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Frogbits & Duckweed

Hi! I am looking for frogbits and/or duckweed! Anyone can tell me where to get them or give/sell them to me? Preferably in central area! :D Thank you!

New Nano CRS Tank help

Hi Guys, I'm a newbie who is setting up my first every shrimp tank. I'm trying to get some CRS shrimps for my nano tank once its completed cycling and I have a few questions hopefully all you experienced members can help me answer. 1. I have bought a small nano tank around 20L hoping to setup a small CRS tank. This has been cycling for around 3 weeks using ammonia & Nitrite solution i got from the fish store in novena. I tested and levels seems to stabilize to the recommend what I am rea

Help on Japanese Hair Grass!

Sorry to trouble you guys again! For some reasons, my Japanese hair grass are turning brown recently, especially at the tip of the grass. Specifications are as follow: Duration: Tank is 2 months Dimension: 60cm by 30cm by 40cm (Height) Substrate: ADA Powder Amazonia (1 Inch thick at lowest point, 4 inch thick at highest point) Lights: Aquazonic T5 Super Bright (2 x 24 w) and Beamswork Hi-lumen 60 (48 x 0.5w - 42 x 10000k & Actinic 460Nm x 6) Light Duration: 8 hours/day Co2: 1.5 Bps Fertil


Hi all, Recently brought a small tank with some shrimps and little fishes after my 3 year daughter repeatedly asked for it. Now i'm planning to pick up aquarium scaping and shrimping as a hobby after about intrigue from what I read about it on the internet. Hope to learn from all the seasoned professionals here! Jerry

Glass Lily Pipe Cleaning - By Cherry Shrimps + Otocinclus

No matter how algae free we keep our tanks... over time the pristine glass lily pipes will eventually be covered in algae. Algae eaters like shrimps, otocinclus and snails aren't able to access and clean it properly as the filter is constantly in operation. I gradually discovered that whenever i switch off my canister filters for a few minutes while feeding the fishes, the cherry shrimps and otocinclus always try to rush into the glass lily outflow pipe and munch on the algae accumulated

Products: BORNEOWILD Gain (Promotes Growth of Plants)

Gain is a highly concentrated special blend of chelated micro elements, organic acids, and natural plant hormones such as auxin and cytokinin which promotes healthy growth and root development. Through natural means, Gain helps reduce stress after replanting or trimming, thus shortening the recovery time, as well as boosting the plants natural resistance against diseases. Use 1 drop per 10LK weekly.

Products: BORNEOWILD Phyton (Help prevent & reduces algae)

Phyton is a natural mix of organic acids that help plants fight against diseases and strengthens immune system. Dose directly into water after each water change. You can also use it as plant dips to reduce algae on newly purchases plants. Use 1 drop per 10L weekly. increase to 1 drop per 5L for massive algae handling.

Products: BIOSPON BS-56L (Multi filtration sponge filter)

BIOSPON os an advance, patented multi-filtration equipment for shrimp or fish tank. It comes with a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which guarantees you crystal clear water. It also has a magnetic system that makes maintenance a breeze! Sponge is made of elastic biochemical material that have a micro pore structure for bacterial inhibition. This sponge also helps to reduce noise, and make water clean. Filter media (I-Ball W) is made of eco-friendly, highly f

Products: SERA Super Peat

Natural tropic black water The natural living environments of fish, such as discus, angelfish or neon tetras, are characterizes by very soft, slightly acidic and often slightly dark tinted water. You can achieve these so-called tropical blackwater conditions without any trouble and lastingly with sera super peat. The functional granulate consisting of natural black peat lastingly lowers the KH and stabilizes the pH value in the slightly acidic range when simply placed in the filter. Furthermo

Old Hobbyist With Rekindled Interest

Started my 1st planted tank I think 15 to 18yrs ago and it was a 3footer then. That was the time where computers were considered rare and words like 'email' and 'internet' are still quite unheard of, at least for me. Most of these hobby knowledge acquired back then are pretty much through words of mouth, and to make make matters worse, these info can at times be quite bias or misconstrued  . This hobby of mine eventually died a natural death a few years after i've started. 14-15yrs forw

Help : Plant ID

Hi all. Need help to ID this plant. TIA! Attached Images DSC_0201.jpg (41.1 KB)

Red Nose Shrimps

Hi all bros, May I know where got sell red nose shrimps? Need to buy some to clear my green hair algae growing on my fissiden moss. Anyone had kept them with no issue with CRS shrimps? Cheers, Fran....

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