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error on ESXi 6 splash screen

I opened a ticket with Dell and it got all the way to level 4 but they say they can't reproduce it and tell me i need to ask vmware if this error is something to worry about.

u2414h - power sleep - DP problems - Horizontal Stripes at the bottom

Chat into UK sales. Present the Amazon price. Ask them if they can work a deal.

m1000e configuration

Is it possible to save a configuration for an m1000e chassis and apply that config to another m1000e chassis?

Dell PowerConnect N3048 (v6.2.1.6) DHCP relay issues

I had already tried dhcp l2relay but as this is processing in layer3 that won't help and didn't help when I tried it. This is the only other vlan that does dhcp assignment. Also remember that it is actually working, just not consistently.

Formula or VB to get max date with multiple dates and predecessors?

I'm using Excel to track an effort and have most of the formulas down, but am struggling finding the right formula to populate a date field for a task based on the maximum of either the actual stop date or planned stop date of it's predecessors. I can get it to work if there is a single predecessor and I can get it to work for multiple predecessors if there's only one date column to pull from. Here is are some examples. Example: single predecessor Step # Baseline Start

La transformation de l'espace de travail

    La transformation de l'espace de travail  La consumérisation de l'IT a profondément modifié la relation entre le service informatique et les salariés. Le premier a tout simplement plus de mal à contrôler l'usage des terminaux et des données, les seconds travaillent à partir de plusieurs endroits, sur une gamme de terminaux mobiles différents et évolutifs

How to communicate with arduino via wifi?

I tried to communicate with arduino via serial communcation, but failed.. I'm using a Processing program to send data through serial, and the arduino code reads that serial data. Firstly I used an Arduino Uno and it worked. But I couldn't make the same thing using Edison. As the Arduino Uno has only one cable to plug it was easy. but I think what I'm missing with Edison is not connecting the proper cable. (do I have to connect both cables ?)Btw as my Macbook Air has only 2 USB slots, I connected

Why Nation States Hack Personal Information

US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently announced a massive data breach, containing very personal and private data of government and military personnel.  The stolen data was originally gathered to process security clearances and contains a plethora of background information, including criminal records, mental conditions, drug usage, veteran status, birthdates, social security numbers, pay histories and pension figures, insurance data, financial records, home addresses, contacts, an

Impress • how to disable rotation Box

Medium launches password-less sign ins: good or bad?

The publishing platform Medium announced today that it has improved sign-up options for users of its service. It added an option to sign-up via email besides options to sign-up using a Facebook or Twitter account. Instead of linking Twitter or Facebook accounts to the Medium account, it is now possible to use any email address to sign up and create an account instead. While this should have been an option from the start in my opinion, it is not really that newsworthy despite Medium's popularity.

Chassis Fans #1 on the MB suddenly stopped working. LED on fans still work.

Hey guys.. I just recently installed a water loop into my RVE 5960x combo and its working awesome. I have fans plugged into every plug on the MB. They've worked flawlessly since I got this board, it was right after the new year. After installing the water loop I started to play around with the fan speeds, no reason to keep them blasting anymore. I got everything setup the way I wanted but noticed both of my side fans from the MB fan #1 connector on the MB were very dim.. I just thought it

Layer 2 images in Imagemagick without affecting colors due to transparency and gradient

Im trying to join 2 video to one

Which versions of Mcel support the 'WEBSERVICE' function?

can I get a larger Win7 Remote Desktop screen than the real screen on the machine?

Get rid of null character in vim variable?

Can I rely on TRIM to destruct data after file deletion?

input/output error while copying PNG files from linux server to desktop using scp in cygwin

Start Application on Boot Ubuntu

Search Task Scheduler Library

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