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AVG 2015.07.02

Iavi: 10145 July 02 2015

ESET AV 2015.07.02

NOD32 - v.11879 (July 2, 2015) Total: 162 (5 Android, 1 HTML, 1 JS, 29 Linux, 28 MSIL, 2 SWF, 1 VBA, 93 Win32, 2 Win64)

Kaspersky 2015.07.02

02 July 2015

TrojanHunter 2015.07.02

TrojanHunter Ruleset Update - 2015-07-02 18:53

Symantec Definitions - 02 July 2015

File-Based Protection (Traditional Antivirus) Definitions Created: 7/2/2015 Definitions Released: 7/2/2015 Extended Version: 7/2/2015 rev. 1 Definitions Version: 170702a Sequence Number: 165819 Number of Signatures: 40,699,239Click to expand...

Adobe Reader from the base hangs when opening PDF from virtual application

I need a solution Hello, We've been fighting with this problem all this semester without finding any solution. We've opened a lot of cases that at the end are closed without any real solution. I hope someone in the forums, Symantec employees or other customers can help us. We're actually using 7.5.559 version of SWV. Our OS is Windows 8.1 Update 1 x64. We have Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird virtualized using 7.5.779. Firefox is ve

SEP 12.1 RU4 SEPM just downloaded the RU6 (6168.6000) client package

I do not need a solution (just sharing information) My SEPM running RU4 (12.1.4013.4013) just automatically downloaded the client package version for RU6 (12.1.6168.6000) yesterday. That makes it available for distribution to clients for upgrade. I'm thinking it is not a good idea to put the RU6 client onto machine reporting to an RU4 SEPM. Am I right, or is there something special in this release where that would actually be recommen

Definition updates add entries to "PendingFileRenameOperations"

I need a solution Hello all, We found that definition updates create registry entry in HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations .   This was also described in your articel -> . I would like to ask you if this registry entry should be visible on all client machines which using agent version 12.1.1000.157 or other conditions must be m

Pride Month: Celebrating SymPride in Dublin, Ireland

Rachel and her wife, Shelly in Dublin, Ireland While enjoying the Dublin Pride Parade last year, cheering and waving my flag in the sunshine (yes sunshine in Ireland!) I saw contingents from Facebook, Android, Google and eBay pass by, full of joyful faces. I remember thinking, “Why isn’t Symantec in there?” A few months later, I was working on some culture activities for Realt (our culture program in eBusiness) and learned there was a group called SymPride, which celebrates LGBT people and o

Need help on Chrome update 43 issue

I need a solution Hello There,   I am having a problem with google chrome update 43 version 32 bit. I have packaged the application well and working perfectly fine to desktop team.But my Citrix team is having a problem with pop up empty box and message showing on below address bar of browser, when they launch the application through thrie citrix reciever  (see attached screenshot).    I hope you guys understand my

Backup from NAS to Tape fails with "No connection to Remote-Computer"

I need a solution Hello, I want to Backup our NAS (without Remote Agent) over CIFS / Network Share to Tape. When I start the job, it fails after 1-2 minutes with an error massage, that Backup Exec could not start a connection to the remote-computer and perhaps it's because the remote-computer is not in the choosen subnet ... and so on. (Sorry for the missing original message, I'm a german user with german Backup Exec) BUT! Now there come

Backup Exec System Recovery SMTP Notifications Limit for Success/Failure

I need a solution Hello, Is there a way to only notify when backups have been successful. We have tried all the SMTP settings within System Recovery 2013 and we are still getting 150 email notifications each day. Right now we only have errors and warnings being sent out and still getting over 100 email notifications. Is there a way to limit this to get only emails for successful backups. Please let us know asap and thank you in advance.

Can I upgrade from to

I need a solution This is for Symantec System Protection aka Backup Exec System Recovery... We are presently on a 2010 version, I don't know which SP... And I want to upgrade it to System Protection 2013 SP2... It is a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit server. Thank you, Tom

Hardware requirements for Symantec Web Gateway

I need a solution I would like to deploy Symantec Web Gateway in each of our office locations. I know that I could buy the 8450 or 8490 appliance, but we already have SEP Enterprise which includes Web Gateway licenses, so we could save quite a bit of money by using our own hardware. What are the hardware requirements for Symantec Web Gateway 5.2.1? Can the appliance version be installed on any other hardware? Has anyone deployed SWG on har

SEP Client adds strange HTML to website source code

I do not need a solution (just sharing information) Hello, I saw this on my work machine which has SEP installed. When I saw this on my private machine as well (runing Norton Security) I was starting to wonder what this was. It seems the SEP Client is adding some HTML to the websites source code. Looks like this: <object id="__symantecPKIClientMessenger" style="display: none;"></object> It is always the last element in the bod

McAfee Definitions 02 July 2015

Ccleaner pro with monitoring recommended time installer???

Fresh windows installation. I want to know if it's matter to install Ccleaner Pro before windows updates and other programs (cause of monitoring), or this change nothing? and Why?. And CCEnhancer ? Thanks. Rules.

Fine bug in ccleaner report.

Hello. Today i cleaned my PC by ccleaner saw a funny report:   Attached Thumbnails

Cleaning problem

I have been trying to clean old windows data for several days.  It appears to be doing so but the percentage does not change.  It is stuck on 30% and I have spent at least 72 almost continuous hours with CCleaner activated.  Do I just continue and hope that ONE DAY CCleaner finally finishes the job or is something wrong?  Thank you for a helpful response. I use the free CCleaner and am fanatically about keeping my laptop clean of all unnecessary rubbish.    Win

CCleaner Academic use

Can CCleaner Free be used in academic public non-profit corporative environment, such as public University or Research Center?   License agreement states:   - You may NOT use the Product in corporate or commercial environments.   [20141707]  

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