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Games From My Inbox: Volume 2 - Super Bunnyhop

I bet Helen's enjoying watching Aisleyne on bb right now...

She (Aisleyne) should've quitted the show while she was ahead. Not sure why she's still in there. :confused:

EE : Carol Spoiler

She will not be killed off when she leaves .

The best of Aislyne's terrible insults

I think we've all gathered by now Aislyne argues like a 12 year old, but I have to admit some of her insults are so bad they're funny. My favourite so far is 'Well I have a wikipedia page and you don't you loser'. :D Anyone else got a contribution?

Viewing figures - sources?

I can't find them anywhere. Can somebody clarify what the viewing figures are for this year? There are people vehemently claiming they have risen since the 4 in 4 out, others suggesting they have declined. This is not a matter of opinion, this is a numerical issue. What are the numbers!!!

EE: why do people dislike Sonia?

Sonia gets a lot of criticism on here but Sonia was so popular when she was a teenager/young adult but since she came back, there aren't many Sonia fans. Why does she rile you? I think she's normal but she has a few flaws.

Day 52: James and Jasmine sod off vid James and Jasmine's time in Hotel BB has come to an end, and it's time to select their best and worst staff members. Guess who Jasmine chooses? ;-)

James and Jasmine check out (vid)

Littlegreen42 beat me to it

Anybody else feel sorry for Jack?

The Hotel BB task has been quite hard to watch at points, let alone be a part of. The guests have been over demanding for the sake of it, especially Joel, and it's no surprise some of the staff have been pushed over the edge, in particular Jack. I feel like they've ganged up on Jack and provoked him to the point of reaction this week to bring out his worst side and it's worked. Starting to feel a bit sorry for him.:(

Teelaunch Trouble

Hi Everyone, After much searching for DTG fulfillment service, I decided on Teelaunch. So far the guy has been unreliable. I need an app installed that apparently only they can install and I have waited well over a week for it, even though last week I was told it would be installed that morning. Since then, no communication. I send emails and nobody responds. Anybody else have any experience with Teelaunch? So far not so good.

ThePrintful versus TeeLaunch - print area and mockups

I have finally finished the artwork for my t-shirt line and am ready to pull the trigger as soon as I choose the fulfillment side. I've decided to go with Shopify for the front end. I am currently debating between ThePrintful and TeeLaunch. Any replies would be appreciated! 1) Print area: I really do like ThePrintful in terms of ease of use and integration, however I noticed their print size seems to be smaller (at least when I do a mock-up), coming in max at around 12" x 16". O

Sublimating Nylon Fishing Shirts

So I have seen a ton of responses regarding the idea of sublimating nylon go both ways [can be done/can't be done]. From what I have grasped, it is more about the application technique (time/temp/pre-heat) then anything else. That being said, has any one tried sublimating a Nylon Fishing shirt? Figured I would ask here first before going through a trial and error process. Any input is appreciated!! Have been heat sealing for over 5 years, but have only sublimated polyester based garments. Th

new kiosk despately seeking advice!!

Hi. I am starting a new kiosk type business doing t shirts, mugs, caps and phone covers. I have been researching but am now totally confused!! 1. What type of printer do I need and do I need special inks? Should I get an a printer for t shirts? 2. What type of transfer paper for reasonably good quality? 3. I saw a 3 in 1 heat press in signzworld for 160 pounds. Is this a good starting point? 4. I saw a mini 3d vacuum sublimation machine there as well for phone covers. Would anyone recommend it?

Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note 5: release date, news and rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: news and rumorsUpdate: We may have caught a glimpse of a Note 5 case, giving us insight into how Samsung's next phablet flagship could look. Plus there's talk of a massive battery.The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the ultimate refinement of the phablet platform the company created with the original Galaxy Note. A powerful display, even more power stuffed inside and new take on the phablet's design made for a handset worth of 4.5 stars even though it's controversially expensive

Millions have reserved Windows 10 but not all will get it on July 29

Microsoft has confirmed that the five million or so participants in the Windows Insider Program will get the first stab at Windows 10 RTM, which is essentially the version that will be delivered on physical shelves.Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft's Windows and Devices group, confirmed that Windows Insiders will get the updates to Windows 10 first on July 29.Those who have reserved, either from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, will get the upgrades in waves. Expect full ISO copies to be available o

Microsoft details differences between Windows 10 editions

Microsoft has published an exhaustive printable guide that aims to help users find the Windows 10 edition that's right for them.The document, which is available as a table, lists salient features from all four consumer and business Windows 10 editions but excludes Windows 10 Mobile (consumer and enterprise) as well as Windows 10 IoT.Arguably, the best value for money package is the education SKU (stock keeping unit) which is essentially the same as Windows 10 Enterprise minus the Long Term Servi

Updated: 10 Best Windows laptop: the top Windows 8.1 notebooks we've reviewed

Best Windows laptopChromebooks are great lightweight and long lasting machines. MacBooks are celebrated by creatives for their fashionable engineering and ease of use with memorable keyboard shortcuts. But when it gets down to brass tacks computing nothing beats a good Windows laptop.Windows laptops are reliable, much more expandable and Windows still has the lead with many more business applications while being a substantially stronger platform for gaming. More recently, Microsoft has fundament

Microsoft adds PowerShell, Skype for Business to Office 365

Windows 10 might be the product Microsoft will focus most of its internal resources on for the next few weeks (it launches on July 29) but that doesn't mean that others are neglected.The company has added a slew of new features to Office 365, its business suite of SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications.The first of them, PowerShell for Office 365, brings a CLE (command line environment) to system administrators that are eager to automate repetitive administrative tasks or want to access capab

How to turn off app notifications on Android

Every phone has those apps that want your attention a little too often. Most of us just end up swiping away the notifications without really taking notice but there is a way to stop them without deleting apps all together.The good news is you can do it for individual apps so you don't have to lose all your little updates when new things happen on your phone. It's more useful for when you have an app you barely use and you want to stop it notifying you every moment of the waking day.First up you

In Depth: 10 things you didn't know Apple Watch could do

The Apple Watch has been out in the wild for a few months now but there are still some secrets behind that crisp, little screen waiting to be uncovered. The watchOS 2 update for the Apple wearable is coming out in the fall, which should make it an even better device, but right now there aren't a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd. At least. that's what it may seem like.On closer inspection, there are definitely some helpful and fun features that Apple hasn't touted as much as

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