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Tyrande - How to?

In Games - Posted on Jul 02, 2015 19:56 - From:

Tyrande - How to?

I'm liking the look of Tyrande but I have zero clue of how she's meant to be played nowadays. Is she any good? What's a good build? How is she played?

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Has Tyrande ever made any important decisions?

I was thinking about this, and it seems like even though she was the leader of the night elves (now the co-leader) she never made any big decision. It seems like Malfurion is the one to make those. Malfurion banned arcane magic, malfurion gave up the night elves immortality and he rejected the aspects giving it back to them (in cata I think and that was without consulting Tyrande). I don't know, she seems like a steward, rather than the actual leader who seems to be Malfurion, as he makes the...

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In War3 it was fitting, because her voice felt mature and so was she. In HoTS, she looks much younger and the voice actor is older now. Her lines: Her model: If she was old and ugly, I could accept that, but she's young and spicy. She's full of Taco Flavored Kisses. Anyway that's not the point. Her voice needs work, either through sound programs or changing the voice actor. Voice actor change does...

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