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E: 23/11 Win Breakfast For A Year The competition will run from 06/10/14 to 11:00 pm on 23/11/14. One winner will be chosen every day and announced on Facebook. Winners will also be notified via email. To be entered into the prize draw entrants must complete the competition and provide their details. The prize is for one free Bella breakfast a day for a year. Winners may order any Breakfast Snack, Ciabatta or Cooked Breakfast from the breakfast menu and it will be discounted from the b

Joint credit card impat on mortgage application - Help

Hi I have a joint credit card with my sister which I have found out she has £9000 on the limit is £11,000. She has never missed a payment paying and I have a good credit rating and so does my partner. Her credit rating isnt great and therefore cannot get a loan herself to take the debt on. I currently have a mortgage but i am looking to move in the near future, do you think this will impact greatly on my chances of getting a new mortgage? many thanks

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