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What has happened with Quality with an Acer Product?

My son purchased an Acer Aspire E1 in the Spring of 2014, the Hard Drive failed within 8 months. No problem, the warranty took care of it. I now have had the Hard Drive replaced again within the 7 months of the factory replaced one. Acer's tech support lured me in to purchasing their Recovery Thumb Drive, saying it would solve the problem. To find out that when trying to boot up, a message displays L:/MAPP is missing. Took it to a Reputable Computer Repair Center, they replac

Hello, I want to know if the keyboard is supposed to be loated on the radio controller?

I have a acerAspire E1-571 windows 8.1 64bit.laptop that the keyboard is not working.When I check the device manager, under keyboards, I see 2 HID Keyboard Devices and both say that they are located on the radio controller. Is this the reason why my keyboard is not working? How can I fix it? I have already installed all the updates and drivers for the keyboard.

Alienware area 15 m15 pre dell laptop issue

Issue at hand. 2 attempts at reformatting for windows 7 64 bit, applying the drivers in what is portrayed to be the correct order, and downloading an older version of command center. I cannot get the keyboard lights to light up at all! There is no option! anywhere! I have searched forums for weeks! digging into the darkest ditches on the internet downloading fixes and opening what feels like a million dead or broken or expired links! All to get the keyboard on my laptop to light up!, I have...

Gtx 770 sli or 980/980ti

Hey, i currently have a asus gtx 770 2gb and i want a little bit more performance. I was wondering if i should buy another gtx 770 (used) or if i should sell my 770 and save up to a gtx 980/980ti. My Monitor is only 1080p but want to upgrade to 1440p.

Are thes GPU-Z readings good?

I am referring to the voltage and power sensors! Idle Under Load

SLI two different brands of cards

Probably a nooby question but right now i have the strix 980 and wanna in the future sli, And i really like the evga and gigabyte specs.Would i be able to sli my current card with one of those?

What is better for 1440p GTX 970 vs R9 290

What is better for 1440p GTX 970 vs R9 290?  I can get the R9 290 for $200  OR  i can get the GTX 970 for $300 I play on 1440p    im more of a nvidia person my self (because of Shadow Play) but i would love to here your guy opinion 

How do Laptop GPU's Work?

Hello,   I know this may still like a stupid ass questions to ask but as I was look at my Nvidia Control Panel to Set my 840M to my main GPU I saw that after I applied the settings my Laptop + 2 External Monitors where being fed off of my Integrated GPU on the die and I got confused... So, how do Laptop GPU's work?

Nvidia VS AMD - OpenGL Performance

Question is in title, which is better? Budget build for a friend, who plays things like CS:GO, League of Legends, and MINECRAFT. Minecraft uses OpenGL fixed-function. I have seen sources saying that AMD drivers have crap OpenGL support, but these date from 2012, does anyone have any up to date info?      

why do people say the 290 beats a 970 at 1440p......

every time someone asks this question people say the 290, if a 970 performs as well as a 290x, how does a 290 magically get better to beat a 970.... that must mean it beats the 290x too, every time i watch a video or look at benchmarks he 970 smokes it. they all use the 3.5gb of vram excuse even though theyve never had a 970 and i can confirm at more than 3.5gb of vram on any games ive played theres no issue.

running two gpu's nvidia and amd on the same PC at the same time

Hellocan i put nvidia gtx 660 2GBwith amd R9 390 8GBon the same PC ?and if i can will i have 10GB of Vram or not? and if i have 10GB of Vram will i have all features of both nvidia and amd?  (geforce exeprience and amd software)please answer me if you can Thank, You  Roee-Tal

gtx possible upgrade

i do have a gtx 960 what card can i upgrade to?  

Which monitor do you guys (and girls) recommend? I'm not sure if the G-Sync module can justify the extra $200.  If there's another good monitor around this price range please let me know.

[PROJECT LOG] Fractal Design Define S ASUS Maximus VII Watercooled PC

This is the case mod I did for Fractal Design's event in Computex. The Define S chassis allows you to mount three 120mm or two 140mm cooling fans directly behind the bezel. This feature allows more interior space for larger radiators or push-pull fan configurations. The bezel's ventilated sides provide sufficient airflow for the factory default fan locations configurations. Opening the front of the bezel will improve airflow even more. Supplies & Tools Needed for this Case Mod: 1. 3M Sc

This overcloxks sound good?

All my system info is in my signature. I got my oc set to 4.5ghz now and running 26.6 prime I am stable and hit temps of 65c on average. Idle is around 29-30c.

Best watercooling cases?

Along with the 900D, that is.

dual d5 pump question

Hey guys  i have a big problem with my cpu and gpu temperatures after gaming the temperature will not drop and will stay at 45 for the gpu and 50-55c on the cpu i cleaned the loop and replaced all coolant and tubing and even cleaned all waterblocks in the inside and remounted every block multiple times   because im running a ram block,motherboard block,2x r9 290 fullcover blocks and a big car radiator and alot of tubing i think the loop is restrictive  and for that reason i bought

VoLTE Live in South Florida

Porting # from Page Plus to Total wireless

pci 3.0 vs pci 2.0 in sli configuration?

so i have a board that supports one pci 3.0 x16 and pci 2.0 x16. i have heard that this dosen't really make a difference since pci 2.0 x16 is equal to pci 3.0 x8 and most motherboards downgrade the lane anyway to x8. have i understood this right?   i hope this makes sense 

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