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Can't figure out this car model! Help

My girlfriend likes taking photos or random cars she doesn't know and asking me what they are. Well guys I'm stumped on this one. Not the best picture sorry but it's what I have. Apparently I haven't taught her well enough because she didn't stop to talk to a perfect stranger about his car. Attached Images image.jpg (291.4 KB)

1994 Engine Code

Just got a 35 on my check engine light. From the list of codes this has to do with a radiator fan control, but the fan is not electric. It's a 1994 Ram with 5.2L 318 engine. I'm confused, what does this mean?

Seaside car??

Is there such a thing as seaside rust on a car? The inside of a used car I bought has rust all over the bare metal frame. It's everywere in the car. I'm wondering if it's that or flood damage?


Ignition not sending signal to starter help asap plz!!!

Where is the best place to sell my car online

Hello I am new to this car forum, however I feel that I am sure I will get the right answer from those that know all about the car world. I have a ford mustang 2006 and I was wondering where is the safest place online for me to list it. I don't want to spend that much if possible, and I don't want to sell it on CL due to safety reasons. Any suggestions from those that have sold a car online recently would be awesome!!! Thanks

How much should I ask for engine.

Hello I was recently in a car accident and now the car is totaled...have a automotive guy that wants to buy the car for the engine what should I ask for....the engine has about 150k miles on it...He ask what I was asking for but have no idea...looking to get some kinda price range to go off... I looked on ebay and saw that they are selling rebuilt engines for about if anybody has the slightest clue I would very much appreciated it...:confused:

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