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Lounge Query (EDI-LGW-VCE)

Hi folks, I'm looking for a little help! I booked flights for my honeymoon using the remains of my Avios and I'm booked to go EDI-LGW-VCE on Friday with the LGW-VCE portion being a Club Europe Ticket, I understand that I will get Lounge Access at LGW (if theres time!) but should I be able to access the EDI lounge also? Similar situation on the way back, TXL-LHR-EDI, Club Europe into LHR and then Domestic to EDI assume the answer to the way out will be the same as the way back!

Meal reservation when booking

I just booked a long haul flight and noticed after booking on the confirmation screen that next to the "select seat" button there was a "reserve meal" button. I've not seen that before and unfortunately the button disappeared after I had completed my seat selection. It does not show up when I retrieve the booking manually, the seat selection button is still there. Is this new? Has anyone tried it? Are all courses up for selection or only the main course? It is becoming sligh

Good MH fare ex-SIN

Find myself in Singapore early next year and thought about a trip to Langkawi. The air Asia flight times don't really work so looks like MH - for business both ways it's coming in at SGD 1,180 - or about £550 though MH website. Is this a reasonable fare for this? Seems a fairly good way to earn 160 TP's...

TV poetic licence

Mrs O called me a nerd last night, while watching the news, during a piece about the third runway at LHR: I pointed out that the footage (proclaiming to be LHR) showed an aircraft landing on runway 26... (close but no cigar) Also, the other night on the LHR documentary, when the ground staff were rushing to repair the jetway as the aircraft was landing (cut to 787 on short finals) and then taxi-ing (cut to 777) and finally arriving at gate where it turned out to be an A320. Well... at least the

Dropping bag in LHR T3 for a T5 flight?

Hi all, Would BA let me check my baggage in LHR Terminal 3 for a Terminal 5 departure? I have to pop by the AA ticket desk in T3 for an issue with another itinerary that I'm flying in a few days, and I happen to flying out of T5 tonight with BA. I thought that I could save myself the effort of dragging my luggage back and forth by dropping it off at my first stop (T3). There are BA bag drop desks in both terminals so hence i don't think it is a ridiculous suggestion. I imagine the answer is &

Can I extend a Flight Pass by buying a new pass?

Folks: I have a East-West Connector Flex Flight Pass, with two credits expiring on September 1. I understand that I have two options: travel before September 1, or pay $300 to extend these two credits for another few months. However, I am wondering that if I buy another East-West Connector 10 credit Flex pass today, will those two credits be included in my purchase, and thus expire on July 2, 2016?

Rented with Avis using discounted Corp ID and no points posted

is this normal? I recently rented with Avis (> 2 months ago) and my rental points still haven't posted. Unlike my normal Discount Code, I used one a friend told me about (it was a corporate code from another company) The Discount Code used turned the one-way rental from a $90 rental charge to $50

American Airlines BUSINESS CLASS New York to Los Angeles - Airbus A321T

After taking the First class product on the way over. It was time to check out the Business Class product for my Return flight. You Tube You Tube A full write up can be found at the following link. I have included the trip report text and some pictures from the flight 28th June 2015 American Airlines Flig

Elevate Gold Welcome Package

Was wondering if anyone knows how long after completing an elevate status match/change it takes to receive your welcome package?

Dubai taxi from airport

Hi - traveling from US to Dubai DXB, then need to get to hotel near Mall of Emirates. Taxi would be fine, but will I need dinars? Where is best place to exchange USD for AED? Connecting in LHR... Thanks!

AMS lounge - fridge always empty

Nice new lounge, good drinks selection, comfy seats..... But why is the fridge always empty? The best I have experienced in recent trips is one left over festering sandwhich. Seems a waste to keep the fridge turned on. Oh well - BiFi for dinner then... A

earn aadvantage miles for a BA ticket operated by Vueling?

Is it possible to earn AAdvantage miles (EQM) for a British Airways ticket on a flight operated by Vueling? I'm looking at BA 8177 BCN to CPH, fare class N.

FastTrack at GOT

Isn't there supposed to be a FastTrack security in GOT? I just arrived and expected the airport is a zoo, packed with tourists headed out on vacation. Nothing wrong with that but when I hate one thing, it is standing in a line behind of 5 families with a bunch of children and elderlies trying to clear security... :( There is and FastTrack sign and asking the guy at the BP control produced a 'yes, this is security'... pointing me to the mass of people and pushed me forward. No, really? Waitin

MS Word clinic - bracket OVER words

For a very particular situation I'd like to put a bracket (prefer square but curly will do) OVER two or more words. I can't find a way to do it. Ideas?

SEA-ANC for $200... Used to be much more expensive?

Since I got a job with zero traveling, I haven't visited these forums much. So forgive me if this has been discussed recently. I remember flights between SEA and ANC were $400-$600 R/T, but these days they can be had for about $200 R/T. Competition from JetBlue, and others? I booked SEA-ANC for September using 25K miles awhile back, then I see that it might actually be better to pay $200 and save that 25K miles for a O/W to NRT or something.

ATL SkyClub access today ~6:30pm

Have a long layover in ATL today. Anyone able to offer me guest access to a Sky club? i'll happily the $29 guest fee for AMEX cardholders if needed. Thanks mridley2

Air Canada fares on ITA vs

So I'm looking at traveling YYC to YVR July 31 through August 3. ITA displays attractive fares of about $320CAD all in for various flights throughout the day. however only gives a minimum of $424 on a not so great timing. Do you know what the issue here is? Is ITA known to give erroneous data?

Richard Anderson uses July SKY Magazine to complain about ME3.

Anyone else read the new July issue of SKY magazine yet? He seriously used his Welcome Page to complain about the "unfair playing field" set forth by the ME3 airlines. Surprising to see the issue brought up in this way in the company's in-fight magazine for every customer to read, no...?? :confused:

Fastest Most Reliable way to Sabiha Gokcen from Istanbul

I have a flight from Sabiha Gokcen tomorrow evening. When asking hotel personnel for the best way to get there, the best way always seems to be the shuttle that the hotel is promoting. My thought is that the major traffic bottleneck is crossing over from the European side to the Asian side. So I was wondering if there is some way to take the Metro from the European side to the Asian side and taking a shuttle/taxi from there? Or perhaps I'm overthinking it?

1 day stopover in Hotel Hyatt Place Dubai Al Rigga

I'm planning to arrive on transit in DXB around noon and catching another one in the next day at 07:30 to LIS (in summary Day 1, HKG-DXB ; Day 2, DXB-LIS). I was thinking of booking the Hyatt Place Dubai Al Rigga hotel for one night, just to visit, since this flight plan with the hotel is cheaper than one with only 3 hours of transit, thought of visiting the city for one day. Is there any problem regarding the visit to Dubai and access to the hotel? (exiting the airport, permit & policies

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