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Creating MySQL table in Java with specific charset/collcation. Is it possible? (1 reply)

I'm trying to create a database in latin1/latin1_general_cs but whatever I try I always get a database created in utf8/default collation. This is my current code: MysqlDataSource mysqlDataSource = new MysqlDataSource(); mysqlDataSource.setServerName(jdbcInstance.getServer()); mysqlDataSource.setPortNumber(jdbcInstance.getPort()); mysqlDataSource.setDatabaseName(jdbcInstance.getDbName()); mysqlDataSource.setUser(jdbcInstance.getUser());

Decipher three lines of code (1 reply)

Hello! First time posting here. Im trying to wrap my head around what this do from DB.JM2 J where J.DATE >= '2015-01-01' AND TO_DAYS(J.DATE) >= TO_DAYS(DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 15 DAY), '%Y-%m-%d')) AND TO_DAYS(J.DATE) <= TO_DAYS(DATE_FORMAT(DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 DAY), '%Y-%m-%d')) As far as I can see it is from a table J and a column/field DATE that is from 2015-01-01 and onward. It calculates the amount of days from said date and should be equa

Error log file for MySQL 5.5 on Windows (1 reply)

Hi friends, I am new to MySQL. I have MySQL 5.5 installed over Windows 7. 1. I need an error log file .bad/.err/.txt that will store the error records, For Example, the records that were not inserted into a table during a bulk insert operation. 2. I do not have my.ini or my.cnf on my PC. I have six config files my-huge, my-large, my-medium, my-small, my-innod-heavy-4G, my-template. Please tell me which one of these will be used by myserver. 3. In case I need to give my error log file pat

why must i specify an index in query? (1 reply)

SELECT * FROM users LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM userHits) tx1 ON id FROM userHits USE INDEX(userId) WHERE ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1); 0.91 seconds SELECT * FROM users LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM userHits) tx1 ON id FROM userHits WHERE ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1); ~15 seconds **I realize the cardinality is low (its at 2), which is why MySQL isn't using it, but if a cardinality of 2 speeds up a query by 15x it seems sensible tha

Help with MiniMax Algorithm for Tic Tac Toe

I am currently working on creating an AI player for tic tac toe. After researching, I discovered that the minimax algorithm would be perfect for the job. I am pretty confident in my understanding of the algorithm and how it works, but coding it has proven a little bit of a challenge. I will admit, recursion is one of my weak areas . The following code is my AI class. It currently runs, but it makes poor decisions. Could someone please point out where I went wrong? Thank You! import tictactoe as

Formatting Timechart to sort by weekly sums, not per day

I am working on a timechart, and I want it to display the sums for each week, instead of each day. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Distributed searches, search head clustering -- duplicate servers and inability to establish a common bundle version

Hi all, I've been setting up a search head cluster and have run into a few problems. One of my search peers has a five-second delay when searching and gives the following error: `WARN ISplunkDispatch - Gave up waiting for the captain to establish a common bundle version across all search peers; using most recent bundles on all peers instead`` Having taken a look at the forum, it says that this is an issue where the serverlist in distsearch.conf is not the same for all search peers. They were r

What sets result_count when running scheduled search

I have a search that runs ever day which is something like which is used to monitor the output of several other searches **search index=_internal sourcetype="scheduler" savedsearch_name=mySearch* status=success NOT result_count="0" | dedup savedsearch_name | table savedsearch_name** It works fine but I can't get a new search to be listed. The new search is checking to see if a file has been updated. Ossec reports correctly that it has but I don't want to see that every day so I have reduced

The driver class is not found, please check if the driver library is installed properly.

i'm running Splunk enterprise 6.2.3 on windows 7 and trying to connect to MS SQL Sever 2012. PRC Status is UP Ive downloaded and setup DB Connect v2 but when i try to connect to remote instancei get: "The driver class is not found, please check if the driver library is installed properly." how would i go about fixing this? Log: 7/2/15 1:00:18.000 PM 07/02/2015 13:00:18 [INFO] [] DURATION=1.15400004387 ERROR_CODE=400 FUNCTION=py_get_con

`azure site list` throws TypeError


DNS only DFS still showing NETBIOS DCs

How do I run TomEE as a service on RHEL6?

List of packages for RH 5.x

Mount windows server 2012 DVD on centos 7

NIS not respecting files first in nsswitch.conf

Clarification of netcat result

Bind problems Debian

Forward mails sent to own domain to another mail-adress for free

Inconsistent "unable to open database file" error from a CGI program using SQLite

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