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mail log error (dovecot - postfix -amavis) and spam folder config

Strategies To Defeat Anti Hacking Methods -Offline Desktop Games [on hold]

A Few Questions About Skydomes

why must i specify an index in query? (no replies)

SELECT * FROM users LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM userHits) tx1 ON id FROM userHits USE INDEX(userId) WHERE ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1); 0.91 seconds SELECT * FROM users LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM userHits) tx1 ON id FROM userHits WHERE ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1); ~15 seconds **I realize the cardinality is low (its at 2), which is why MySQL isn't using it, but if a cardinality of 2 speeds up a query by 15x it seems sensible tha

How do I choose right function for moving sound in 3D?

I am detecting object in the image and want to play sound pointing out to direction of object.   Depending on its size sound shall be played from source far away (big z value) and depending on position of object's center (which pixel in image) soud shall be played more left or more right from listener.   How can I write efficient mapping of object size and objects center into those parameters? Below my trial which however does not work good. I tried tuning x by division by 100, and z b

Viewing t-sql for queries run against sql server from external application on SQL Server 2008

I have an application running a search engine but which is returning in an incomplete set of records (compared to another user).We host the database in house. I would like to see the sql query that is generated when I run the query (compared to when the other user does) to determine the discrepancy. I cannot use profiler as we host a number of databases and applications on the server and cannot risk any performance hits. Can anyone guide me to other methods to use to view recent queries. I have

Statistics Update on SQL Server 2008

Hi,I need some help when we have to run update statistics?How often do we need to run the update statistics in production databases (Assume Auto update stats are enabled in database level)?Do we need to run update statistics in subscriber database (Transactional Replication)?One of the other database tables data will be truncate and reload everyday (data will be load from subscriber database), still do we need to run update stats on this database also?

TLS "half" decryption problem

Hi everyone. I'm decrypting MMS traffic with TLS between a client and a server, giving Wireshark the server private key, and everthing works fine, I can see the plain MMS messages. In some cases the TLS handshake have some trouble with TCP retransmissions, reassembled PDU etc. In these cases can happen that wireshark is able only to decrypt half of the communication, the traffic from server to client. As you can see in the image the MMS traffic from the client is decrypted "Application Data". M

Creating traffic that contains specific information and capturing it.

Hi there, I've got a little homework for a college course here. We got a number assigned and have to create traffic that includes said number. We then have to capture that traffic with Wireshark and make a screenshot of the capture where our assigned numbers are visable. I'm pretty new to Wireshark, I've only played around with it so far and am now looking for a bit of help on how to create that traffic and how to navigate through Wireshark to get the information I need. Thanks in advance!

How do I extract pages

Hi, I would just like to extract page views rather than all elements , how do I do this ?

Extract field from source field then run a lookup - config error?

I want to add a field extracttion to props.conf that will extract a portion of the uri field to create a custom field called kap_uri. So eventually i can do the following: sourcetype=access_combined_wcookie kap_uri=* | lookup bad_url_lookup kap_uri OUTPUT maskid kap_uri | table kap_uri,maskid According to the docs i expected this to work as follows: [host::mimi] EXTRACT-kap_uri = (?:(http\:\/\/www\.|\w+:\/\/|www\.|)(?.+)) in uri But when I search ("host=mimi kap_uri=* | t

How to display the complete source without ...

The results of my queries in Splunk are truncated ie, it only shows: source =/data/logs/sdf/sdfdsfds/f/sdf/dsf/dsf/dsf/dsf/d/fsd/fd/sf/sdf/sd/fsd/f/sdf/sd/fs/dfggd/f… when I instead want to see the full log name source =/data/logs/sdf/sdfdsfds/f/sdf/dsf/dsf/dsf/dsf/d/fsd/fd/sf/sdf/sd/fsd/f/sdf/sd/fs/dfggd/fsd/fs/ftest.log Can it be configured in Splunk to expand the source field to show the full field value by default? FYI it seems like the source field has a max length of 90 characters inc

Diving into OOP (Day 7): Properties in C# (A Practical Approach)

OOP: Properties in C# (A Practical Approach).

Postfix and dovecot configure sending OK receiving KO

How to retrieve previous IP/DNS information from Domain Controller logs?

How do I simulate an unreachable host on windows?

transparent option for http_port causes error in Squid3

How to correctly setup Shorewall on VPN server connecting VPN clients to server's local network and vice versa?

what version of iptables implemented -j CT?

How to work around a "logon workstations" restriction to the Domain Controller stopping authentication via LDAP

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