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Using Bid&Ask Prices vs Only Mid-Price in Backtest, in Forex

Hi everyone, Just looking for input and recommendations on the topic of using bid&ask prices time series vs mid-price time series. I have written code that outputs signals from both bid&ask time series, however rarely there are differences between the two (signals from bid and signals from ask). The first problem that came to me was that I am not going to see the effect of the spread, although I am not sure. Should I just use the midprice time series? Would the outcome differ drastica

SGX A50 Index future, in Forex

Wondering anyone here trading the A50 index future that follows Chinese A-share market on symbol-CN. access thro IB.. hugh vol lately..anyone care to share their experience? fill quality etc..

Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$, in Forex

928 days since the SP500 had a one day decline of >2%... Why argue against facts and statistics!!!!! Dipsters know: THERE IS NO RISK!!!!!!!!! Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

longs & shorts, in Forex

testing a new strategy...walking it forward

The ACD Method, in Forex

Purchased, read and have traded this method developed by Mark B. Fisher from his book titled: The Logical Trader: Applying a Method to the Madness. It made since to me which is why I use it to trade with. Wasn't very successful though, but I believe this is due to several factors: (1) my broker - not having the time to trade the way the method is suppose to; (2) I think he has too many accounts to follow, (3) he was more interested in trading the ES market and I tend to follow the grains..

Designing an edge, in Forex

Instead of searching for an edge through data mining, how about designing an edge? I came up with a theory how the market "should" move and coded two oscillators that show how the market is moving and how it "should" move. The Primary Momentum is based on actual price movement and the Secondary Momentum is the model. If the market were efficient, the two oscillators should move in unison. When the Primary Momentum moves up or down and the Secondary Momentum does not confirm

Best Country for Trading (Tax efficiency), in Forex

I am not a career trader, but curious: What's the best country for trading? Considering tax efficiency / lowest capital-gains tax only. Somewhat in a response to this thread: Best Country for Trading (Tax efficiency)


Quote from: unamis76 on June 29, 2015, 10:58:33 PMQuote from: The Young Turk on June 29, 2015, 09:29:25 PMPartially related: ...

Phishing link received from user - bobbo54113

Good work Quickseller, it's quite upsetting that these people are so common on It gives us good posters/people a really bad experience. Unfortunately some people will fall for this kind of trick. All we can do is try & stay vigiliant &...

WTS 50$ Facebook Advertise Coupon

hi is that voucher work  for new fb acounts?

[ANN] [VIRAL] [Trading Live - Bittrex + C-CEX] DPoS 2.0 + 5% Dev:Adam Guerbuez

Quote from: catotune on Today at 02:14:05 PMAdam, could you please explain why the source code seems no longer to be publicly available?I get a 404 on: well-hidden exploits,...

BBC to cut more than 1,000 jobs

More and more people are seeing through the blatant propaganda being put out by the corporate media. They're all having to downsize, good news. I look forward to the day when they're all gone.

Tunisia Advice

Myself, wife and 2 kids aged 7 + 5 were in the hotel next door from the tragedy and thank God we are here to speak about it, we are shook up especially the kids as we heard it all but did not see anything, we are the lucky ones. We arrived on Wednesday night and left on the Saturday afternoon, it does not seem right to speak about compensation at this time but now we are home do you think it would be appropriate contact Jet 2 or would we wasting out time.

Better off on benefits?

Hello, I'm a fairly regular forum user but am posting under another account. I'm 22 and currently don't work due to mental health problems. I haven't worked for two years but have only recently started claiming benefits. My partner is 39. I receive: ESA: £347 every two weeks. PIP: £220 a month. Full housing benefit and council tax. I'm allowed to earn up to £400 a month and usually make around £200 doing various things online. My partner receives around £310 DLA a month. As he is a

E: 08/07 WIN Luxury White Berry Pamper Hamper (TW)

Office Kitten Retweet

E: 08/07 WIN a Luxury Lazy Sunday Hamper (FB L&C) Comp post

E: 02/07 ? Win a months supply of Pizza Melt from Chicago Town (TW)

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E: 07/07 (10am) Win Babolat tennis racket & bag with Mens Championship towel (FB C) Comp post WIN | Comment for a chance to win a Babolat tennis racket and bag along with a Mens Championship towel, worth £139, to celebrate #Wimbledon2015 and watch out for our Babolat facts. Comment and tell us your favourite #Wimbledon tennis player past or present or if you can’t choose your favourite Wimbledon moment?

E: 31/07 win a paint-your-own birdhouse kit

Win 1 of 10 paint your own birdhouse kits with Like the facebook page and enter details here: Closes 31st July 2015. 10 winners will be chosen. LIKE FB PAGE: ENTER DETAILS:

3 wins this week - Thanks one Eye and Midnighter

A bit delayed in saying thank you as I have a 4 week old baby so it's hard to find the time to post. I seem to go through phases and this week I have won 3 DVDs/Blu rays. Firstly I won The Theory of Everything Blu ray. Not sure what competition it's from though as all of the ones entered seem to include a signed poster which I didn't receive and there was no note in the packet? Secondly I won a copy of Lost a River from this post

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