM. I assume that's still better than Bloodbath as Avatar is less vulnerable to bad RNG?

Favourite Video Game Protagonist

TL;DR: Who is your favourite Video Game protagonist of all time and what game are they from?Why are they your favourite character?Would they win in a fight against the character chosen in the post above yours? (if you don't know the character prior to your post go up until you do recognize one) Everyone has such broad tastes in shows/movies/music on this site but we all play games. Would be cool to see who enjoys what game and which character has won the award of favourite in their eyes. To an

Carbot's video mocking WoD launch are gone

With the announcement of 6.2 being the last major content patch for WoD, I wanted to go back and watch Carbots videos making fun of WoD's launch. It used to be a countdown timer that when it reached zero, the heroes tried to pile into the portal and couldnt get in. The second video the week after showed toons standing outside the Dark Portal in line behind a velvet rope with extremely high queues that weren't moving (like 6k). The videos are no longer anywhere to be found, and the first video wa

Approved ColeRufus - Application

Battlefield Application In-game name ColeRufus Real-Name Ryan Age 32 Which game brought you to eGO? Battlefield 4 Bad Company 2 EA GUID - Battlefield 4 EA GUID A9A5BEDB340C46B38B5EA8BA9808CC80 Battlefield Hardline EA GUID - Time Zone CST Recommended by armypolice

Approved AvA - Application

Source Application In-Game Name - AvA - Real-Name Chris Age 27 Which game brought you to eGO? Day of Defeat: Source SteamID 76561197978540785 Time Zone CST Recommended by Hardcore Legend

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