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I was sick and tired of girls telling me they dont do anal because it hurts...

So i stole my current girl's penis shaped dildo and stuck it up my own backdoor. It was above average penis size for sure and it was the first time i did anything with my own butt, too. And it did not hurt, at all. So now i know. It is all just excuses.... But how can i use this knowledge without sounding like a huge phaggot...

Please Help Me!!!

Wondering if anyone has advice. I have been training very hard for the last 8 months going to the gym every single day. I started in February at 15 stone 8lbs (pure fat) and after 6 months I lost all the weight I wanted to and now I am 11 stone 2lbs without any supplements. My body percent fat is 11.39% which I had done 2 weeks ago. I would like to now build muscle as I don't want to look to skinny as I am 6ft 1. I have a programme written already which I have been following daily and I ha

Most Shredded BBer ever pics/opinions.

Let see who you think had the best conditioning ever on stage. Post pics. Give opinions. Id say Silvio Samuel. wont let me post photos right now :( Anyone know why? Epic fail on my part.

surprisingly good from jaden smith


College/Uni Students who tutor Highschool GTFIH [reps]

I've been offered a job tutoring high-school (probably senior) maths and physics. I'm a 3rd year mech/aero engineering student. I'm just wondering if any brahs who have experience doing tutoring for this level/subjects, could tell me things like: - How much preparation time did you need and was the pay worth it after factoring this in? (algebra and some calculus is fine for me, it is just some advanced highschool calculus and physics that i'll probably need to revise before teaching it) - Was

Text this to your girlfriend (Asian Jesus)

If you are willing to peel open my heart, layer by layer by layer, you will discover and you will be surprised, you are my deepest and most suppressed secret. pardon grammatical error, i am asia

Can't wait to go clubbing in Australia

Looking forward to making alot of "friends" over there.

Sites & campaigns that defend/support Fappening victims

Stuff like and I still see these stories pop up even though the event's supposedly cooled down by now. Does any of this actually help? Does any of it even matter? what do you think misc?

to be honest, the misc is sick as fuk srs. its like we're all a group of friends

we're like in a huddle just talking together haha and then we all know chit and like theres popular people in the group like benly52 or brahsensation and all we do is bring topics out and talk about them and call each other phaggots haha

Lost my grandfather today (srs thread)

Alright brahs let me start off by saying this isn't a rep beg thread. In fact I'm trying to keep the whole thing to myself in real life for the most part, so I figure a place like this where it's generally anonymous is a good place to tell my story. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me but at the same time I want to talk about it. Also this is going to be long so I apologize for that. My grandpa was a good man. A WWII veteran. I always looked up to him and we were buddies. He took me to ba

why is it okay to kill animals but wrong to kill humans??

were animals too and animals are humans too

Red Dragon (GTFIH)

Anyone else seen this movie? - Friend of mine saw it again last night and said it was a lot better now that he's an adult rather than the 1st time he saw it few years ago - Is it worth 2 hrs?

If the Angels and Dodgers win their Division Series, I rep everyone ITT

Bet $400 on both winnin' their series. Royals got me concerned after their game 1 win. Callin' on the misc baseball gods for good luck.

Did the FBI really take k3v away?

Did we ever get confirmation of what really happened?

How did the rate my gf thread conclude?

How did the rate my gf thread conclude? The one with the Asian girl in the dress and apparently lambos boy Alex smashed. Aka ops girl is a cheating sloot. Cliffs of ending? Pls don't tell me op is still in the Nile. Or was lambo trolling? Pls respond.

Anyone else?

Anyone else have an amazing work out, that it's almost as good as ? Lol dead srs, and your body is just sore and shakey? That was pry one of the best workouts I've ever had. So happy I got my ass up and to the gym!

What hair products do I need to pull this look off (3.2K)

fuark brahs, I'm 26.

Wednesday was my birthday... depressing as fuk. Does each birthday from here on out get even more depressing? Fuark, feels terrible. :|

Key MISC. rate my poverty gym /-10

Cost me $100, rate out of -10. I give it -5 cause of rusty barbell and non-adjustable barbell stand. Attached Images WP_002398.jpg‎ (107.6 KB)

MusclePharm Creatine vs. MusclePharm Arnold Iron Cr3

Hey everyone. I want to start off by saying this is my first post on So, now onto my question. I have been weight training for a little over 3 years now. I am 20 years old. When I first started I wasn't into supplements and getting big as much as fat loss for I weighed 285lbs when I was 17. Anyways, I am looking into two different products and hoping someone can shed some light for me. MusclePharm Arnold Iron Cr3 contains: Creatine Nitrate - 1,000mg (1g) MusclePharm Crea

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