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Charlie Brenneman Will Be Joining Us On The Fightcast Next Week, Post Questions Here

So we have our first official guest for the Fightcast lined up, and I am pretty stoked to say that it will be Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman. So if you have any questions you would like him to answer please post here and I will be sure to ask him.

Conor and Chad both have excuses if they lose

I mean they both have the obvious short notice issues to deal with....Chad has to cut weight in a shorter period of time. Conor had his mind set on a striker. Just so many different excuses.....

Would a mod kindly upload this av for me?

Team Dilly time thanks.

Dr. Supporting Aldo's Claim Of Fracture A Quack With Long Legal History

I did some digging. And it's no wonder Aldo's camp sought out Dr. David Chao to provide the diagnosis they required. You won't believe the history this guy has, both personally and professionally. He was definitely the physician to go to for a "pay to say" medical opinion. Enjoy. Quote: In the interest of full disclosure, when I started the research for this project I didn't know the rabbit hole I was venturing down into. In short, I have no clue how Chao still ha

Cool Jack Slack article on Conor's kicks I know pretty much nothing about standup, so these are always cool to read. Hopefully he will do a breakdown of Aldo Mendes now that it's official. I can't imagine Conor is going to want to throw a lot of these kicks vs. Mendes

Current MWs that would beat prime Anderson

I think Jacare, Romero and Weidman would all very comfortably beat prime Anderson Silva.

NEWS: **Picture confirming Aldo's fractured rib surfaces!**

Confirmed on Fox Sports. How could Dana and the NSAC possibly have cleared Aldo to fight?! Not to mention the big "bonus" and immediate rematch being offered to Aldo after he was checked by UFC "docs" doesn't help matters any. How could the UFC market one of their champs as a coward having access to this information?! Whats your take Sherdog? How shady does this look? Sauce:

Machida v. Belfort

The time is now! They need to make this fight happen with both fighters coming off a loss. Who do you have & how for this potential match up? I'd wager Belfort would come in as the underdog but I see him landing a flash T(KO) in the late first or early second.

Summer SOCCER thread v7: Cause America Said So

BAES: Spoiler!!! Click to Read!: Anthem Spoiler!!! Click to Read!: Fight Club Season 2: Spoiler!!! Click to Read!: Week 1 Standings FIRST Eow - 400pts* 2nd Cardona - 325pts 3rd Rawex - 265pts 4th CG - 250pts 4th Xtramob - 250pts 6th TulesLAD - 225pts 7th Lilmountain - 215pts LAST Bloke - 150pts *400pts = New single event record. 5 out of 6 picks were perfect.

What's my best bet for streaming tv + access to live sports?

Hello all, So we don't watch a lot of tv and are thinking of cancelling as we found we are paying for a host of packages/channels we simply never use. We really only watch a couple channels, but found we were paying for a package of 7-11 stations just to get access to 1, type thing. The stations we use are typically kid show stations, and most of that stuff is just re-runs or syndication or whatever all the same. Seems we can get most of this stuff off streaming sources. The simple answer

Besides the fights against Aldo has Chad ever

Besides the fights against Aldo has Chad ever been tested? I really can't recall him in any trouble in any of his fights?

How crazy is this welterweight silence?!

This is almost surreal. I mean, yes it is big news that Aldo is out, but even BEFORE he was - NO ONE is talking about Lawler vs. McDonald!!! And the titel is for a bigger weight class.... Is it just me or did this devision choke a little with GSP out and the less marketable guys fighting for top dog position now?

Jimmy Smith picks McGregor over Mendes, and debunks the Kimbo vs Shamrock fix Jimmy Smith talks about his reasons for picking McGregor over Mendes, basically says he can't wrap his mind around the fightkit, reps the Ortiz vs McGeary fight, and then gives an eye opening explanation on why the Kimbo vs Shamrock conspiracy is basically bullshit.

When will TJ Dillashaw defend next? How is his rib?

A rematch with Barão was rescheduled and was expected to take place on April 25, 2015 at UFC 186. However a month before the event, Dillashaw was forced out of the bout after sustaining a broken rib while training. Can he fight yet?

Imagine a main event entrance like this for UFC 189

Imo if they always did something like this for PPV they could get another 100k buys. The anticipation is amazing and people would go absolutely crazy everyone would look forward to the event in general as it is not only simply fight, but rather entertainment and a big show a real event.

who fights in the finale?

very interested in seeing who fights for the $300,000 prize ... in south florida before the season started there are posters with hassan and jason jackson; in interviews they hint at hassan vs usman and i personally think mike graves should be in the final (because he barely lost a decision to usman and beat jackson)

There needs to be a clear distinction between stalling & control.

Just rewatched Robbie vs Hendricks 2, & even though I was glad Robbie won, I felt Hendricks probably should've got the win if you were to use the current judging criteria. Robbie did use "effective aggressiveness and defense" which is also part of the judging criteria, but it just didn't seem like enough to counter the few takedowns & also the volume of strikes Johny landed. Reason I mention stalling & control is because I doubt that Johny would have had that gameplan (hea

Chad Mendes looking fat 2 weeks before fight *PIC*

Pulled from 189 VLOG.

Demon Possessed Hateful Homoual vs. Holy Spirit Filled Loving Street Preacher

Mods: no fighting, just yelling. So it looks like a religious group that goes around pissing off homouals and recording themselves so other religious people can pat them on the back. Which I guess is preferable to killing them, which some other religions might do, but it's still scummy. The "youtube fame" element makes everything scummy to me. If they were just preaching like unsung heroes I could at least see a sort of integrity in focusing on the message, but these youtube heroes

Where's Aldo?? Can you spot him?

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