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Sound volume

Hi All. Does anyone know why the sound from recorded video and voice recorder is none existant. (you can hardly hear it) on playback. i have purchest a Exeze Pico Microphone external, but that does not work at all. the phone is a cubot p7. i have read that a lot of droid phones have the same problem. is there any way around this .

Wifi won't connect

I have had Wifi issues now for a couple months, but it has gotten to the point where Wifi won’t work at all. I noticed a couple of months ago that for some reason my Wifi started disconnecting at my house every few hours. No changes in router, phone settings, new apps, etc. Well, no big deal, I just reconnected. Then it started disconnecting more often. In the last few weeks or so it has gotten to the point where I can’t connect at all to any Wifi system. Not at my house, hotels, work, etc....

CubeX 3D - Space Temple Runner has been released.

Hi, Check out our new runner game available on Google Play: CubeX 3D - Space Temple Runner - Android Apps on Google Play Below two screenshots:

Verizon Goes From Evil Maniac To Perfect Angel, Kills Throttling UDP, Instead announces Double Data

​ This week has been a roller coaster for anyone on a grandfathered unlimited data plan. For months now we have been expecting Verizon... Verizon Goes From Evil Maniac To Perfect Angel, Kills Throttling UDP, Instead announces Double Data

Text sending and group message issues

I'm on Verizon, using the stock messaging app on my LG3. I keep having the issue of text messages taking forever to send. I have good signal, excellent data connection, and have no problem receiving Text messages. Messages will just sit there 'sending'. Sometimes the recipient does receive the text, it'll still say 'sending' on my phone. Secondarily, when texting in a group message, i tend to get messages in bunches. While others get messages as they are sent, I�

8 Minute Preview Video of Android L on a Samsung Galaxy S5!

​ The above video is a SamMobile preview of Android L running on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Besides the cool Android 5.0 features shown off in the video, it supposedly confirms that Android L will be named Android Lollipop. While we can't confirm this with any third party corroboration, we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true. For some, the only negative in the video is all of the TouchWiz, but then again, there are some who are a... 8 Minute Preview Video of Android

Cannot factory reset my phone

Currently own a HTC One X+. A week ago, my phone started malfunctioning. Would get stuck and reboot, back speaker stopped working, mic/speaker would randomly not function during calls. So I decided to factory reset but I'm unable to perform it. The dialog box says "Rebooting..", however when it does reboot, the phone is exactly the same as before. I've disabled Fast Boot option, also Volume+Power method of resetting isn't working exactly. (also, my volume up key is fau

Third party sms replacement apps and Kit Kat

I Have attempted to use go sms pro as my default sms app but I am not able to make it work properly. Hangouts keeps receiving all of my messages and none show up on Go sms? Has something changed in Kit kat that makes this action more difficult to complete? I have used third party sms apps in the past without problem.

Just held a Note 4 at Best Buy.

I am not a big note fan as I think its too big but man, is it nice. The metal frame gives it a serious premium feel and the screen is drop dead gorgeous. Still way to big for my taste, but Sammy has really stepped up the hardware.

Notification annunciation

Is there a way to make an audio tone for a notification repeat? I get a tone when the message comes in but after that it is just the upper left LED blinking. I would like to hear a tone every once in a while when there is a message waiting.

Dish Anywhere app -- how do I get it on my Kindle?

Just signed up for Dish and love their Dish Anywhere app. How can I get this on my Kindle HD since its not available from the Amazon app store? I have access to another android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0). Is there anyway I can use this tablet to "sideload" it onto the Kindle HD?

Moto x blutooth to my 2013 sonata

My phone will not link to my car

What's up with Voice Command

My state just passed a law making it illegal to operate hand-held devices while driving. So I'm checking out Voice Command on the G3. The options are pretty limited. "Call Jim Smith"...OK, got that. it works petty well. "Play Music" opens the stock music player wherever you last left off. There's no way to control what artist it will play. Or to stop it. You can say "Open Rocket Player" or "Open Pandora" ...any app pretty much, seems to wo

Sony usa website only shows Z3 in black for tmobile now.

I thought this was a bit curious. Sony usa website used to just show Z3 generically with a coming soon tag and had the various colors. Just looked on the website now and they only show the tmobile variant and only in black. Is that a hint that the other carriers are screwed? Just weird they would change this.

How to get the vibrate to stop when using the text on the zte valet android

Whenever I use the texting keyboard this annoying vibration occurs. I cannot find anyway in the phone to stop this. Does any one have a tip? Thanks

Phone isn't charging - turns itself on, and shuts off.

I'm having a problem charging my phone today. I've tried 2 different cables, and still having the same problem. It's plugged into the wall. I have it turned off, but it sporadically turns itself back on, and then shuts off again. It's been doing this back and forth for several hours now, and isn't charging at all. Frustrating!!! Any help? Btw, the phone is a Motorola Razr.

Neither party can hear on incoming calls on LG. Headset icon appears.

I'm fine on outgoing calls (and the icon isn't there). There's no Bluetooth or anything like that on the phone.

Text My Wife Voice Command (you can designate who it is and use it)

My wife has a tough name for Moto X to identify when using Touchless Control to send her Text. Out of frustration I said Text My Wife and Moto said who is your wife? I carefully and slowly spoke her name and Moto said got it and I will remember from now on. Now I can just say OK Google Now, Text My Wife and it works every time. Amazed me.

USB problem "0 items" when hooked up via USB to computer

I am having a problem with USBing my phone to the computer via the USB cable!!! it DOESN'T MATTER if I click the SD Card or Phone memory, using both MTP & PTP, there are NO files, folders, NOTHING!!! Windows Explorer says "0 items". the file manager that came with the phone shows that EVERYTHING is there

HTC one m7 annoing problem after update

After the last update, when I hit three times on the screen it zooms in and it annoys me a lot and i dont know how to disable it

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