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Easy backup VPS?

I have VPS (with Ubuntu Server). Files and DBs are not very large (~10-20 GB totally) but I need to make periodic backups of all user data. I'm looking for simple solutions that allows to backup all this stuff to Amazon S3, and meet some conditions: Easy to configure, because I'm newbie in server administration Backup all files (entirely /home directory) Backup MySQL DB Incremental weekly backups Could you give advice for my case or recommend good tools for such backups? :banghead:

Domain issues

Hi, the company I've just started working for is asking me IT issues which I don't know anything about. Can you guys help me? The situation is that we're currently running one domain on but we want to switch to a cheaper provider so we can run multiple domains. The issue is that we want to keep this website running whilst building another website with the same name so we're not down too long. Is this possible, if so can you explain to me how? I'm sorry if this doesn't make any se

domain url issue

i purachase domain from my webiste and upload it but when i upload it and check it then when i enter url like this e.g (this is example) it is ready open but when i only need to open like this this shows me forbidden how i solve this

Home Server issue

I run several home servers, I'm a newb at it but things are going well. I run Xerver on one machine, wamp on another and some file server app on another. I'm not doing most for anything other than fun and convenience. I have one issue that is somewhat serious to me. I serve one site that is extremely simple and I serve it for one special person with special needs. We haven't been able to talk live since Meebo went down because her only device is an old Nintendo 3Ds. This isn't a matter of

Home - Email Server

I may or may not be in the right place to ask this. I would like to know if it is possible to set up a Home Mail Server. I have a domain registered and email service already but I want to discontinue the email service with the hosting company and do it on my own server. If I am in the wrong place please advise. shadowtn

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