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Hi There and Good Early Sunday Morning to you i've had this app/data/roaming/FCTB crap coming up in malware daily so i ran some other stuff at this moment i've went in and removed it by reading your files however as soon as i load mozilla it may come back i went into Mozilla and removed the folder already at this point i'd like to not blow up my newest pc :/ thoughts ??? btw jrt isn't something i can get downloaded in it's current version which is what i was told to use :D aka an old pc junkie

need update information

I have SuperAnti Spyware and keep it updated. A new popup today said there's a newer version available. Mine is 5.7.1026 and the new one is 18.77 MB. That doesn't make sense to me. Not knowing much about computers, I would expect something like 6.8.... Please help me to understand this since I'd like to update it if it's needed and don't want to download something I don't need or want. Thanks...

Proxy refusal probs after installing AVG or....

Seems like AVG 'may' have started this. Using Firefox; many sites (eg banking..) returns message 'Proxy server refuses...' Other sites e.,g. TechSupportGuy hook up fine. Thought I'd reinstall Firefox but no go. I think I had this same problem when using McAfee. Any suggestions? Thanks, Ken J.

high cpu usage by process svchost.exe (netsvcs)

Recently I have upgraded my laptop from windows 8 to windows 8.1. After upgrading i found that the process svchost.exe (netsvcs) consume about 60% of CPU usage. This makes my laptop overheated within 30 minutes. When I suspend this process, the cpu usage drops to just 5%. I have tried many solution available online to solve this issue, but unfortunately none of them worked. Plzzz help me to solve this problem...!!!

Vuln Hunt: Find the Security Vulnerability Challenge #1

Quote: Whether it’s a riddle, puzzle, or detective mystery novel, most of us like to solve a good brain teaser. As security and program experts, these types of conundrums keep us on our toes. During the next few weeks, I’ll share some of my favorites, and see if you can find the security vulnerability. For this first one, let’s take a look at authenticated encryption. Two points are possible for solving this stumper, plus an extra bonus point. Vuln Hunt:

USB has a huge security problem that could take years to fix

Quote: In July, researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell announced that they'd found a critical security flaw they called BadUSB, allowing attackers to smuggle malware on the devices effectively undetected. Even worse, there didn't seem to be a clear fix for the attack. Anyone who plugged in a USB stick was opening themselves up to the attack, and because the bad code was residing in USB firmware, it was hard to protect against it without completely redesigning the syst

Support Scammers: Hoping to Reign in Spain?

Quote: Support scammers. Again. Those nice people who are always ready to tell you that you have a virus, or a Trojan, or have been attacked by hackers, and so on, but are willing to help you fix it for a not inconsiderable sum. Almost by definition, the support scam preys on people who don’t understand technology well enough to realize that the scammers don’t really know anything about the victim’s system or Internet connection. In countries that are primarily Engli

Combofix report

This the report of the combofix i used to solve the redirect of a link site. i dont know what to do next :sad: Attached Files ComboFix.txt (52.3 KB)

Suspicous email

Received this email with an attached link. Do I follow this link? Someone has run-a-background scan on you. See-your results #139073809. hxxp:// is this some kind of scam?


I installed Wireshark and cannot access any info except from my own computer. I am interested in info on my network, which I am the owner and administrator.


I have tried almost everything.... Rests of Conduit • mozillaZine Forums Whats next ? Best Regards

Don’t Fall for This iOS 8.0.2 Jailbreak Scam

Quote: Be careful what you click on when you’re looking to jailbreak your iOS 8 iDevice. Currently there’s no working jailbreak for iOS 8 (at least not publicly), but some people would have you think otherwise. As every year goes, scammers try to take advantage of iPhone owners’ naiveté and push “unlock” solutions onto them for hefty sums of money. As any iOS veteran will tell you, jailbreaks and unlocks have always been free of charge. The “press rel

How to keep your child safe on YouTube

Quote: YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, but it can expose younger viewers to inappropriate content. Follow these 5 precautionary measures to keep your child safe. How to keep your child safe on YouTube

Oct2 Shellshock Vulnerabilities Proliferate, Affect More Protocols

Quote: Since the initial discovery of the initial Shellshock vulnerability and multiple reports of it being exploited in the wild, more vulnerabilities have been found in Bash. This was not unexpected. After the initial disclosure of Heartbleed, other vulnerabilities were found in OpenSSL. This pattern is repeating itself with Shellshock and Bash. Summary of Shellshock Currently, six CVEs have been assigned that are related to Shellshock. The remotely exploitable att

Netis Router Backdoor “Patched” But Not Really

Quote: Late last month, we reported about a backdoor vulnerability that we discovered in Netcore/Netis brand routers, a backdoor that made any network attached to a router of the same brand vulnerable to online infiltration and man-in-the-middle attacks. We also reported on how our friends at the ShadowServer Foundation have been kind enough to scan for IP addresses affected by this vulnerability, with their findings readily available in website form. At the time, the n

Malware and PUP Disguised as Twitch Bombing Tools

Quote: Here’s a scenario: Suppose you went live on Twitch to stream your playthrough of Destiny. Suppose you were getting a lot of eyeballs to your live stream. Say a couple of hundred, and you just started another bounty. Suppose while you were playing, you noticed in your channel’s chat that some of your viewers were talking about another channel, which is also streaming Destiny at the moment. These conversations then led to a massive exodus of

Windows Defender Overview

Quote: Published: October 1, 2014 Updated: October 1, 2014 Applies To: Windows Server Technical Preview Windows Server® Technical Preview now includes Windows Defender. Windows Defender is malware protection that immediately and actively protects Windows Server Technical Preview against known malware and can regularly update antimalware definitions through Windows Update. This topic includes information important for r

It's only logical - the BIGGER the bank, the BIGGER the breach! 60 Sec Security

It's only logical - the BIGGER the bank, the BIGGER the breach! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO] Quote: Got a minute to spare? In this episode: • [0'05"] JP Morgan Chase confirms giant breach • [0'27"] Point-of-Sale vendor loses password, causes breaches • [0'48"] How to pick a proper password • [0'59"] 3 more essential security tasks It’s only logical – the BIGGER the bank, the BIGGER the breach! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO] | Naked Security

Alabama Sheriff says ComputerCOP keylogger could have stopped Columbine

Quote: He also says the EFF is “interested in protecting predators and pedophiles.” A county sheriff from Limestone, Alabama is sticking by his department's endorsement of ComputerCOP, a shady piece of software given to parents to monitor their kids online. Other law enforcement agencies, it appears, have followed that example. Earlier this week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published an investigation into software called ComputerCOP which approximately 245 agen

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