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E: 16/07 Win £500 in-store spend, Hugh Rice Jewellers (Hull, Beverley or Harrogate)

Living North Entry Form - competition name: Hugh Rice The £500 Hugh Rice voucher can be spent in any of the three Hugh Rice stores: Hull, Beverley or Harrogate. The winner must use the voucher by 31st December 2015. The full amount must be spent in one transaction. Excludes purchases of sale, pre-owned, repairs and finance products.

iron on the carpet - hole :(

Can i ask my landlord if he is insured agains accidents like this? If not, what are the rules regarding repaying the damage or replacing? This is 4 years old carpet and we live here since new.

Care parking appeal rejected

Hi, I received a parking ticket when visiting a friend at his home, when I got there he realised that his visitor permit book had run out of permits so we left a not on the dash of the care with all the information that was on the permits. In the morning there was a ticket on the car! I've appealed the ticket as I believed there was enough information on the note to cover the lack of the visitor permit, today i've had a reply from care parking saying that my appeal has been rejected! What sho

E: 26/07 Win a wakeboarding holiday in Barcelona

Daily Telegraph terms Entry is restricted to one per person. Watch the tick boxes. By entering, you are agreeing to be kept up to date with the latest products, offers and promotions from Telegraph Media Group. You can change your email preferences at any time Who won the game of footgolf in the video above? answer: ? any ideas as I cannot play the VT atm

E: 01/09 Win one of two fridge-freezers from Fisher & Paykel! Closing date: 2015-09-01 What is the name of the technology that helps keep food fresher for longer? ActiveSmart™ Terms and Conditions Rules of entry: 1) Competition closes at midnight on 31st August 2015. Winners will be notified after the closing date. 2) Two winners will receive one Fisher & Paykel RF522ADW4 79cm French door fridge-freezer. Mainland UK delivery is included. Installation is not included. Subject to availability, non trans

income multiples?

Hello everyone Hoping someone can give me a bit of advice as I have tried a few online calculators but they amounts are coming out quite varied If I have a salary of 30k then what is the max I would be able to borrow? Is it generally 4.5 X salary or does it differ from lender to lender? or is this completely irrelevant as it is done on affordability now? we are due to remortgage next year, amount outstanding will be about 128k and we are not looking to borrow any extra.prob i need to get my

Best football predictions website

I am looking for best football predictions website.Who can say me about best websites.

High view parking fine

We parked in a car park on holiday in Tenby on 4/6/15 and paid for 5 hours parking. We have now received. A charge notice today (2/7/15) this seems such a scam. Who would still have their parking ticket from a holiday 4 weeks ago? The evidence is a photo of us going in and out of the car park. It would be quite easy to target registrations from out of the area? They are requesting£35 within 14 days or £70 in 28 days. Any advice would be much appreciated as we know that we did pay It now transpi

Paying myself salary or dividend?

Hi, I have recieved an offer for contunial contract work on a set day rate. I have been advised to set up a Ltd Company that will invoice the client for my time. I will then be the only employee of said Ltd Company. What is the best way to work this? Pay myself a small basic, and other amount through dividends? What way will work out as giving me the most take home pay, but obviously 100% above board. Kind regards

E: 31/08 Win Mobilty Horslyx set (Equine) We have 5 sets up for grabs including the 5kg Mobility Horslyx and the 5kg Holder.

Кошелек "Киви" из под .onion и автовыводом BTC

Оплачивать наркотики удобней в терминалах, киви-кошелёк для этого не нужен, для обн

Lopoca Erfahrungen?

Quote from: LiteCoinGuy on Today at 05:23:21 PM5 mio? penauts! dann werfe ich den Namen J. Garza in den Raum. wenn du den kampf haben willst, bitte sehr  OK, Mark Karpeles, 500 Mio USD. Your tur...

[ANN] PAPERCOIN [PC] | Scrypt | PoW | Clean Code |

Quote from: minerpools on Today at 05:43:59 PMQuote from: Paycoinzzz on Today at 05:35:36 PMQuote from: gambino on Today at 05:32:19 PM...

[ANN] New Faucets Browser (with several advantages)

Hi @MundoCryptoIn addition to Xapo,  do you pay directly from 5500?[Además de a través de Xapo, ¿tú pagas directamente una vez superados los 5500 satoshis?]

Former Silk Road DEA Agent Pleads Guilty to Bitcoin Theft

Can't blame him, everyone wants a piece of BTC I think it's clear that this guy was aware on BTC and understood it enough to take the risk to try to get away with it, that amount could have been enough for a super retirement, but he should have trie...

The Surf Report, in Forex

Greetings Everyone, The market seems to have most very confused right now as to directional bias, therefore I have jumped back into the saddle to attempt to add a bit of clarity to the situation. As you know over the last decade we have worked on a channel trading system for the DJIA first called Neo_Gann, then after heavy deconstruction, it was realized that the system was working despite any of the Gann wheel mumbo jumbo--- the next step was to remove the esoteric stuff and drill down...

Grexit (Greece exiting Euro) what would be the consequences?, in Forex

Which would be the effects of Greece exiting the Euro? Which instruments would be affected? Euro S&P 500 DAX Do you have others in mind? And in which direction would they go? Please explain why you think things will go the way you expect.

Thinkorswim, works only with papermoney, not with livetrading, in Forex

Hi I have thinkorswim platform 64bit(and 32bit also) installed on windows 7. I can login via papermoney and use it as always but it hangs up while loging via livetrading. I checked firewalls and network access. Everything is ok(otherwise why will it work with papermoney only?) I use windows 7 desktop and have only standard user privilages, cant access admin level. After a month of talking/emailing with TD team, nothing progressing. Tech team is not even replying to emails nowadays. I think...

Why Do Most Retail Traders Favour Technical Analysis ?, in Forex

It seems that retail traders are heavily in favour of technical trading strategies. Every advertisement aimed at retail traders is "learn fibonacci", "master price action" "trade pullbacks/patterns" etc. I have not once seen "learn how to analyse fundamentals of countries, companies and make money" Is it because its less work to learn TA and its sold as somewhat of a "get rich easy by trading" ? This begs the question can a retail trader get

Need somewhere to think out loud,, in Forex

Yes it gets rambly and random and weird at times, but it helps me, if you find it helpful / funny then read / join in, if not well you know what to do, simples hey DAX Trader, got quite a good little system, US30 occasionally when the mood takes me, all via FXCM so a Spot account, DAX is cheap on the spread so all fine. Hello all!! Piss taking, is allowed but trolls will be hunted down and killed very slowly!

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