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Paperwork signed - Where do I stand?

I'm after a little bit of advice regarding a car purchase. Basically I agreed to purchase a car and completed the paperwork, the car wasn't there at the time, it was a demo model and apparently was given to someone because they didn't have a car(?). Now I'm all fine with that because it's a huge garage and I know plenty of people who have bought from them and have bought "blind". But I'm just wondering, given that the paperwork is all signed, if there was something wrong with it (light

remortgage question

hello, Am thinking of remortaging soon my question is Do you have to go through all the affordability checks still if you want to continue with your current provider just on a new mortgage with them:huh:? Hope someone can help seems a simple question but have not been able to find an answer yet

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Shocking to Good credit

iv set up a token payment plan im hoping to be out of the hole within 12 months and be paying debts on time and full monthly payments, how long does it realistically take for your credit rating to climb again and be of a good level ? :money:

Joint Mortgage Application

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight into the apllication process. Me and my partner will be applying for a mortgage in the next year. An overview of our current position is as follows: Me Salary - £34,500 Loans - £3,000 - paying £180 per month Credi Card - clear balance each month Credit History - Previous missed payments although only 2 single missed payments since March 2011. Before this I had fallen four months behind on my car loan due to redundancy but I broug

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Pension Rate - Civil Service

Hi All, I interested in knowing what type of contributions the employer would make if i were to have a civil service pension? Currently i work in the private sector and make a tiny contribution (2%) myself therefore my employer also puts in 2%. I wanted to know the % rates offered as part of the civil service scheme. I've had a look on google and various pension website but it isnt 100% clear. I assumed it was 2.38% maximum contribution from employer but am i right in saying this? Many thank

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Getting a loan with a new job

Hello, I have just started a new job as a civil servant after having taken mat leave then a year as a student. How long should I wait before getting a loan to pay for a house extension? I have a very good credit rating but obviously just having started my job isn't going be good on applications. Cheers

Mould in rented house

We are currently in a rented flat (sharing with another couple). A couple of weeks ago I discovered that my suitcase, which has been kept under the bed, was covered in mould and there was mould growing on half of the clothes. I’m gutted because I’m pretty sure the clothes aren’t rescuable and the suitcase itself was pretty expensive. We tried to clean everything but the mould keeps coming back on the items, even when we have moved them. And I have since found mould on so many more things. I ha

Departing from Innsbruck - 3 year rule

Hi, I was delayed in March 2011 for 18 hours at Innsbruck Airport. BA deny responsibility as "the aircraft was damaged" (I disagree, but that's not the point of this thread). After exhausting all my contact with BA, I went to the CAA, but their form kicks me out when I enter the departure airport as "Innsbruck". So, I went to the Austrian equivalent of the CAA, and they say that their time limit for claims is 3 years. Next and final step is the small claims court, but...

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Wrong Tax Code ?

Hi Everyone i hope this is the right section for this topic i have just relocated to london from abroad and the way tax works here is a bit different from where i come from so i'd like to have just a little advice on my situation :) I have just started a job where i am working on a variable shift from 3 to 5 days a week . This means that my annual pay is variable. I have recently received my payslip where my tax code is 1000L. i've earned 1200 pounds and my deductions are of 290 pounds i

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Argh - leak!

The flat two floors above and one floor over (so thankfully not directly above me) had some sort of flooding issue on Saturday, with the result that in one corner of my living room there is a wet patch slowly working its way along the two edges of the ceiling and down the inside corner of the wall. I noticed it yesterday morning and it's a bit worse this morning. There's no actual water, but it is wet (if you see what I mean). As far as I know the leak itself was stopped on the Saturday. Wha

TC Overoayment Recovery

Really confused. I have been disputing/appealing a Tax Credits Overpayment for a number of years for the Tax year 2010/2011. Tax Credits state I owe money for receiving tax credits when I was not employed. They say I stopped working Oct 2010. In Sept 2010 I phoned Tax Credits to initiate a single parent claim (was not receiving tax credits that year as not entitled), and informed them of kids, childcare and employment, towards end of year informed them of stop in childcare and change of ad

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