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How do I Import a playlist from my computer copied from old ipod classic

How to jump to album in iOS 8.4 Music app?

How do I find and use filename on photos in

I'm having gaming problems

Apple Music Deleted My Library

Note: I moved my original post below from the iPhone forum. ------------------------------- So I just updated last night both my iPad (64 GB wifi+cell) and iPhone 6+ (64 GB) to iOS 8.4 and then this morning discovered all of my music on these devices is gone; over 2500 songs. I synced my iPad to my home iMac iTunes this morning and it reloaded my library of songs - also gave a strange warning that it was overcapacity (14 GB) as it was syncing, although as I checked the actual iPad "about&q

Help - Apps won't update after installing 8.4

Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help. Since installing 8.4 none of my apps can update. I'm on wi-fi, the app store tells me there are apps to update, I click update, blue circle then nothing. Any ideas anyone ?

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iOS 8.4 and CarPlay changes

CarPlay has been modified a bit in iOS 8.4. I am using it on a Pioneer AVH-4000NEX. It is not capable of wireless CarPlay, which I believe will require the head unit to connect via WiFi. Audiobooks now has its own button on Carplay which shifted Podcasts (which I listen to more) to the next page. I wish CarPlay allowed me to organize my icons like I can on the phone. If there is a way to edit the order of CarPlay icons I would love to know. The Music icon now has its new icon but pretty... iO

Gilding question on the SS AW

Didn't want to hijack the watchplate thread for this, so excuse if this is in the wrong place. Talked to a highly recommended local businessman in my area about gilding the stainless steel apple watch. He was intrigued by the idea, but stated he would have to soak it in a nickel solution for at least 20 minutes at roughly 130 degrees Fahrenheit to acheive a satisfactory result with gold plating. Maybe I'm making the mistake of looking what's going into sausage before I order it

8.4 Killing 6 Battery

Ever since installing 8.4 my battery can't last through the day. I had my phone charging through a computer and listening to NPR and it still died. When I wake up in the morning the battery is at <10%. I hope this isn't an issue that doesn't get fixed for 2-3 months

Mac Pro Fan Noise after 4.1 to 5.1 UPGRADE

Hey Guys, i got a problem. i did a 8-Core to 12-Core UPGRADE and now the Core A and Diode A is not showing up Temperature and speed in TG PRO or iStat. in System Monitor it shows up 2x 2.66 6-Core, everything works fine, but BoostA makes constant noise. PRAM and SMC Reset is done. nothing changed. TG Pro in manuall mode on and off. Screenshot from system manager.

Major Differences in the iPhone 6 carrier versions?

Hello all, Is there a major difference between the carrier devices that would make one model more desirable than the other? I mean come on it is 2014 and with all the bands available in the newer chips, at best we should have one CDMA and one GSM model if not one model that covers all carriers (I know it is asking lots but with chips supporting multiple bands and the antenna duplexers, I would think we should be close to this). Is there a major difference to make one model the... Major

iPhone app testing

Hi all. We are looking for a number of people from all over the world to help us test a new iPhone app! All you need is a iOS Mac or Laptop and an iPhone version 5s or above. I'd love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in this exciting project. Erika

Apple Music and large iTunes Library

My iTunes Library is over 60,000 tracks. Some purchased from iTunes, some from other sources, some from old CDs that are long out of print. I see that Apple Music/iCloud Music Library still have that 25,000 limit that iTunes Match had. (1) What is the easiest way around this? I assume setting up a separate smaller iTunes Library? (2) If I do set up a second, smaller library, I assume that any songs that I add from Apple Music will only be available when I start that second library from... Apple

Does iOS 9 allow you to do this?

I love how with Android when you press and hold the shortcuts in the CC it takes ou to the designated settings

Apple Watch and Jury Duty

I had jury duty last week. When you are picked to go to a jury selection they are very insistent you turn off all electronic devices (not just silent or airplane mode). When I went into the courtroom I turned off my phone as requested, and thought about putting my watch on power save. I decided against it because I'm obsessed with my rings. As I was sitting in the courtroom I started getting texts and emails. I hadn't experienced the wifi capabilities (I knew about them but didn't

Sync home folders between macs

Hey guys, I need some advice on syncing home folders between several macs. I have two MacBook Air's and a Mac Pro, all of which are used for scientific research. I need a way to sync home folders between the computers. I commonly work on the Mac Pro at work, but would like to access these files at home on one MacBook Air, or while I am traveling on a different MacBook Air. I have been using cloud services (Box and DropBox) for some time but due to recent privacy restrictions, this is no..

MacBook Air External WiFI Antenna

Hi group! I would like to have stronger WiFi signal strength on my MacBook Air while staying at hotels during traveling. Has anyone experiences with using a WiFi signal strengthener such as a USB external WiFi antenna?

ipad - white screen and computer won't recoginize

I have an ipad 3rd gen. It has a white screen of death. When I plug it into itunes, the computer won't recognize that it is connected. When i put it in DFU mode. It sees the ipad and determine all the charcteristics about it. But once I run the restore on itunes, it goes back to becoming unrecognizable. Also the white screen is still there. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

hating ios 8.4; too clunky, bloated

"upgraded to ios8.4 yesterday. dont like it. how do i get back to ios8.3 on an iPhone4s, please? tia

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