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External IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, and SSH - How does it all work?

GIT: stuck with "fatal: pathspec ... did not match any files" :-(

What parameters should I consider when comparing two CPUs?


Hii´ve a little question today i got my thinkpad 10 with the speciallpen.Shoud i have to install something that the pen worksor is my pen broken? greeting

problem with A7000 in smart screen lock trusted voice

problem with A7000 in smart screen lock trusted voice. Please help

Ремонт Thinkpad в США

И вот уже больше месяця как московский сертифицированнй сервис центр ждет замену глючного тачпада в W540 ну или чего там сломалось. Причем поменяют на такой же неудобный. В планах у меня поставить от W541, его мне прислали за 8 дней, но не было уверенности, что сломался именно тачпад. Специально дожидался окна межу командировками с января, но таки не уложились. И до следующей командировки наверное не успеют. Интересно, а можно купленный в России thinkpad ремонтировать в США? 

S860 акселерометр

Проблема описана на видео     Пробывал откалибрировать,  не помагает.  Что делать?

T450s booting problems

I've just received a new Thinkpad T450s [intel Core i5, 4GB ram, 240GB SSD] and it booted alright the first time, but since then every time I try to start it up it instantly gets stuck on the LENOVO screen. No loading symbol, no "to interrupt normal start up etc.". Zilch after that.If I push the power button, "killing" the laptop and then re-start it instantly it boots just fine.Any idea if this is a problem I could solve or do I have to get it repaired?Thanks for the help!

ME URGE.... he comprado un movil s850v

 Hola buenos dias...He comprado un movil lenovo s850v y creo que es una falsificacion......he encontrado varias paginas hablando de el pero ninguna es oficial de lenovo. donde puedo ver los modelos de moviles disponibles que tiene lenovo a la ventapara ver si el mio es falso o no...... Gracias.

Y2P - SD Card slot speed?

When I insert a class 10 micro sd card (in a reader) and transfer a 500mb I am getting a transfer speed of about 2 mb/s. When I put the same micro sd card into a transcend usb 3.0 reader and insert it into the usb 3.0 on the laptop it transfers the same file at about 48 mb/s.  What is the deal here? Why is the SD card slot on the Y2P so slow?

Update processor i7 and hard drive in a HP ENVY 15-j108la

I would like to upgrade my i7 to a i7 of better performance, it's possible? Also, if it's, which would be the steps to do it and if there is any software modification or update to do so. In adition, I want to update my 1TG HDD to a 1TG SSD, with out loosing my files and the operative sistem and licence!!!? Thanks in advance.

Currently have M276nw and would like to print on transparencies?

Hello All, I have had an HP M276nw for about a year and unable to find out in how to print to transparencies, been going to Kinkos in doing this, I know that Office copiers you can do this but not sure if i need to upgrade my color laser printer in doing this myself. Currently have an HP M276nw connected to Macs and Windows 8.1  Was looking if i need to upgrade to a different printer was looking at the M476xx model in doing this because the M276nw does not have a manual paper

ProBook 6450b not charging

Hello!My ProBook 6450b isn't charging anymore; it worked fine until i unplugged it and plugged it back in again to move it.I've already tried plugging the power chord into another wall outlet, removing the battery, holding the power button down for 1 minute with no AC cable connected and none of them worked, the LED is still not lighting up.Also, i received messages that my battery's capacity is low.Note: My battery died so i can't run any test on that notebook, and it won't start with only the

HP Spectre 13t-3000 Wont Power On. Power Button & Wifi Blink

Have a HP Spectre 13t-3000.  You press the power button and the power button and the wifi button blink then turn off.  They thin blink again a second or 2 later and back off.  It contintues to do this.  No lights on cap lock, num lock, etc.  If you hold down the power button, the keyboard lights partially turn on but turn off also when you release the power button.  Been looking around and dont see any solutions.  Anybody have any ideas? Thanks

hard disk does not exist

for some reason my laptop keeps saying that the hard disk does not exist..boot device not found..followed by..please install operating system on hard disk????i have since purchased another copy of windows 7 disc,but unsure what to do next 

HP Chromebook will only turn on when plugged in and always say 1% battery

I got the HP Chromebook for a christmas gift this past year. It has worked amazing until just a little while ago when I couldn't turn it on. I had shut it down and plugged it in at night like I usually do and the next morning, I unplugged it, went to work and  I went to turn it on and I couldn't. So when I got home I plugged it in to the charger and it turned right on..but the battery says charging at 1%...The charging light is orange but if I leave it plugged in charging the light will fla

hp load runner 11.0

how to download HP load runner 11.0 version 

deskjet says offline?

Hi,This isnt the first time ive had this problem, and its beginning to get on my wick! I have been trying to print a document, my printer says its connected but on my laptop it says offline. please help......................

HP Envy 15t Bluetooth driver issues

I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on my Laptop, I downloaded drivers for all the devices in my laptop and got them working. Windows update has finished installing. But there is an issue with Bluetooth that I'm unable to fix. I connect a bluetooth mouse to the laptop but it freezes every 10 mins and i have to turn it off and turn it on again. This is so annoying. It makes having an external mouse totally useless. I want the bluetooth experience to be seamless. I used device manager to find out

cartridge error on set up

I have a new out of the box Officejet Pro 8610 with a spurious error message. After entering date and time the next step is installing the print cartridges. The carriage has to move to the left to the open door. It moves about 1 inch and back and I get the following message: "The printer carriage cannot move. Open the ink cartridge access door, clear any paper jam or obstruction, and select OK". There is no visible obstruction and no paper jam.  Any ideas for next step beside

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