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some real life aikido...

What do you guys think about this video... could be a fake?

The Taco Salad debate of 2015

How are they made? Do you even lettuce bro?

If Conor loses decisively will he be the FW Gus?

Ie. will he just be considered a good fighter who might be a bad matchup for the champion and still have fans, but no longer have a godlike aura elevating him above the rest of the division? He's also similar to Gus in that they're both tall for their divisions, strikers who move around a lot, and European.

Nelson promoting his fight with Barnett in Japan

Weird naked stuff at 2:35

So will the "surprise" drug test aldo took still be analyzed and released?

Or since he pulled out is the sample now trashed? And was he ever blood tested or did it end up just the 24-hour notice piss test?

Aldo was all talk, McGregor is all ACTION!

Conor insists from day one that this is the McGregor show and everyone is there to see him fight... The show goes on, there is no talk about him being the co main to Lawler/MacDonald even with the "champion" puling out Jose insists Conor is nothing but a loud mouth and a big payday, would get destroyed by the guys he has already beaten but is happy to get the payday he finally deserves... willing to risk losing his big payday to the supposed "Prince" of the division Aldo de

How can anyone really think Conor can beat Mendes? Stunned by hype overriding logic!

I'm seriously shocked by how many knowledgeable fans & pundits are going with McGregor here. I view this as a certain victory for Mendes, and have put (for me) some fairly big money on this. As a fan of Dustin Poirier, I can readily admit that Conor McGregor is an EXCELLENT fighter. That's beyond question. He's a top 5 calibre featherweight with great wins over Poirier & Holloway, and I'd back him to defeat very good fighters like Lamas, Bermudez & Oliveira. Conor's striking skills,

Conor vs Siver nosebleed view

What the hell is going on with UFC 191?

UFC 191 is 10 weeks away and all they have announced is PVZ-Chambers. Weidman vs. Rockhold appeared that it would headline UFC 191 but recent reports have Weidman wanting to fight in November or December. Per UFC Tonight Rashad vs. Bader is going to probably be at UFC 192. So that leaves Might Mouse vs. Dodson and .....? I would assume they would have to stack this card with some major talent if its going to be 1 title and especially Mighty Mouse. Realistically, the best fights available right n

Lack of threads on lawler/mcd is perfect example of how bad other fighters promote

a testament to conor's greatness

Robbie VS Rory is so over shadowed nobody talks about it

Nobody is even talking about Robbie about to defend against Rory because Conor is fighting. BTW Conor is still the main event and he isn't even in a real title fight. Just crazy

Too much to achieve in too little time

The Race Against Time

Reebok have a GSP Jersey ;?

Reebok have a GSP jersey and GSP is supposed to be retired ... What gives?? 100% polyester shirt for 80$ ... with huge UFC letters on the front? You can't even tell it's a GSP shirt unless you look at the back of the shirt. No thanks.

Brazilian Nationals 98: a lot of known stars

Original link: This video is in portuguese. I don't know if outside Brazil people can watch so I uploaded here: In this video we can see Arona, Royler, Bitetti, Belfort, Saulo, Traven, Bustamante, Ze Mario Sperry. During Ryan Gracie x Amaury Bitetti fight, Walid was talking a lot (they were never good friends, let's say). Ryan during the fight said: Shut up or I will call the japanese guy (Walid recently lost to Akira Shoji in Pride). T

What is the term for gay people who are prejudice towards straight people?

Is there a term for that? I'll explain why I bring this up. last night I went downtown to get some money out from the atm. Across the street is this upscale lounge that is known to be a party spot for the local gay community. So as I'm getting money out of the atm, these two Caucasian men are leaning on the side of this car, the one starts yelling "hey breeder! Hey breeder! Do you oppose gay marriage? Hey breeder I'm talking to you!" I just ignored him and got my money out and star

Strange Hammer Lock w body from Z-guard, any1 seen footage similar?

Seen any rolling or comp footage of similar? In my mind I was thinking Yadviga/Hammer lock but with my body btw. Reverse Kneebar counter to rolling toe hold in half-guard

Reebok is taking the UFC as a joke it seems like

They not only spell a bunch of fighters names wrong,included fighters who they didn't have right to,There was another big mistake, as Reebok misspelled “flexibility” when they invited UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor on stage to talk about how the uniform allows him to move freely. Just further proves Reebok is taking the UFC as a joke.......

Jose Aldo calls interim belt ‘a toy,’ rips Conor McGregor

“If he beats Chad Mendes, the only thing he will have is a toy belt to show his friends, drunk in his country’s bars, because that’s what an interim belt represents to me: a toy. I am the champion,” Aldo said ending his statement. Thoughts?

Why does Brasil constantly shine the bad light on mma?

From excuses, PED usage, to that hive mentality of BRAZIL IS THE BEST everyome else. Brazilian fans are on a totally different level, chanting for fighters to die, the kina soceity do you live in to act like that...oh wait Anyone getting tired of this shit? I think our mw champ weidman feels the same way...said he would beat brazilians at anything rofl. Now I'm not saying all Brazilian fighters or fans are like what I mentioned,nhowever a vast majority of them are and their behavior rubs

Mendes or Aldo: Who was the harder fight for Conor?

Myself, just like the majority of fight fans was absolutely gutted when the Aldo fight was called off. It did get me thinking though, with Frankie and Chad as possible replacements for Jose, I did think that both men were more difficult fights for Conor rather than Aldo. Does anyone else agree that Chad is debatably a more difficult fight for Conor? Regardless of it being short notice etc.

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