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pop up blocker for macbookpro

Looking for suggestions for the best pop up blocker for my MacBookPro. I had been using some share ware from a young couple who requested a donation if I was pleased with the program. I was and I did send them a donation. I don't know if the program is still on my system. Didn't see anything on my launch pad.

imac problem

i went to start up my imac today and when i did i had a gray screen come one with a folder with a flashing question mark. i restarted computer while holding the option button now i have a blue screen with 2 arrows on screen. What is wrong with computer. Is all the stuff on my harddrive gone. i dont care if i cant get computer working again i just have alot of pictures on there that i really need to get off computer THANKS FOR ALL HELP AND AND ADVISE THAT IS GIVING

Contemplating Making the Switch

I've been on Windows all my life, but I want to make the switch to Mac. I'm planning to as soon as I have the money to buy one -- unless it won't do all I need it to do. Hence, I am posing a question or two here. I have some software that isn't available for the Mac that I have to use for my business. Therefore, I am planning to run Parallels (I think that's the name) so that I can use those Windows applications. Here are my questions: 1. I normally run 5-6 programs at one time including P

Should I wait for iPod touch 6th gen or get the 5th gen?

I plan on getting a iPod touch in a few months and was looking at the 64gb iPod touch 5th gen but not sure if I should wait and see if apple announces the 6th gen with maybe a 128gb variant. So should I wait for it?

Pruning Font Library

Hey there everyone. Running 10.9.4. Trying to prune the huge list of fonts that I don't need/want. When I'm in Font Book, I get "you're trying to remove system fonts" for some (like Adobe ones) that I know aren't OS X required fonts. I know they're installed in the /Library/Fonts folder. There's also a load of foreign-language ones that I don't (or think ever will) use. Can I safely delete all the unwanted ones in /Library/Fonts, or are there some that need to be kept, if so, which o

Can we pause Copying Function in Mac ??

Is there any possible way that we can pause the Copying Function in Mac while copying data from an external hard drive on Mac system.

Macbook pro Battery and AC Power!

Hello everyone, I bought a new rMBP 2014 a month ago. Uptil now, I have charging the battery full and then draining the battery till the end and I have done it 3 times as my usage wasn't heavy in the last few days. However, now I will be using my macbook for longer durations so can anyone please guide me about how to keep my battery healthy and maintained along with the fact that can I keep my macbook on AC power for long or will there be a danger of over-charging it? For how long can we use

Deleting videos from iPhone 4s

Wrong place? Sorry, can't see anywhere else for videos :( I have synced several .mp4 videos onto my iPhone 4s, they play fine, but I now want to delete a couple of them. How do I do this? They are in the "videos" folder but I don't get the option to delete as I do for photos in their folder?? If I select a video, the only "buttons" at the bottom are "Movies" & "Shared", no delete.? Thanks

Safari browser crash

I am developing a responsive design for my website. A tester using the current version of Safari on an iPhone 8.0.2 reports that the test page won't load. The error message is "Safari cannot open the page. The error was 'Webkit encountered an internal error'." I can't reproduce this error (no other iPhone user has reported it). Can anyone advise? Or perhaps suggest a more appropriate technical forum in which to ask the question?

HELP please! Harmon Kardon stick speakers not working with my imac

speakers not working after moving the isub. Only faint sound when turned to max volume. - what gives???

Small copies of files, starting with a .

I have a Macbook Air. I take photos, put them on the Mac while on holiday, then transfer them via a flash-drive to my pc later. On the pc I always see there are small duplicate files with the same name as the images but starting with a dot ( . ) They won't open. Can I safely delete these off the pc without damaging the proper file. Sometimes they are RAW files, so there is a side-car xmp file. These are also duplicated, with a dot prefix. all these .---- files are only 4-6kb each. Thanks for yo

Running Windows from an External HDD

Good evening, I'm considering installing Windows on a partition on my external HDD, I have a Mac Book Air from 2011, my question is: will I be able to choose the boot sector in it? I don't really master Mac, on windows you'll simply define the boot order via BIOS or BootSec. Is there a guide to do this? Do I need special precautions in terms of how my external HDD is formatted, etc? Thanks in advance

error a12e6

I try to install app manager from adobe and it shows this error message. error a12e6. Does anybody know how to fix it? thanks

Background App Refresh

This is why iOS is so frustrating sometimes, or I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, if I go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh it is turned on. Under that is a list of apps that I can turn on or off for background app refresh. One of the apps is Ask Me Anything from Reddit. It's turned off. Back so Settings, scroll down to the list of apps, tap on the AMA app and there is a setting for background app refresh. It's turned on, must be by default because I never changed it. So, how

how do i open phone to rmove battery

need to replace battery can not how seehow to open phone help

Is there any screen recorder I Can record my games on

so I went on the App Store and found a web demo app. So I downloaded that and it worked but it doesn't record my gaming videos and I want to record that. Any suggestions?

i updted my iphone 5s to ios 8.0.2 but my call doesn't show

i updated my iphone 5s to ios 8.0.2 but my call log is not showing what mean is that it dosn't show mis calls, recieve calls and dial calls and is shows a red sign on recent with a -1 sign. what wil i do

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus confirmed to launch in India on October 17

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in India as scheduled, as Apple has confirmed that both devices will be launching in the country on October 17. Consumers interested will be able to pre-order the devices from October 7. Full story from the iMore Blog...

Will the iPhone 6 Plus kill the Next Gen iPad?

Will the iPhone 6 Plus kill the Next Gen iPad?

my iphone 4S just has a black screen and does not charge when pluged in it seems to be dead

i tried the holding down the home button and awake button but it does not work and it does not connect to itunes

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