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Adobe Reader from the base hangs when opening PDF from virtual application

I need a solution


We've been fighting with this problem all this semester without finding any solution. We've opened a lot of cases that at the end are closed without any real solution. I hope someone in the forums, Symantec employees or other customers can help us.

We're actually using 7.5.559 version of SWV. Our OS is Windows 8.1 Update 1 x64.

We have Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird virtualized using 7.5.779. Firefox is version 37.0.2. Thunderbird is 38.0.1. We've had this problem with other versions. Adobe Reader XI is installed in the base and is configured to use protected mode (so PDF files are opened inside a sandbox for security against malware).

If the user clic a link to a PDF file from Mozilla Firefox or opens and attachment in a mail message in Thunderbird and opens the PDF file using Adobe Reader the behaviour is that Adobe Reader hangs after scrolling the document. Windows reports that the program is not responding and you need to close it.

If we disable Protected mode then there is no problem.

We've minimized the problem (i.e. Adobe Reader doesn't hangs always but randomly) using some global excludes for directories where we have seen that Mozilla/Adobe write temporary files.

0x0002    [_B_]APPDATA[_E_]\Adobe
0x0002    [_B_]CACHE[_E_]
0x0002    [_B_]DESKTOP[_E_]
0x0002    [_B_]LOCALAPPDATA[_E_]\Adobe
0x0002    [_B_]LOCALAPPDATA[_E_]\Packages
0x0002    [_B_]PERSONAL[_E_]
0x0002    [_B_]TEMP[_E_]
0x0002    [_B_]USERPROFILE[_E_]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe
0x0002    \Device\HarddiskVolume2\

We have a similar problem using Microsoft Office 2013 x64 (is in the base). In this case, trying to open an Office file (docx, pptx, etc.) from a mail or using the browser can't be done. Office can't find the files if we enable protected view.

We have created a video showing the problem with PDF files:

And another video showing the problem with Office files:

If we open Office/PDF files from the Desktop then all works well:

Any idea would be very appreciated!


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