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Chase Freedom Q4 2014 - Amazon/Dept Stores

5% Featured Stores Top Select Department stores: JCPenney® Kohl's® Macy's® NORDSTROM Sears® You'll also earn 5% Cash Back at these Select Department stores: BASKINS® BEALLS BEITER'S BELK The Big Store bloomingdale's Bon-Ton®, including Bergner's® Boston Store® Carson's® Elder-Beerman® Herbergers® PARISIAN Younkers® Boscov's Bradley's burke's® Cayman's® Cee & Cee Department Store CHARLES christensen's CONWAY Cook Brothers Dillard's FLEMINGTON DEP

Booked on Airtran, any easy way to change to SWA

When booking a flight through my companies travel website, my flight was booked as an Airtran ticket (it is listed as a SWA flight, operated by Airtran). For numerous reasons (A List status, the 2x promotion going on now) I'd rather have this count toward my SWA points rather than A+. After calling both Airtran and SWA, I was told I would have to cancel the Airtran flights (incurring a change fee) and rebook at SWA. I assume I am out of luck, but was hoping someone else hmight have a suggesti

Fare Class Combining and Upfare Questions...

Hi, I am looking to purchase a roundtrip where outbound does not have P/Z fare available. I am confident it will open up based on availability of the seats. So I have two questions: 1. Can I purchase W outbound and return P on one ticket? 2. When P/Z opens up, will UA let me purchase form W without any change fees (there will be fare difference of course) for outbound? Thanks.

Mileage earning changes?

With united going to the model of earning miles based on ticket price when is Air Canada going to do this? I think it will be a welcome move. Especially doing away with the "multipliers" or "divisors" for various class. How does this impact mileage earning for Aeroplan when flying United? And could we also do away with classes for upgrades too.

Celebrating father's 60th birthday in Jerusalem - your feedback is welcome!

Hey there, First of all – I’ve been trying to set up this trip for at least 15 years. Various family conditions made arrangements really hard. But there we go – me, my father and three other friends are flying to Israel for 4 days to celebrate his 60th birthday. So excited. I’ve based the below itinerary on my previous trip to Tel Aviv / Jerusalem, I so hope my father (and others) will enjoy it. Here’s the plan: - We’re flying from Warsaw to Tel Aviv on 15ht overnight, landing @ Ben Gurion aro

Fin 804 to HND today?

According to FlightRadar24 Air Canada's brand new 788 C-GHPV Fin 804 is scheduled on AC5 to HND today! Surely this is an error? It's just done it's first revenue flights, a round trip YYZ-YUL as AC405/AC480 early this morning. A quick check of the othe three 788s shows that Fin 801 is enroute to YYZ from TLV as AC85; Fin 802 arrived at YYZ yesterday from HND; Fin 803 is enroute from HND to YYZ. Can FlightRadar24 be wrong or is Fin 804 being subbed in to operate today's AC5 to HND? Logically F

NOW AVAILABLE: Inbound flight information in Delta Mobile App

Not sure if this has been discussed or shared but I found my inbound flight info on the Delta Mobile App. I am able to confirm it for the Android app. I would appreciated if others can chime in on the Iphone App. I got it by looking up my flight on the "Flight Status" option and clicking the "VIEW MORE" link. Here is a screenshot. Glad that Delta has this available on their own app. Let us know your experience.

BKK TG to TG 1:25 connection

I booked an elderly lady (needing a wheelchair) traveling alone from AKL to MAA via BKK. Both AKL-BKK and BKK-MAA on TG and a 1:25 (85 minutes) connection in BKK. While this is a legal connect, just checking if a wheelchair requirement would cause a problem. Is there a security AND immigration check for an Intl-Intl connection there?

JW Marriott Houston Downtown

The new JW Marriott Houston Downtown is now open for business. I walked by right when they opened last week. I also spoke to the Sales Director checking on rates. I noticed that they don't seem to have very many special rates loaded so are running mostly rack rates in the 300's with some lower rates on the weekends. They also have limited availability as not all floors are completely finished. I am finding availability patchy through the end of the year when checking online. She did assur

Seoul PH vs GH?

