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Shrimp King Complete

Shrimp King - Premium Shrimp Food More...

SICCE Syncra Nano Wet & Dry 140 - 430 L/h

A SMALL PUMP with MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS! 2 in 1 Wet & Dry Application. Developed to grant a silent operation and a great durability, this pump is extraordinarily compact but complete with all SICCE Technology features: a front flow regulation with 180° rotation outlet allows an easy position for any application. SICCE provides with a double chamber for Dry operation (outside the water), including an extra sealing rubber o-ring. SYNCRA Nano pumps are equipped with Self-Cleaning System

SICCE Voyager Nano 2000

THE SMALLEST STREAM PUMPS for MARINE and FRESH WATER AQUARIUMS Technical Specifications: Flow rate: 2000L/hr Low energy consumption: 23 Watt Extremely compact with only 6.5 cm in total length! Dimensions of the part immersed in water 65x40x50 mm - Magnetic Support external : L10 mm only Designed to ensure maximum quietness of operation and a long service life thanks to high quality materials , these pumps are extremely compact but complete with all the technical features SICCE , a dense pr

Shrimp King Baby

Shrimp King - Premium Shrimp Food More...

Maxspect Razor R420R 8000K LED Light Fixture 120w

Slim & Elegant Built with a slim and low profile body, the R420R LED Lighting System is design to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance. The R420R also comes with both pendant mount hanging kit as well as tank-top mounting frame (adjustable from 22" - 36"), whichever suits you better. Overall dimensions: 60cm (20.5") wide, 28cm (10") deep and 2.2cm (0.9") thick. User Programmable With 2 channels and 6 time-points: users can program their own

where to get snow white and painted fire red shrimps?

Hi brothers and Sisters, I had been looking for snow white and painted fire red shrimps but there wasn't any luck for me. Can anyone here please advice me where to get them? Many Thanks in advance.

sponge filters

hi all, saw some of the nice hobbyist here using sponge filters to power up their shrimp tanks, just wondering if there any recommended ones out there?? and which air pump would be good enough to filter a 2 ft tank partition into 2 compartments??

Echinodorus ID needed

Hi anyone can help id this plant ? Thanks. photo_zpsb10300fa.jpg Attached Images photo_zpsb10300fa.jpg (76.7 KB)


wow..... nice new site...... sorry away for quite a while.......:blackeye: guess most of the oldies either retired or MIA..... now gather new info and learn new gadget.... and prepare to redo my old tank.... hope be up in another 6 months..... will update along the way:grin:

Painted Fire Red sheimps

Hi Guys & Sisters, I've been searching high and low for Painted Fire Red shrimps but got no luck at all. Can anyone here advise me where to get them?

Hobby Revied

Hi all, I have been away fro the last years, The itch recently came back and here I am, looking for a new set up to keeo Ranchus this time.

Where to get boraras brigittae?

Hi folks, Anyone spotted brigittae at any LFS lately? Thanks!

Where to get Galaxy Rasboras?

Hi folks, Anyone spotted Galaxy at any LFS lately? Thanks!

East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre : New Blog Page

Dear Everyone, We have start a blog recently We will be adding our articles into the blog. So do click in while we update more.

Where to get assassin snails?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby :) My new 15g planted tank has just finished fishless cycling and I'm about to put in a school of zebra danios. However I've got a bad infestation of snails in my tank and I wanted to get rid of them with a couple of assassins. Do you know where I can get some? I'm around Kovan MRT, so preferably around there but any other address that sell it would do. Just a few questions: 1 - How effective are they? 2 - I don't want my assassins to start

Recommended Soil Thickness for Shrimp tank?

I'm setting up a new 2 feet shrimp tank. It's going to have a 2x air-pump driven UGF and also a external canister filter that will be connected to a chiller. Bought a 8L normal soil and 4L fine soil and laying it above my plates of UGF Panel. After throwing in all the soil, i realize that the thickness of the soil is rather thick and set me thinking on what would be the recommended thickness of the soil should be for 2x air-pump driven UGF? Below are some pictures of my tank. Pipes for canist

Planted Water Lily Urn

I thought it would be nice to share about this outdoor set up that I have. It is quite a large urn that I have had for quite a few years now. I initially got it to house a large brood of bettas. Eventually I filled it in with substrate and planted it. Specifications Size: Unknown Lighting: Direct Midday Sunlight Co2: NIL Filter: NIL Substrate: Eheim Lava Rock base 4cm of Black Quartz Gravel Flora: 1. Water Lily (don't know scientific name) 2. Sagittaria Subulata (Dwarf Sagittaria) 3. Cabom

beams work light not working. where to repair?

beamswork LED light not working... where to get it repaired?

Procambarus Clarkii with Cherax quadricarinatus

I read online stating that it is strongly recommended not to mix crays as it might lead to diseases. Can i mix Procambarus Clarkii with Cherax quadricarinatus? or same tank with divider. TYVM

Tetra all wiped out!!

White spots infested my fishes, within a day all my 9 tetras where dead. When I scoop one of them out , I can see it's flesh dropping off in bits. has anyone encounter such case before?

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