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my top 20 ww

Here is my Top 20 WW list, Fighters that win/lose you just enjoy to watch, interested to watch them fight someone else even if they have a stinker fight, very offensive but remains technically sound grappling/striking even in bad situations, can't wait for them to just fight again, whatever it may be - someone like a Jamie Varner in the LW division 1. Robbie Lawler 2. Brandon Thatch 3. Ryan LaFlare 4. Adlan Amagov 5. Rory MacDonald 6. Tarec Saffiedine 7. Kelvin Gastelum 8. Matt Brown

Pacquiao vs Marquez 5

A no go according to Marquez. I admire him sticking to his guns. By Miguel Rivera After four tough fights, former four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez will not take a risk in facing Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time. He believes the judges robbed him of a win in their first three meetings. All three of the outcomes were controversial, with a draw in the first meeting and two close decision wins for Pacquiao in the rematch and trilogy outings. In the fourth fight, in 2012, Marquez kn

Highest paid MMA fighters of all time

Not including endorsements or "backroom bonuses". From what i've gathered... If anyone can quote the exact numbers to correct me that'd be appreciated tier 1: Fedor; towards the end of his career he had entire orgs based off him. He was reported to be making 1,000,000 a fight at one point. Lesnar; due to his WWE background, the UFC coughed up 1,000,000 a fight for him too. Although if you include sponsors he probably did surpass Fedor tier 2; UFC GOATS Jon Jones; Listed at 45

ONE FC 21: Main Card 10.17 9am ET

Bellator 129: 10.17 9pm ET Davin Clark vs Joe Vedepo

Bellator 129: 10.17 9:30pm ET James Terry vs Andre Santos

Bellator 129: 10.17 10pm ET Co-Main Event Houston Alexander vs Virgil Zwicker

**VID**. Zangief roll takedown.... Twice in comp

This is pretty sweet, check out the finish off the second one!

Bellator 129: 10.17 10:30pm ET Main Event Paul Bradley vs Josh Neer

Defending the cut and bull fighter passes

Hey y'all, I've posted here a lot lately about my bottom game. First of all, thanks for all the great replies. My game is slowly improving. One thing that I've identified as MAJOR weak points are my lack of (or inability) to defend the toreando or the knee-cut pass. Toreando Pass: I was told to try to either grip break immediately, or stiff arm the collar and butt scoop and wait for a collar drag chance. I've been trying this, but I am having trouble. Sometimes I can weasel into spider guard

John Hughes, no voting

JH pretty much mastered the 80's. I think all of his movies were straight up masterpieces in the 80's. So what dost thou thinketh was his best? I go Uncle Buck, then Plains Trains. The rest are amazing as well. Supply as many lines as possible.

Uchiyama, Kono and Taguchi in a New Years Eve triple header!

Watanabe have just announced a very, very good show For New Year's Eve. It's not the best in terms of match ups but it's got the long awaited return of Takashi Uchiyama (who every fan should love), Kohei Kono (who will be fighting Koki Kameda next year if he wins) and Ryo Taguchi (who gave Naoya Inoue hell). Should be on Free To Air TV in Japan and I suspect Argentinian and Peruvian TV may also pick up some bouts!

Kre alkalyn

Anyone take this? Just picked up the powder form and want to see if anyone else on here has experience with it? I did my research before hand, now seeing what others do. What's the best time to take it? Anything I should note? Here is what it is

UFC 200 ppv main card will look like :)

Dominick Cruz vs Joe Soto Allistar Overeem vs Big Nog Sara Kaufmann vs Alexis Davis Colton Smith vs Diego Sanchez Conor McGregor vs Cody Mckenzie Live from the MGM Grand In Las Vegas, Nevada for only $55

Choosing to work on my top game

Hey guys, I've been training for a year and a half and I currently hold a blue belt in BJJ. I'm around 5'6 and around 150lb. Ever since I got my blue belt in July, I've been working on specializing specific positions and creating my own game. I've been advised by my coach that I should work more on open guards due to my smaller statue. However, while I do playing spider, half and DLR, I've always been more into no gi and maintaining top control. And while I do compete in Gi BJJ, I also hope to f

Fastest HW Hands ever in an MMA fight (video)

Prime Fedor has got to be the fastest HW of all time, just look at the speed in his punches and combos. It really sucks we can't see him in the UFC in his prime because their are so many great fights for him today. I think at "worst" a prime Fedor is a top 5 HW in today's UFC, but most likely top 3 with Cain and Junior. I think the 5 fastest HW's by hand speed at each peak are: 1. Fedor Emelianenko 2. Junior dos Santos 3. Andrei Arlovski 4. Mirko Cro Cop 5. Alexander Emelianenko

Why are Shogun and Bisping not fighting at UFC 180 ?!

I ask again, what is the business logic in putting these two good draws on useless Fight Night cards ? If the UFC is gonna have these insane amount of Fight Night cards between PPVs, fine ! But why waste top draws there ? UFC 180 with Shogun and Bisping would put butts in bars and increase PPV buys !

Champion activity and UFC PPV decline

2014 Has been a pretty poor year for UFC in terms of PPV buys, how much do you think this has to do with current UFC champions fighting activity? Ill list the champions last bouts and their upcoming fights. Quote: Cain Velasquez: Last fight October 19, 2013 and an upcoming fight with Werdum November 15, 2014 (Previous fight May 25, 2013) Jon Jones: Last fight April 26, 2014 and an upcoming fight with DC January 3, 2015 (Previous fight September 21, 2013) Chris Weidman: La

José Aldo: I'm like Muhammad Ali, I'm the greatest

- There's no exact quote about the question but they're like asking that if Mendes is Tyson, who would Aldo be, and he answers "Muhammad Ali. I'm 'the greatest'" - Says he and his camp is doing the final arrengements for the fight, with no injury, everything was great and all that stuff. And that all that's left is the weight cut. weight cut, weight cut, weight cut seems like hes with his confidence, but barao was confident too,

Nam Yui Chul calls out Takanori Gomi for UFC KOREA, but will fight him anywhere

---------------------- Nam Yui Chul on why he called out Takanori Gomi Quote: Gomi was always loved by Korean fans and is very famous in Korea since he was fighting in PRIDE. He represents Japan and in the LW division I represent Korea. I feel this will make a fight between us even more meaningful. Everyone loves a Korea vs Japan match-up whether it's in baseball or soccer. It always adds a lot of tension and drama. If we get a fight I imagine it will also be helpful to

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