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Window fell off track

SO I'm guessing for these manual car windows they sit in some sort of track which is raised and lowered. My jeep has sliders on the actual glass themselves. Anyways past few days when I would roll my window the knob would pop and I'd just keep rolling it down or up. Well the window finally popped out of the track and fell down. I pulled it back up and turned the handle on the inside to bring it down and I heard something basically fall into the bottom of the door. What am I in foor when I tak

Key question

Does the valet key have the same chip as the master key? Can it be swapped from the valet key to the master key? Have a master key that sometimes doesnt start and throws ews code then valet key works and starts every time...

m50 swap an 5 speed manual

Needing help on converting to an m50 which is already obd1. the main things i need to know is the wiring and computer parts. and the other is that im also going to be putting a 5 speed manual trans in as well. i have the whole that is being my donor. And its already a 5 speed.. Any help would be nice. Thanks

WTB: 18" Racing Dynamics RGR's

WTB: 18" Racing Dynamics RGR's Looking for a set of Racing Dynamics RGR's, 18", low ET, staggered or square....not chrome. Local to CA would be gr8 but willing to pay shipping. List Date: 10/3/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: WTB: 18" Racing Dynamics RGR's -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $0 + $0 Shipping -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: WTB: 18" Racing Dynamics RGR's

2003 Dinan BMW x5 Exhaust 3.0l

Selling Dinan X5 exhaust with a 3.0l engine. Asking price is 400 plus your stock muffler. Please call me at 206 639 9580 if you are interested.

E46 shift knob???

I was gonna go replace my shift knob on my 323i and realized that it has no threads to thread a new shift knob on to. It just slides on. Is there any way I can get the threaded shift knob on ? Are there adapters or anything? Thank you.

M42 timing case

I recently rebuilt an M42 engine using parts from both an early m42 and late m42. I replaced my early m42 timing case with a late m42 timing case using the same cylinder head. Now i have a rattling problem and the warmer it gets the louder it gets. Am i missing something? Should i have kept the early timing case? Or is it something else?

2006 E66 Slip Ring ?

Hi all, recently bought a 2006 E66 and received an airbag warning on driver side. Tonight my buttons on steering wheel died, seems to be only those that are physically on the steering wheel, radio volume, voice command etc. Wipers turn signal are not affected. Is this symptomatic of a slip ring failure? I'm waiting for my INPA software and cable to come so at this point in time I'm kind of blind to what's happening. Thanks in advance for your help.

Rear Trunk Lip install questions!

I bought a trunk lip spoiler off ebay a while back and it looks oem. The problem is the ends of the lip keep tearing apart from the adhesive over time. I've had to refit it at least three times. I used scotch's double sided "extreme mounting tape" that holds up to 20lbs/9.07kg. I made sure both surfaces were clean and waited for a sunny day for my trunk to be hot and adhere to the adhesive well. The problem is the double sided tape would not adhere well with the lip on the ends. The

2015 X3 winter tire opinion...

What are everyone's thoughts on putting winter tires on the factory 19" rims? I have an opportunity to buy some 18" wheels from a 2013 X3 as well. Any help would be appreciated.

E36 LSD effect missing

Hey About 1,5 months ago i decided to teach my girlfriend how to make donuts (Bad idea) She was able to destroy not only my clutch but also my power steering pump. So yesterday i finally got my pump and decided to make 1 burnout before clutch change......BUT.....1 one wheel was now spinning. When i was under the car i spinned the wheels and there was little cranking or clicking noise. Can somebody give me some advice. I want my LSD back before winter comes. SOrry for my english. Not my first


Does anyone know how late model will the seats bolt in not worried about the electrical just if they bolt up hard to find good 20 year old seats I was wondering if any one had put in later model seats can find lots of them.

Vats System-96 park avenue

When trying to start my 96 park avenue-At times it will not start and if I leave the key in run position for 1 minute it will go ahead and start. Can I bypass the vats module with a resistor to cure this problem?

2005 Explorer.....

Hello. Its been awhile. I have a question though. I just took the truck in for a brake inspection. I thought the brake went to far down when braking and when the emergency brake is on it also goes all the way down. Once I put the er brake on and let go of the brake pedal the truck rolls back on the drive way. it sucks because when I go to start up again and put it in reverse it is hard and you can hear the knock in the transmission. WHY? According to the shop the brakes are fine. the drums are

Bad experience with car dealer in santa monica CA

Bad experience with car dealer in santa monica CA Hi All, I'm from france, 35, I had many MG, now owning a MGB GT 67 and MGB 65. I was looking for that MGB for a while, and decided to start looking in USA. That’s for the presentation. I found a really nice (on pictures) restored MG B in California. Paid 15000USD for it. I asked many information before buying it, but the answer was always the same "The cars is fully restored". So after checking the 100+ pic

2006 Odyssey imbalance driver/passenger air temperature imbalance

I am asking for opinions on a problem with a 2006 Odyssey EX-L heater/air. The air from the left (driver's) side is consistently colder than the air from the passenger's side. Air flow rate is good on both. This occurs both in summer, when A/C is on, and in winter when only heater is being used. In winter, plenty of hot air is available on passenger side. We have been managing by blocking the driver's vents, but this is a poor solution. Via video, the dealer confirmed that the doors (dampe

code po353

My cousin has a 2006 freestar with a 4.2 engine.developed a miss replaced plugs and wires replaced coil pack.still has small miss at idle and up to 3000 rpms.once it passes 3000 rpms becomes terrible never heard a vehicle sound like this.hard to describe bad surge popping sound.coded po 353 something about coil pack c.dont understand this code.if someone has some advice please help. Thanks charles

Wire not plugged in?

I was looking around in my hood today and I found a wire not plugged in. Could anyone try to tell me where this might plug into? It's a 94 Chevy lumina euro. The first picture is where it leads in to.

Lamborghini Fail Videos

Lamborghini Fail Videos 20 videos in the gallery

1989 cutlass supreme 2.8 No start

The motor turn over with spark. I checked fule pressure (40 psi ) had it towed to a garage. He check it over. Called me back said it has to be electronic. The car ran when I parked it. Now it won't start. He also said no pulse to the injectors. But it's in time and good spark. Can anyone help please????

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