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Elderly Mom travelling alone on United

Hi, We want to buy tickets for my elderly Mom to visit us (EWR - IAH). She is physically able to walk short-moderate distances. But, the big issue is she is afraid of negotiating the complexities of making one's way through an airport (e.g., checking in, going through security, finding the gate, etc). And, of course, depending upon the Gate - sometimes the distances can be pretty long as well. What options are available to us? I have heard of getting a Gate pass (e.g,. so that a relative co

Trying to Book Upgrade/Companion Flights

Hi there, I'm a new member - I was actually directed onto this forum having met a few of your members by coincidence on a LHR - EDI flight on 16th May! I believe they were called Rapid X, Kaligo and Peter PO? Anyway, they were heading up to Edinburgh for a flyer dinner and we met in the T5 Lounge after our flight was cancelled due to a leak on the wing. They recommended I may find some help on here! I'm a consultant based in Edinburgh but I work in London midweek so am a frequent weekly trave

Finally a decent single malt in GC

Waiting in the shower queue at GC North is a lot easier given Balvenie has appeared - ok it's the travel retail 12 triple cask so won't be around long as probably a promotion but a very welcome sight. Be awful if my flight is delayed......

Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa - Open

A mere 20-minute drive from Naha Airport, Hyatt Regency Naha, Okinawa is located between Naha’s main street of Kokusai Dori and Tsuboya Yachimun Dori, a historical street lined with traditional pottery workshops. The hotel – offering traditional, warm Okinawan-style hospitality – provides an energizing and refreshing place where both business and leisure guests come to connect.

Using multiple companion vouchers to HND/NRT in F

Hi all, Me and my partner both have primary BA Amex accounts and have 2 and 1 BA Amex vouchers sitting in our respective accounts. We would like to travel in F to Tokyo (dates flexible) and want to take two others with us. We are in a household account which makes booking simple if it was just the two of us. If we were to add the two other travellers as "Friends and Family" in Exec Club, how many vouchers would be needed for all four of us to travel? I read it was 2 vouchers that wa

The Three U.S. Legacy Carriers and Argentina

OK, I don't know if the 3 Gulfies are governments, as Anderson et al. suggest. Perhaps so. What DL and the two others need to complete is better food, better drink, better service, and newer metal. Do what Singapore Air does. It is not a government. So, did the three U.S. legacy carriers do a Gulfie rant in ANTICIPATION of the DOJ announcement that they were looking into collusion among these folks for POSSIBLE talks to restrict expansion to keep the aircraft full? Who knows? However, if

Admirals Club - Liquor in international clubs

So on, it states "Premium brand spirits available for purchase in all U.S. locations**." And "**Complimentary in international club locations". However, at YYZ yesterday, they have a menu with prices for the premium liquors. I asked the bartender and she said that only the house liquors are free. Anyone else take nptoce of this or think this is an issue/false advertising?

the newest Aman, Amanera (Dominican Republic)

We are delighted to announce the launch of Amanera, scheduled to open in the Dominican Republic during the fourth quarter of 2015. Water is omnipresent and intrinsic in the design of Amanera, which draws its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and era, the word for ‘water’ in Taíno, historically spoken by the indigenous people of the Caribbean. The resort is situated on 2,000 acres of virtually untouched land comprised of verdant peaks and lush jungle with c

Chase BT terms

Hi guys, I got one question on Chase BT terms. It's 0% interest up to 09/16. When should I pay it off to avoid the interest? Is it at 9/1/16, 9/30/16 or at my statement closed date on 9/16?

Caribbean & Latin America Summer Promos;30% off leisure rates travel through 12/19

Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts knows time is valuable, so the Collection is providing an extra financial incentive for guests to take advantage of those unused vacation days. The collection of resorts offers savings of30 percent off the price of regular leisure rates at participating properties.* To take advantage of the Time is Money Event, visitors must book a minimum two-night stay by July 31, 2015, for travel from August 15 – December 19, 2015 with booking code 3CL.

Transit at Kuala Lumpur

Hello I wanted to book a connecting flight from Delhi to Singapore, with a 2- hour layover at KUL. Since I have been issued an IPA letter (single-entry) from ICA (Singapore Embassy)which serves as a visa to enter Singapore, my Student pass with multiple entry visa will be issued after I reach Singapore. I hold an Indian passport I was perplexed as to will I need to hold a transit visa or any such thing when I change flights (both being Malindo Air) at KUL. This is my first time flying interna

Booked AAA-BBB-CCC, now need to only go to BBB. Options?

Before I blow money on change fees, I was hoping some of you nice folks could let me know if I'm missing an option here. I booked AAA-CCC, which happens to connect through BBB. Booking class is A. My plans have changed, and I now actually have to go to BBB instead of CCC. From what I understand, SDC doesn't apply here, because I'd be changing the destination. Is there anything else I can do, or am I stuck with coughing up the $200 change fee to re-route to BBB? Thanks!

All J configuration between HKG and NRT?

BA award availability search function lists a couple of daily flights between HKG and NRT as having no economy or first class cabins operated, but I believe the planes themselves are 777s. This is just a fluke, correct? I assume no first cabin on the newest regional products is accurate but it's difficult to imagine a flight of that size being all business...

UA851 F lounge access

My friends are flying on UA851 for their honeymoon to Asia and I was wondering if they get any special First lounge access that would be difficult to find - there should be one in ORD that is easy but what about in PEK? Any other tips to keep in mind for UA F? In CX you have to ask for foods and can eat whatever you want, whenever you want - are the customs the same on UA F? Thank you. edit: outbound to BKK is CA979 4 hours later and they are in J. They have United Club passes, will they

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Two weeks in Portugal in September - tentative itinerary

Hi folks. I'll travel to Portugal next September with my wife, our tentative itinerary is following: Sep 4 - arriving in Lisbon at night Sep 5 - Lisbon Sep 6 - spend the day in Evora, back to Lisbon at night Sep 7 - departure to Reguentos de Monsaraz, V. Viçosa, Estremoz, hotel in Manteigas Sep 8 - drive around Serra da Estrela, back to Manteigas Sep 9 - departure to Viseu, Lamego, Peso da Régua, Vila Real, hotel in Porto Sep 10 - spend the day at Viana do Castelo, Braga, Guimarães, back

Which airlines have the best apps?

This is decidedly US-focused, but a nice write-up on some of the key features of airline apps in the WSJ: Click the link: Or google the title: Which Airline Apps Make Flying Easier? I'm a big user of airline apps for check-in, boarding, flight status updates, seat changes, etc. I have to say that I find the United app pretty functional and robust. There are a few things missing with the AA app (seat changes, for example). The DL app seems

BA & Wimbledon Tennis

Working here at Wimbledon for The Championships and discovered all of these old posters (2006) with BA as the Official airline sponsor - when did they end this?

Hung Up On Amex - Downgrade from BusPlat requires an APPLICATION?

Have the Business Plat and annual fee now due. Will not get the use out of it this year, so called to cancel. They suggested a downgrade and next thing I know, they want to do a new card application. She said it was required. I opted out and hung up. This is nuts. (I am needed to save my MR points, hence another card)

New service in economy on late departing flights to Amsterdam

Effective july 1 st Klm introduces a new kind of service on selected flights to Amsterdam. the flights effected are all late night departing services to Amsterdam with a flying time of over 10 hrs. Previously KLM offered in economy a drink followed by a hot meal this will be replaced by a Goody/comfort bag to all passengers containing eye mask/toothbrush/paste earplugs bottle of water towelette and bag of nuts. A cold meal will be offered immediately after take off, allowing passengers to sle

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