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Time out error when exporting during publishing

Windows 7, Design Pro 10 64 bit. When attempting to publish, the "Export" stage never gets off of 0% and then finally throws a "Time out was reached". It just started this morning and happens when I attempt to upload any of my sites.

Avoiding losing image quality (slightly blurred/fuzzy colours)

Robin on fence post

just a Robin on a fence post, but I kind of like this photo. Attached Thumbnails  

Please please help what's the Best Way to draw Cumulus clouds

Attached are two old Xara paintings I did in 07/08. They've now on canvas and hanging (rather large) on various walls. I'm back painting again and attach a photoshop scene that I'm re-doing in Xara (Into The Blue). Please, Please can anyone provide tuition in getting Xara clouds that don't appear 'cartoonish' . Thanking everyone for their help in advance. Hugh Attached Thumbnails      

Print model for craft object?

How to Group Font Weights

Guidance on using HTML as placeholder

did some research on here first, didn't think i would need to start a post however it's proving to be alittle more tricky. Trying to change swf placeholder to html5 for android, mobile viewing. From all the info gathered i managed to get as far as converting the file via good swiffy. Came acroos this code and couldn't get it to work. Not sure exactly which path the url is supposed to be. on my folder online i have public.html which all files are withing. Index, contact, about us etc 5 pages in

How can I remove some portion of my background base on other layer?

How do I take this shape in Illustrator and curve it along an arc

How do you deal with amends from a client?

Table of content with page number and quadrant

Better ways to visualise a box of uncertain colour when the possible colours are complementary?

Does anyone know what font is this?

Print a PDF with large pages onto multiple smaller sheets of paper

How to make Apple Store wallpaper in Photoshop or Illustrator

Scribble July 2015

July 2015 5crbbie.xar Attached Images   Attached Files July 2015 5crbbie.xar (6.6 KB)

Drop Cap July 2015

This months letter is V. I will post some later.

Animated/transition "zooming in" effect on image?

How to get people to buy your product

Apple are probably the most trusted brand for their customers, regardless if they are or not, their customers believe it, so if apple have something new they want you to buy they do it in such a way that you don't know if you have bought and when you have you have no buyers remorse; because it's apple, right?

changing colour on bitmap pic ...

basin.xar Hi help needed again please. :o I want to change the background colour of this image to white and the lines and numbers to black? if I cant do that, is there a way to trace over the top and use that? have been stuck on this for two days, sorry if it seems easy but i can't figure it out? any help would be appreciated please. :) Attached Files basin.xar (26.0 KB)

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