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Hello there. Sharing a - Crisi Miki Wiki

Hello there. Sharing a concept here I've been working on. I started this as a bit of a series recently. The main idea was that every any on the planet rises up against or maybe for the humans, having made giant figures from all bits available to them. I'm calling this series 'Earthlings' These are works in progress but you get the idea. Posted by Crisi Miki Wiki

A practice of portrait with - Jorge Noriega

A practice of portrait with oil painting, ((based in rubens portrait, made time ago)) Posted by Jorge Noriega

Beautifully drawn skulls from - Conceptt Art

Beautifully drawn skulls from Level Up! participant Raul.Arbeloa Posted by Conceptt Art

@INKtober #INKtober, - Albert Francis Simmons

@INKtober #INKtober, #Hellblazer #JohnConstantine, :) Hope You Like!!, :) Posted by Albert Francis Simmons

INSPIRATION : Theory of FREUD - Abdessadeq Kaoui EL Kaoui

INSPIRATION : Theory of FREUD Oil on canvas 30 x 40 Posted by Abdessadeq Kaoui EL Kaoui

Behind the Pixels LIVE! - Mark Molnar

Behind the Pixels LIVE! streaming session tomorrow! Posted by Mark Molnar

It can be useful for - Filip Wo

It can be useful for beginners :) Posted by Filip Wo

Day 4 of INKtober......Sketch - Keith Murrell

Day 4 of INKtober......Sketch from imagination.I did use a very quick reference for HER pose but I really exagerated from it ( the pose that is)......I used my Pentel pocket brush pen and my trusty Tombo aswell as a few microns here and there lol......I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend....Now back to studying my CRAFT.......Feel free to share and follow me on this INKtober 31 days of drawing lol (27 more days to go)........... ............ :) Posted by Keith Murrell

DSG 1825: Axolotl warrior.

Axolotl warrior dances under an Aztec inspired moon. A good chance to show off flowy gestures perhaps? Flllooooowwwyyyyyy.


Hi all, It's been a bit of time since my last post here. I would like to share this illustration of a pretty famous character, in my interpretation. It's totally painted in photoshop with standard brushes. Hope you like it Attached Images  

Arthur Bozonnet - Panshi

Thanks for checking my work! All the best :) Attached Images    


So....3 of my friends and I are starting a blog...well we are setting it up. I'm wondering if anyone has some tips to get more exposure....and also for Instagram as we set up an Instagram too. Please let me know! Thanks! Blog: link removed Instagram: link removed

yoyo-a tattoo girl

Hi,everybody.this is my latest work.I hope you like this girl.thanks.good luck!good holiday! Attached Images  

NSFW - Nudity Figure into masses

Hi, I am learning to decompose the figure into masses and I drew these from reference. My biggest influence are Bridgman's books. Could you please crit and suggest how to improve? Thank you. Attached Images    

Device name

Hi,I wonder how can I get a real device name using OpenCL? All I get now is "Radeon R9 200 series" but I need a full name, for example, "Radeon R9 280X". Neither CL_DEVICE_BOARD_NAME_AMD nor CL_DEVICE_NAME gives me what I need.Thnaks

Maintain Aspect Ratio

I installed the latest Drivers for my Graphics card as well as for the Catalyst Control Centre. After I installed it, my computer's aspect ratio went from 1024x768 4:3 to 1024x768 16:9 (stretched), when i went to set it to maintain aspect ratio and clicked apply, it acted like it worked, but i stayed stretched, no matter what I did, restarted my computer, uninstalled cataclyst, tried to go to past versions of cataclyst (but when i tried that it said the 64 bit version wasn't compatible because i

Adding C++ SDK to existing c# project in visual stuidio 2010

Hi sir,          I'm just creating a windows forms application with c#.Net as front end and sql server as backend.The application is mainly concentrated on token calling.Token generation and token calling has been implemented successfully.In the remaining part, I want to show the token number on a LCD screen which will be connected through the hdmi port in the system.I'm using AMD Radeon Graphics.So i have downloaded the SDK from :http://developer.amd.c

TressFX code sample in commercial projects

Hello! I have question about TressFX code sample.May i use these sources in my commercial project? Dima.

Segfault and incorrect values in deeply nested for-loop kernel

Hi, I have an OpenCL kernel that consists of deeply nested for-loops interleaved with if statements, the kernel contains #ifdef's to control how many levels of for-loops to go down. When compiling and executing the kernel on an AMD Radeon HD 7970 under CentOS 6.5 the program segfaults if I attempt to compile and execute the kernel with 8 nested for-loops each contained inside a conditional if statement. I've looked around on the AMD developer forums as well as online and have read on o

How can I force a workgroup to be swapped out for another?

I am working on partially ordering work group execution order using atomics and need a way to instruct one work group to wait on another workgroup. To achieve this, the waiting work group busy waits on an atomic value which the other work group will set. However, if the two work groups are assigned to the same SIMD queue then the waiting work group may block the work group it is waiting on thereby causing a deadlock. Thus, in the busy loop, the work group needs a way to say "swap me out and let

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