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The iPod is dead.

The iPod is no longer on Apple's homepage, nor is the Apple TV (or iTunes for that matter). The page can still be accessed from the store, but it's no longer important to Apple. EDIT: Just noticed it's under the Music tab. Maybe there's still hope for new iPods after all.

iTunes 12.2 problems

Hello there... So, after today's update im getting some weird behaviour out of the new iTunes. First, it doesn't open when i plugin any of my iDevices. No matter what i do in settings, niente. Second, it just opens itself randomly and starts syncing with whatever device is connected. There is no pattern here, it's completely random. Sometimes i'm checking my mails, boom... iTunes opens... I'm working, iTunes opens... Is anyone else experiencing this?

Share your playlist here!

Share the wealth! I'll start with a quick little one here just to get the ball rolling. C chill transfer -

10.11 impressions on a six year old MacBook

Here are my own first impressions of El Capitan on my six year old early 2009 white MacBook. Specs 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo / 4GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM / NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256MB / 256GB PNY SSD The first thing I noticed is it runs very very smooth. I ran Yosemite on here before and it was just so jittery and laggy I had to go back to Mavericks. It took ages for things to open, Safari was unstable and web pages had issues loading. El Capitan is just very smooth. I can tell Apple tested 10.11 on... 10.

Where can I find drivers/software for this capture card?

I thinking of buying this to capture game footage: But I wanted to check here first if there is software to support it and drivers to work on mac.

Beats One: How much do you hate Zane Lowe?

The UK airwaves were definitely temporarily better without him. How do US users feel having been exposed to him for the first time? The man is too enthusiastic. About everything. There are bad songs in existence you know Zane, not everything is the best record in the world (since the last one you claimed was, presumably)

iCloud Music Library Upload

Hey, did anyone figure out a way to see or tell if and how much/how far my library has been uploaded to iCloud Music Library? Apple Music can store your own stuff no matter if you bought it on iTunes or not and I have a pretty huge collection of music that I had before streaming came along. Some titles could not been found in iTunes so they should be uploading and in fact, some already are. There just seems to be no indicator or the progress. Anyone?

All songs stream on phone, NOT on Desktop/Laptop

I'm assuming this is another bug to add to the list. I added an album to My Music via Apple Music, it synced fine across my devices but I'm seeing that it won't play some of the songs on my laptop but no problems on my iphone. I've included a screenshot of how the album shows in iTunes, the grayed out tracks can't be played. Not sure whats differentiating between the tracks that are playable and the ones that aren't, never had this album before so none of these trac

Tip for uncluttering Music app a little

If you turn on restrictions, you can disable the (useless) Connect tab and it gets replaced by a playlists icon, uncluttering the Music tab too. Oh, you can also disable and hide the Podcasts app from there too!

Prince's streaming music catalog now only on Tidal, Google All Access, absent from Apple Music [u]

 "Although Prince's music is missing from major on-demand streaming services including..."

How to request a song to air on Apple's Beats 1 radio station

 "Something not widely known about Apple's Beats 1 radio station is that listeners can..."

Why am I unable to stream with Music?

I really want to like Apple Music, but the app is just really problematic for me. I'm completely unable to stream any music or radio. I can't find new artists to follow or add things to My Music. I am connected to the Web (typing this), and I can search the Apple Music database, but I can't listen to anything. Anybody else experiencing this? I'm on iPhone 6 Plus in the US on Verizon.

Is there an iOS app that's similar to Android's personal security and assistance request feature?

I understand that the current Android release includes a feature where one can summon assistance by pressing the stop button three times. The device then send an image from both front and back cameras to a designated address to summon help after an incident such as falling. Are there any applications for iOS devices that does a similar thing?

Apple Music/iCloud Music Library and large iTunes Library

My iTunes Library is over 60,000 tracks. Some purchased from iTunes, some from other sources, some from old CDs that are long out of print. I see that Apple Music/iCloud Music Library still have that 25,000 limit that iTunes Match had. (1) What is the easiest way around this? I assume setting up a separate smaller iTunes Library? (2) If I do set up a second, smaller library, I assume that any songs that I add from Apple Music will only be available when I start that second library from iTunes? T

How to get AirPlay working with Beats 1 on the Mac

For some reason turning on Beats 1 makes the AirPlay button go away in iTunes 12.2. Here's how to send your Beats 1 stream to AirPlay speakers regardless. Full story from the iMore Blog...

iCloud sharing - confused...

Family is using macs & iphones. We'd like to share calendars - and that's all. But we each want to cloud our own notes, pictures, reminders, etc. so that they sync on each other's computer. Is that possible? How?

Beats1Plays keeps you up to date with Apple's worldwide radio station

If you're having trouble keeping up with everything played on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station, a new Twitter account that has popped up might be exactly what you need. Full story from the iMore Blog...

Level 503 How do I get rid of the bugs?

Is there a series since the color keeps changing?

I purchased ITunes match, but there are no "Match" icons on my iPad or the Mac.

After the purchase of itunes match, I received a receipt by email, so I know the transaction went through. I have many of the instructions on the various help sites, but the needed icons are not showing on either the iMac and the iPad. Am I missing something? Apple support, believe it or not, could not help. Any thoughts out there? I have rebooted; that still does not bring up the icon ...

What is the ? icon that has suddenly appeared in my icon list?

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