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Return File Contents as String

Hello, I am completely new to C programming. Below code is that I gathered from Google searches and maybe incorrect. I am trying to code a function which will read a file on system and return its content back as string. Code is below. Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers char * readtxt(){     FILE * fptr;     char  c;     static char txt[30];     int len=0; &nb

Unable to get Registration Key for Rickworld "Find and Replace" software

I have been a user of Rick Fisher's "Find and Replace" software for many years. The product is very helpful in software development. I have grown dependent on using the product. And would now like to use it with Access 2010 development. I have made multiple attempts to get a registraton key for version 9.0. (Including actually sending a check to Rickworld- It was not cashed or returned.) I am getting no responce from Rickworld. I have asked them to call me (providing my phone numbe

what are reserved words in Visual basic

pls list 20 reserved word in visual basic

Eclipse give me a message: could not find SDK folder. What is the solution?

I can't run SDK manager on eclipse. when I click on window-->android SDK manager, it give me an error message that it could not find SDK folder.

[Newbie] I finished coding, how do I send the program to a friend

Hello, I'm new to programming in general and to Java in particular. I just finished my first program (I coded it on eclipse) and I want to save it and send the program to my friend. How can I finish the whole thing and start using it as an independent program? Thank you and sorry if I sound so ignorant. I'm a beginner.

Count several lookup columns in a pivot table

Hi, I've created a form where a user has to enter a product and corresponding options and colours. He can enter 1 to 5 products with those additional options & colours. The product names and both options and colour lists are separate tables that i've inserted on the form as dropdownmenus with lookup fields. So for instance: Product1 - Option1 - Colour1 Product2 - Option2 - Colour2 ... Product5 - Option5 - Colour5 In total this makes 15 separate columns in my main table. Now I would like to

If statement that loops through all records in a table and add a message if criteria

Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting so please bear with me. In a table I have the following fields: Proj_Number Driver_ID Exception_Reason My construction managers use this database to scope their jobs. The construction manager will enter the Project Number and select a variety drivers but some drivers cannot be used with one another. What I am looking for is a vba code that will loop through each project and each driver in the driver_ID field and add a message to the "Reason

How to populate textbox by selecting value from combobox.

Hi, What i want and its been a pain to understand on how to put information into a combobox then show up in a textbox, like an example, i have a txtName and txtComment and a cboProductName, when I type a name in txtName and add information in the txtComment it will populate the combobox, but when you select that name from the combobox it should show the information in the txtComment. Here is the code. Look at the bottom of the code on what i am trying to do. Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers

How to create custom query design ability

I'm creating a database for a business that wants the ability to generate queries and reports on their own without having to ask me every time that they want a knew one. My preference would be to create a form that allows them to select the tables, fields, and criteria that they want, save the query, and then generate reports off of that. That way, I don't have to give them access to the design ribbon where they can accidentally or intentionally make changes to my design. I plan on using SQL

AcExportDelim or AcExportMerge having problems

I have tables that contain number fields set up as Double that have up to 4 decimal places ex: 0.07395. I do a backup of the data using the Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers Docmd.transfertext acExportDelim,,"Master", "c:\port\master.txt", true I've also tried the Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers Docmd.transfertext acExportMerge,,"Master","C:\port\master.txt", true they both work but the 4 Decimal


Hi I'm making a flames game but what i'm using is processing and i think processing reads java code so does anyone of you knwo how to convert c++ code to java code? The code is below: or you may look at it in the text file ‪#‎include‬<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> struct node { char cha; struct node *next; }; void push(struct node** head_ref, char new_data) { struct node* new_node =(struct node*) malloc(sizeof(struct node)); new_node->ch

Reading details of Application used during a Remote session

I have been searching and searching for a way to detect details of users who launched/used an application during a Remote session, details like Username, IPAddress, application type and name, server name and Host server name. I have searched the whole folders on the event viewer to no avail. I just need to know how to check for this!!! If you have any suggestions, workarounds, or any clue that can point me in the right direction, I would Pretty much appreciate it! THANKS in Advance!

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