Planning family trip in June- wife, two teens- one week of tourism, visits to extended family. will need help from hotel staff for planning. looking for a conveniently located, service oriented, comfortable hotel to base our operations from. I'm guessing we'll need two rooms, and I'm planning to use points for at least one of the rooms. trying to choose between Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt- in terms of a) convenience, b) comfort, c) service, and d) price (in that order). I appreciate any firs

New winter schedule means earlier last flights to EDI - and elsewhere?

When a post appeared here (in June?) describing the schedule changes for winter 2014, I skimmed it, noted that amongst other things there was slight reduction in weekly flights to EDI, and passed on. Having just struggled to make some bookings on routes that I've done a few times before, I realise that the last flights to EDI from London airports are now markedly earlier. The last LHR-EDI used to be at 21:50 and is now at 20:50 - one hour earlier.The last LGW-EDI was at 20:55 and is now at 19:

Paris in February - where should I stay?

Many thanks for help with my indecision. I will be in Paris for about a week in February with my husband. I'm having a hard time deciding where to stay. I've stayed at the Meurice and the MO in the last year and don't feel strongly about returning to either. I really like the Meurice but I dislike walking past all the souvenir vendors on the Rue de Rivoli, interfered with my enjoyment of the hotel. Also very much enjoyed the Mandarin but found it to be not very French, could have been a lovely

can i get free checking bag?

I am citi aa exec card holder. I used ba avios to book aa flight. Can i benefit the free checked in bag via aa exec card? Thanks

Incorrect points posted?

Just completed my stay at the hilton tokyo. I stayed for a total of 6 nights, had a 4 reservation numbers. 23-27 Sept (room 1) 18000jpy/n 23-27 Sept (room 2) 19000jpy/n 27-29 Sept (room 1) 18000jpy/n 27-29 Sept (room 2) 19000jpy/n In my hhonors account, i only received 31,000points for 23-27 Sept (room 1). The other reservations shows as 0 points. Take it as 17000jpy = 150us$, using the calculator on hilton website, I should get 9000 base points for 6 nights (1 room). Divide 9000 by 6, it

Category 5 / Category 6 Cancellation

I reserved a hotel using a Cat 5 Certificate. I reserved the room before it was upgraded to a Cat 6. If I cancel this hotel, can I re book at a Cat 6, or I have to stick to a cat 5 ??

AA checked bags on separate tickets

Curious how others feel about the new AA policy effective Oct.15,2014 that if you are using separate tickets which have you connecting to another carrier besides AA/US/oneworld that you can only checked your bags to the connecting city and claim them and re-check your bags with the other carrier to continue to your final destination.

FB Gold to Delta or AA?

Hi all, my first post here and I'm not sure if it's in the right place, but this is the best I could think of. I am looking for some advice with respect to choosing the right FFP. I am currently living in Barcelona (BCN), but will be moving to SFO in some months. I have FB Silver status for now and am just some segments short of Gold (got 24 segments between March and now). I fly for work and personal, so 30-45 segments a year is normal here in Europe for me. I think I will likely be flying mo

Through-checked baggage in Asia?

I'm travelling from Goa to Phuket in a few days, the actual flights are: Goa - Mumbai - Bangkok (all on Air India, with one flight number) Bangkok - Phuket (Thai Airways) Will I be able to check my luggage right through from Goa to Phuket? If not, what's the procedure in Bangkok, has anyone ever done this trip/route before?

UA Miles on TG

Anybody else having trouble booking award flights on Smile with UA miles Also, anybody else notice you can't book business class seats on Smile anymore from the TG website.

DEN-CLT travelers please speak up!

If you are a DEN-CLT flyer, pls take a moment and send United a email/tweet/whatever asking them to bring back DEN-CLT non-stop. Apparently they do listen sometimes. DEN-CLT used to exist, but they gave it up altogether to USAir and just did codeshares with them. Now USAir is OneWorld, and ORD is just horrible, and IAD is overpriced!

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