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hypothetical: diaz vs melendez

Lets say melendez becomes champ and diaz avenges his losses to thompson and henderson. Would they ever fight each other?

Stephen Thompson

So, I didn't really see much or hear much after his fight with Cote on here. His TDD looks to be getting much much better and his work with GSP and Weidman is really starting to show. If he continues to improve on the ground I see zero reason to why he doesn't contend. In fact, I believe he can beat anyone in the top 10 right now. Who is his next challenge?

Pro League PPV This Sunday

The PPV for the pro league this Sunday is available at This one wont be on youtube stream like at no gi worlds, so I think there is a good chance there will be a chat room to interact with Sean, Jake and I. If there is, ill be sure to be in it....or we can just make our own somewhere. Order it! Tournament info here:

So who's gonna buy it and review?

ALL the bags... AND the gloves. :eek: Clamp? Strato? Task? Hell, how about you, lolmit? :icon_lol:

Halloween battle #14: The Omen vs Jacob's Ladder

The Omen (1976) rating: 7.6/10 cast: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Harvey Stephens, David Warner director: Richard Donner Jacob's Ladder (1990) rating: 7.6/10 director: Adrian Lyne cast: Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Pena, Danny Aiello, Matt Craven What is the best movie?

Mcgregor vs Aldo

If this happened now with Mcgregor being a 3-1 dog what do you do on a bet?

My Smolov base mesocycle results

I squat high bar... beltless, wrapless, sleeveless, everything-less. Old PR was 380 with a bodyweight of 210. New PR is 405 with a bodyweight of 212. When I started the program I was probably 202 lbs or so. I had dropped to a low of ~194, but I started piling the weight back on before I even got into Smolov. A few weeks prior to starting I hit a 320x2 grinder, so 335 was a guess that I felt comfortable about as a starting PR. I didn't follow the program exactly. I simply don't have the ti

Who wins Nonito Donaire - Nicholas Walters?

The so called expert from "Ring Magazine" had it 13-to-9 for Donaire. I really think the Filipino Flash already lost his fire, hopefully this fight against a strong and hungry Jamaican can prove me wrong. I agree with the majority in that article, and predict a Donaire UD victory. So What do you think? Who will win?

My dog needs your help

My dog is otherwise healthy and mentally in good spirits but the specialist have not been able to diagnose our dog so I'm hoping sharing with regular people can yield some positive results. I've forgotten how to embed videos but I hope you click anyways Thanks

Fighters With A.D.D. Symptoms Have An Unfair Advantage (Edgar vs Penn)

I'm not saying Frankie Edgar has ADD because I don't know, but I'm saying people like him who have ADD symptoms shouldn't be allowed to fight against people who don't have ADD symptoms. When Frankie fought BJ he didn't beat him because of skill, he beat him by being so random/chaotic that BJ had no reasonable way of knowing what Edgar would do next. I know some of you might be thinking that BJ could prepare for this by training with people who have ADD like symptoms, but he lives in Hawaii whe

Diego Sanchez fighting in Australia And getting the short end of the stick. Jack Slack's analysis on point, as usual.

What Cain vs JDS beating was more 1 sided up until the finish?

Between Cain vs JDS 2 and 3 which fights which were both 1 sided do you think was the more 1 sided fight up until the finish in the 3rd fight if you know what I saying. Basically in the same length of time up until the 3rd fight's ending which fight between the 2nd and 3rd was more 1 sided and why? In my opinion I think the 2nd fight was more 1 sided as Cain landed way more takedowns in the fight and even dropped a fresh Junior in the 1st round as opposed to late in the fight like the 3rd figh

Another Fantasy Basketball League

Hey guys i've started a Yahoo Fantasy Basketball League. It's H2H standard 9 cats. It would be good if I could get some fellow MMA fans into this league. If you're interested please PM me your Yahoo address and i'll send you an invite.

Bestiality on the rise in Denmark, prompts them to outlaw it It is legislative so I figure it belongs here. There is apparently a sharp rise in bestiality in Denmark, and is tarnishing the reputation of that country. They have enacted laws against it. However the zoophiles are fighting back, saying they are not harming the animals. Are zoophiles any different than the LGBT community? Once LGBT is thought of as just a perversion as well. Do they have a right to choose, and live this lifestyle?

Drake too soft for the Wu?

In a recent interview the wu-tang clan talked about how they were supposed to work with drake on a remix of his song wu-tang forever. Quote: "I guess we kind of came too hard for him. He wanted us to talk about broads, but at that time, we wasn't in a broad mode," he told MTV News. "We had to write it real fast. No lie, I probably had about six hours to write this thing. At the time, I wasn’t feeling woman-y—I was feeling hard as nails. So, I wrote him a hard

***Cub Swanson turned down title fight for Edgar fight

Are steroids really even that bad medically speaking?

All the doctors use to say how bad alcohol is for the liver now you read reports that you should have a glass or two of red wine a day for the resveritrol. I think in a few years scientists are going to discover that steroids are not only not bad for you buy actually help athletes in recovery and testosterone generation. I hope when this happens that it clears the names of those in baseball and MMA that have been using the juice.

Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon set to co-main UFC Fight Night 58

UFC Canada ‏@UFC_CA 7m HUGE fight for @MitchGagnonUFC who looks to extend his win streak vs former champ @RenanBaraoUFC Dec 20 in Sao Paulo Marc Raimondi ‏@marc_raimondi 11s Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon will be the co-main event of UFC Fight Night in Sao Paulo on Dec. 20, per a UFC official.

Best comeback of the year?

I think it beats Salido vs that Japanese guy

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