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Xara Brush Pack - floral swirls

These swirly floral graphics that are popular on the internet can now be done quickly and easily in Xara Photo & Graphics Designer 11. This set of brushes contains 12 stretchy art brushes that stretch along the path, 6 scatter brushes and 7 proportional art brushes that scale proportionately to the line length as well as bend along the path for a total of 25 brushes. Also included is all the original vector artwork used to create the brushes and two example pieces on the title page. And

How to create wavy weave lines pattern in Photoshop?

Illustrator/Photoshop: how to get path points' coordinates?

xpg11 art brushes: issue with switching to shape tool when fast sketching

after Phil mentioned this was likely me double clicking on the lines accidentally, I dug into my wacom settings and changed the tap/click method in advanced settings, and also the click distance as a result this issue now appears to have 'gone away' [fingers crossed] thanks again for the suggestion - created in PROX10

just wanted to get some feedback on my New site. I Know...I Know..! ...yes it's a 4 20 based site...... wanted to get in on the ground floor of this movement. it's what I call my "Dump" site for all the offbeat Humor that I come up with "Home Grown Humor" this is my 1st site using Xara (PROX10) & I have to admit .. I LOVE XARA!!!! it is so easy !! with a littlke work you do most anything you want. I will be adding new designs weekly. -----------------

Pasting shape path from file with different grid setting results in pasting previous grid

Guideline bug in Illustrator

Question about bleeding

UK's highest temperature since 2006 recorded

Is it as hot, where you are? It is blooming hot here. It was at least 35C here in the south of England. Attached Thumbnails  

Spaces aren't showing on text on a path in illustrator

Large-format printing Adobe Illustrator files

Xara dEsigner 11

Hi, Just purchased Xara Designer 11 (with Cd option) and downloaded the trial. Question : Is the download a 64bit version or 32 bit? I have a 64Bit version of Windows Home Jim

How are these dark photo effects made? [duplicate]

Rounded rectangle

simple shapes

Well, I've just recently retired and am hoping to devote more time to getting back into Xara. This is just simple shapes, I was trying to create a pleasing composition. Hope you like it. Attached Thumbnails  

Artboards not showing Photoshop CC 2015 [on hold]

Data Merge Wishlist?

Hi I wonder if anybody has discovered a feature, or if they know of any future plans to include a date merge feature to Designer? I currently design labels for customers for products that require ingredients and/or health and safety information. If that information changes, I then have to go through each design and change the information. However, if that information was pulled in from a database/spreadsheet or something similar it would help no end!! Maybe something for a wishlist ? Co

easy way to show templates to clients

before I reinvent the wheel. I told my assistant that it would be nice to generate all the website templates from Web Designer 11 + DP10 as a website that my clients could view to pick a template they might like. (we start here first and then do a custom site if they don't like any). Anyway - while researching that I of course found that all the templates are available for preview at I don't mind clients knowing what software I use - however, I think sending them to the xara site is

Difference between In Design and corel draw?

Is it possible to online search for PDF vector images?

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