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Help with MiniMax Algorithm for Tic Tac Toe

I am currently working on creating an AI player for tic tac toe. After researching, I discovered that the minimax algorithm would be perfect for the job.

I am pretty confident in my understanding of the algorithm and how it works, but coding it has proven a little bit of a challenge. I will admit, recursion is one of my weak areas . The following code is my AI class. It currently runs, but it makes poor decisions. Could someone please point out where I went wrong? Thank You!

import tictactoe as tic   # interface to tictactoe game logic like check_victory

class AI:
	def __init__(self, mark):
		self.mark = mark

	def minimax(self, state, player):
		#end condition - final state
		if tic.check_victory(state):
			if player == self.mark:
				return 1
				return -1
		if tic.check_cat(state):
			return 0

		nextturn = tic.O if player == tic.X else tic.X
		#generate possible moves
		mvs = []
		for i, mark in enumerate(state):
			if mark == tic.EMPTY:

		#generate child states of parent state
		scores = []
		for mv in mvs:
			leaf = state[:]
			leaf[mv] = player
			result = self.minimax(leaf, nextturn)
		if player == self.mark:
			maxelle = max(scores)
			return mvs[scores.index(maxelle)]
			minele = min(scores)
			return mvs[scores.index(minele)]

	def make_move(self, board, player):
		place = self.minimax(board, player)
		return place

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